Silence on debt run up at ORFU black-tie dinner

No response received.

Subject: ORFU board responsibility for payment of black tie dinner bill
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 10:35:57 +1200

Dear Eion, Adrian, Wayne, Laurie, Dick, Dave, John, Willis, Russell, Andrew and John

As you are all fully aware, the ORFU ran up a DVML bill of $25,352 for your black tie fund raiser at the stadium on 5th August 2011. This was for food, booze, soft drinks and cleaning.

Not only did the ORFU run off without paying this bill but the ORFU paid no venue hire for this brand new venue. Then to top it off the ORFU pocketed $52,000 from this fundraising event into their ‘pot’.

The fact that the ORFU then pressurised the Council to ‘write it off’ does not excuse any of you from the moral obligation to pay this bill.

I was quoted in the ODT as saying this was ‘obscene’. It is like booking a large restaurant, gorging yourselves on all their food and drink and hospitality then doing a runner.

It is ‘obscene’ and I expect this bill to be paid in full.

Eion, I am not asking you to be philanthropic, just support the paying of the bill like any decent person would.

Laurie, I noticed you and your wife, Anne-Marie, refuse to answer questions as to whether Anne-Marie was paid for her services in organising this event. I actually have no problem with her charging for her professional services. What I do have a problem with is that it is standard practice for professional event organisers to ensure all outstanding bills are paid before the ‘surplus’ is paid to the organisation. This did not happen. I don’t know whether Anne-Marie was paid $10,000, $12,000 or even more but whatever the amount the issue is that the other bills should have been paid first.

I fully expect this bill to be paid.

Yours sincerely

Bev Butler

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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9 responses to “Silence on debt run up at ORFU black-tie dinner

  1. Elizabeth

    Doug Harvie, chairman of ORFU, inspires NO CONFIDENCE in his reply to Ian Taylor’s letter to the editor (ODT 14.6.12) concerning the black-tie ‘Legends of Carisbrook’ charity dinner held on 5 August 2011.

    Mr Harvie miraculously claims that “all creditors have been paid either in full, or as agreed with creditor compromise agreements”. And yet it’s clear Mr Taylor has not received payment in full for his contribution to the dinner.

    Mr Taylor has asked Mr Harvie how many people got paid by ORFU – and why. Mr Harvie says that information is commercially sensitive.

    Why would the new ORFU board leave an untidy end, namely, Mr Taylor who isn’t someone to keep quiet if he perceives a wrong – or an unpaid debt. What is really going on here?

    We heard (5.5.12) from an irate ex ORFU member that Mrs Annemarie Mains took $10,000 for organising the dinner and that the figure can be confirmed by either Stuart McLauchlan or Anton Oliver.

    Mrs Mains, a professional event manager, is the wife of ORFU’s former deputy chairman Laurie Mains. Why was she paid ahead of Ian Taylor? Why has Ian Taylor not been paid? The question remains (for the public), who else has not been paid by the ORFU board, past and present – and why is Doug Harvie acting dumb, conveniently spouting about a (past tense?) “trading halt”?

  2. Anonymous

    There was no trading halt.
    How much is Ian Taylor owed? Is he above the line $5000? Or below?
    Did he enter into a creditor arrangement?
    Did he write it off as a bad debt?
    The ORFU is not in liquidation; it has not entered receivership.
    If it has entered into agreements with creditors, so be it.
    If it has not entered into an agreement with one or more creditors, that debt does not go away. It cannot be written off by ORFU; it is still due and must be paid. If the creditor is not satisfied with the outcome, they can apply to have the incorporated society liquidated.

  3. Mike

    He may have been paid just not in full and is really asking why some insiders were paid in full while people like him were not. Of course he’s choosing his words carefully due to the recent round of law suits from certain parties. And the new chairman probably knows exactly what went down but doesn’t want to air any more dirty laundry or piss off a particular prickly individual.

    • Elizabeth

      (Addressed to Mr Taylor) Mr Harvie’s opening line “…I have chosen to review records of the past for this one matter only” is an odd thing for a new board chair to say.
      Especially, since Mr Harvie (chartered accountant) has inherited the present swirling mess that is ORFU’s books, and their history – some of which ‘books’, via former ORFU change manager Jeremy Curragh, have most certainly met Mr Harvie’s attention as the NZRU looks into ORFU’s wrongful use of charitable funds to finance professional rugby (“the pot”).
      These funds have to be repaid to the charities involved. We now know the funds are the subject of a fraud investigation being carried out by the Department of Internal Affairs (see ODT and SST reports).
      Just can’t work out how Mr Harvie will end up, if too selective.
      (last time we looked ORFU had grabbed about $7 million of charitable funds over the years – makes a dent to pay all or some of that back – the bailout package doesn’t appear to meet this problem)

      • Elizabeth

        As at 1 June 2012, Ian Taylor said, in correspondence we have sighted, that he hadn’t written off the debt owed to him, and was awaiting an answer from ORFU before coming to a decision.

        Not sure if Doug Harvie’s latest reply via ODT will be enough to satisfy Mr Taylor on circumstances surrounding the outstanding debt.

  4. Anne Elliot

    I think Ian Taylor decided to write the debt off for the “common good” until he found out that he had probably been a mug to do so and now wants some clarity about the underside of this whole saga.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Yeah, a glance at the “common good” kaupapa in the Mains household would tend to make a person re-evaluate such a decision.

  6. Mike

    Yeah the “I have chosen to review the records for this one matter only” is a terribly condescending thing to say – and of course rather bogus since the ORFU didn’t go bankrupt the books from the previous board are still current, the debts on them still valid and required to be paid unless the person owed chooses otherwise. If he’s chosen not to take their pennies on the dollar deal then Ian is still in the driver’s seat – they can’t piss him off too much trying to soothe others’ egos.

  7. Russell Garbutt

    Suffice to say that I have absolutely no faith whatsoever that the ORFU is, or will be, in any better position than that under the old Board based upon what I have seen or heard.

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