SH88 realignment – information

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[24.5.12] Edmund Anscombe and the Anzac Avenue Trees

With your discussion of the alignment I hope you’ll also take the time to read the article above on the Anzac Avenue trees. The alignment construction looks as though it has severely affected a critical area of the city’s landscape heritage which is linked to the work of prominent architect Edmund Anscombe.

Images supplied by Anonymous*

The image dates relate to Google Earth snapshots: 2005 January, 2006 March, 2009 July, 2011 January, and 2011 September. 2004 is available but heavy cloud cover obscures the view.

SH88 – Google Earth images including the quarry and Logan Park sports field.

SH88 – The same images cropped to SH88 entry and exit points.

SH88 – The Google Maps image which marks the road.

*Several contributors at this website use the title Anonymous.

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12 responses to “SH88 realignment – information

  1. Anonymous

    The little triangle enclosed between the railway and SH88 at Anzac/Frederick is a textbook case of “property blight”.

  2. anonymous

    There must have been a lot of successful property speculation *cough* associated with the stadium land deals. The stakeholders must have been really, really clever to have bought all that relatively unproductive land and then have it turn into a goldmine overnight. Well, if the stadium and later SH88 just hadn’t have happened along… they must be really grateful for Harland, Peter and the Stadium Councillors today. Probably have a few high yield bonds tucked away for a rainy day too.

    • Elizabeth

      anonymous, that would be the ‘historic moon calendar’ for as long as Port Otago Ltd has wanted to cash up some of its land holdings in Dunedin. Not the same as ‘over night’, by a long telescope shot. Well before Harbourside satellite gazing rolled out on the rails. The true gestation period for the stadium scheme would be a surprise to many: the way it would give the port company some maneuverability and ramp up $millions for the local mob’s private treasure chests and retirement funds. Indeed, the maps were out many many moons ago.

      With SH88 (‘the strategic corridor’ slash ‘arterial’) we begin to see how the wider plan gets kinked when you don’t have all the details worked out – either you never realised what the details had to be, or that the people you wanted to sit on couldn’t be bought, or that City Planning and City Property could be relied on to do a ham cover job.

      No wonder Google Earth saw cloud. The brains trust imploding. The moon, after all, was made of cheese, its constitution somewhat unreliable.

  3. Amanda

    Stakeholders figure they are the winners in a world full of losers who have made poor choices because they had the ‘business genius’ to predict that this land would be worth a megaload of dollars *ahem* and so made a good choice to buy this land, being such smart clever people. At least that is one of the neoliberal tales that we are told, the other one is the trickle down tale of the stadium benefitting us all at the bottom one day in the future (long long after the stakeholders who made a buck off the stadium have disappeared into the sunset).

    • Elizabeth

      Amanda, there’s a parallel tale about the ‘one-off’ $100m hotel, best look at all the land owners in the area and who their commercial property agents are – dreamt up in October 2011, bah humbug. Amazing what tweaking can do.

  4. anonymous

    While most of us focus on getting our cost of living through today, tomorrow or next week it is not unusual for big business to think 2, 5 and 10 years out. Corporations are known to plan 10, 20, even 50 years into the future. So it does not surprise to hear that their stadium scheme has been going on for over 10 years.

    The big boys can’t keep their little boys club meetings private for ever though. Even now there are details on those early meetings falling out of their old tree hut. There are certain stakeholders who believe themselves above mortals but the grapevine has had a bit of an upgrade since the seventies and eighties when notes could be shredded and burnt.

  5. Suomynona

    (“Geeks” was the odd one out but I think the person has their Doug Halls mixed up or search boxes confused. A bit of free advertising though for the Dunedin technician if you chuck it in Google.)

  6. Anonymous

    tick. tick. tick.
    What’s that sound?
    B O O M !

  7. Anonymous

    Q: How much does the DCC have set aside for legal contingencies? i.e. in their public liability insurance.
    Time’s up. When’s the next Council Meeting?

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