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We know exactly where ORFU has been. It’s locked there. It’s not over.

“The analogy that I’ve been using is it is almost like we are starting from scratch.” -Kinley

There will be no starting from scratch until ORFU and related entities are fully investigated by forensic audit.

ORFU is currently implicated in a Department of Internal Affairs investigation for pokie fraud, tied to The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd and The Trusts Charitable Foundation (Inc).

### ODT Online Fri, 13 Jul 2012
Rugby: ORFU head ‘starting from scratch’
By Adrian Seconi
New Otago Rugby Football Union general manager Richard Kinley has a clear idea where he wants to lead the organisation. The ORFU board yesterday announced the 45-year-old would fill the role left vacant by Richard Reid. Officially, Kinley assumes the role on August 13 but he has already had his feet under the table for the past six weeks.

“We can’t forget about the history and we can learn from the past, but it is about moving forward.” -Kinley

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What the

From Red China or DCC Spookerama Productions ?
If we’re honest panelists do we get thrown in jail, receive a whipping, or worse ?

### ch9.co.nz July 12, 2012 – 5:48pm
The People’s Panel about to be launched
Most Dunedin people would have jumped at the chance, in the last few years, to tell the city council exactly what they thought of their plans. That chance is about to come with the launch of the [online] People’s Panel – a way ratepayers can regularly, and confidentially, have their two cents worth on city issues.

Note: A council has responsibility for the whole community within its geographical boundary area – that includes residents, not just ratepayers.

We’re more than willing to tell the Council what we think FACE TO FACE – and have been for years. The Council does not, will not listen. The Council has consistently ignored what residents and ratepayers have been telling it. This is more crap from Cull’s zoo and the idiot five million dollar communications unit. Start here: get rid of all grey papers; video all meetings of the Council and its standing committees and upload to YouTube as well as the DCC website – we want transparency and accountability. We know DCC doesn’t want to provide it. End of story.

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