New board for ORFU not formed, deadline shifts for bailout

### ODT Online Wed, 23 May 2012
Rugby: Wait for new ORFU board continues
By Steve Hepburn
The wait continues. The new board of the Otago Rugby Football Union was not named yesterday as expected as negotiations drag on over an agreement between parties involved in the bail-out of the union. The union came to an agreement with its major creditors in March to stave off liquidation and that agreement was to be finalised by the middle of this month. But contracts were still being worked on by parties and had not been signed off by yesterday.
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QUESTION In light of revelations about the ORFU’s unauthorised use of funds received from charitable trusts to solve its liquidity problems, and if the ORFU has been trading while insolvent, is the Dunedin City Council reconsidering its position in regards to the ORFU bailout package? It should, the Council owes ORFU nothing.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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30 responses to “New board for ORFU not formed, deadline shifts for bailout

  1. Calvin Oaten

    The only surprise about the delays in announcing the new ORFU board is the fact that there is anyone at all (except former front row forwards) even wanting to be part of this cess pit of intrigue and corruption.

  2. Amanda

    And also important, are there any candidates for the Mayorality that do not want to have Dunedin tied to the ineptitude of the Corporate Rugby Bludgers? Cull will continue allowing the ORFU to blackmail us to pay for their debts; any hope of a politiican who can deliver the city freedom from Corporate rugby gross fiscal mismanagement?

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    It takes more than a mayor. He or she is the head of the council (theoretically; in practice the CEO has become the head of everything – Murray Douglas, Jim Harland, unwilling at present to comment on Paul Orders’ sense of boundaries) but no matter how staunchly pro-Dunedin i.e. ahead of professional rugby, a mayor is, there’s still no hope for the city if the Rugby Rulz 4eva faction are in the majority in council.

  4. Peter

    Calvin. As they say there is a sucker – in this case more than one-born every day. I’d like to think it is ‘that visionary thing’, willing to take on a poisoned chalice and go marching forward. Remind you of anyone?

  5. Amanda

    Amen sister. That has got to be the push ‘going forward’ into the election next year. Kick the Rugby Bludgers sympathisers off council, that means bye bye Crs Hudson and pals, and maybe a couple of Greater Dunedin councillors and of course our corporate rugby lovin’ Mayor.

    • Elizabeth

      With NZRU-appointed change manager Jeremy Curragh pointing up the former ORFU Board’s (make that, plural boards of directors) misappropriation of charitable funds – and the way this potentially demonstrates ORFU trading while insolvent (can we come to any other conclusion?) – I wonder if Mr Wayne Graham and Mr Laurie Mains will want to steadfastly pursue the Mayor of Dunedin for alleged defamation?

      The professional Rugby Cartel better not give Jeremy Curragh any serious grief for speaking out. No doubt he is under sufferance.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Yeah but he’s had enough time to spot where several of the bodies are buried and who owns the spades.

  7. ormk

    The Mayor ought to counter sue Mr Wayne Graham and Mr Laurie Mains. Their suggestions that his comments were not well grounded are a slur on the Mayor and our city.

  8. Anonymous

    OR F. U. continues to sum the whole lot of them up.

    The ORFU has done something quite unique in that they have achieved a public notoriety akin to the Stadium Councillors in such a short time. People are really feeling uncomfortable about the story in today’s Otago Daily Times, not entirely about its topic but how it was worded. It crawled under your skin, gave you a wee prickle and put you back down again, feeling somehow dirtier for the experience.

    It will be challenging for Farry’s Soldiers and the DCC Communications Spooks to support that behaviour on ODT Online.

  9. Mike

    Actually I prefer “O U R FU”

  10. Anonymous

    One week to go, only 2500 tickets sold for the North vs South game. At $20 max per ticket, that’s $50K. It costs $100K to open for a major event. DVML bears all costs for this event.

    Those staff responsible for agreeing the ORFU bailout terms on Council should be fired and those Councillors who voted for it should resign.

  11. Amanda

    The style of the stadium councillors is to hide behind the ‘skirts’ of the rest of the council that did not vote to make the stadium to be ratefunded hoping we will not pick them out. Bullies are basically cowards and so it should surprise no-one that these stadium debt lovin’ councillors are so shy about standing up for their negligent fiscal decisions. As for Mayor Cull, he has actually made the city even more vulnerble, if possible, by linking our ratefunds to the corporate rugby bludgers.

  12. Amanda

    We need a list of who on council voted for the ORFU bludgers bailout.

  13. Anonymous

    This is generally where it is appropriate to build a joke about that information appearing in the ODT any day soon… but its remaining subscribers still believe themselves informed on council affairs so the punchline is often lost on them.

  14. Mike

    I posted this on the ODT forums today:

    quietly missing from the end was, the bit where I pointed out that the only way the ORFU could not go bust again would be if DVML was paying them to play at the Stadium and the comment “I can see how Mr Davies could have made that comment about ratepayers being angry about the stadium deal with the ORFU”

  15. Hype O'Thermia

    Silly Mike, you know how they feel about quietly dangling loose ends being tied up and put on display.

  16. Mike

    And Davies’ comment wasn’t a huge dangling loose end?

  17. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes, and the ORT likes’em that way, dangling peacefully without people making awkward comments and drawing attention to them.

  18. Hype O'Thermia

    Fubar Towers episode, “Don’t mention the unanswered questions”. Remember that side-splitting part where Bev McBasil mentioned the even more embarrassing unASKED questions and Sybil Stadiumsupporter had 40 simultaneous conniption fits?

  19. Mike

    Minor nit: that would work better with Polly/Basil rather than Basil/Sybil

  20. Hype O'Thermia

    Can’t resist Sybil though, her conniptions were epic.

  21. Amanda

    If anyone knows off the top of their head, who on council voted against bailing out the ORFU? Was it just Crs Vandervis and MacTavish? This is important information on the approach to next year’s election. I want to know who has tied us to these bludgers, aside from Mayor Cull.

  22. Amanda

    Found on stuff that Vandervis was one of five councillors who voted against the bailout.

  23. Anonymous

    Oh. Farry’s Soldiers have taken Eion’s spin and adapted their programming for changing times. A couple more notches up the Turing test and they might be able to overcome it by applying the greater application of learning.

    Can’t help themselves
    Submitted by thehighlander on Sun, 31/03/2013 – 9:09pm.
    I cannot understand why the majority of the DWS want to know every minute detail of anything to do with the Stadium when there is never a question asked about the other loss-making albatrosses that the Dunedin ratepayer has to support such as the Regent Theatre, Art Gallery, [Otago] Settlers museum, bicycle lanes, etc.

  24. hypeothermia

    I wonder what the donations to the Art Gallery would total, over the years and expressed in today’s money. More than a tradesman’s hour’s work. More than a few thousand of pretend-donations, more correctly a time-payment arrangement with Looks-like-Gold paint on it.

    {Hype, for some reason this comment ended up in Spam. No idea why. You should be OK from here. -Eds}

  25. Hype O'Thermia

    Thanks. It’s all been v mysterious. Have sent several comments, including trying opening What If in a different browser and posting a comment from there but it disappeared too.

  26. Hype O'Thermia

    Changed my email address after same “disappearing comments” thing happened some weeks ago. Have somehow ended up with a WordPress (not your blog’s) screen that opens when I click this site’s “Post comment” and then requires I log in to it first, before it would post the comment (above). Wondering if anyone else has had trouble posting. Previously all it took was (after initial registration long ago) writing comment & then posting with one click, my email & name being automatically filled in.

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