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Dunedin shootout: mafia bosses

This city is a warm, tender-hearted place. It attracts honeymoon hotels.


Cull on tape yesterday
“The financial funding and operating model of the stadium was put in place to convince people to build it,” he said. “Clearly, it was optimistic.”

Farry on tape last night

Farry today at ODT
Mr Farry said the mayor “is quite entitled to his opinion and to be critical. What angers me is that he has stooped to innuendo and baseless allegations”.

Mr Farry said the CST’s integrity had been “impinged” by the mayor’s criticism. […] Asked if he was considering taking legal action against the mayor, Mr Farry said he was not. “But this should not be interpreted by Mr Cull as a free licence. There is a limit to anybody’s patience and tolerance.”



Today at ODT (Link)
Mr Cull yesterday issued a statement in response to the ODT article which detailed the statement of claim of Otago Rugby Football Union board members Wayne Graham and Laurie Mains, who are each seeking more than $500,000 in damages from the mayor over allegations of defamation.

Yesterday at ODT

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SUNK Stadium: TOO MUCH ratepayer money going west STOP

Garrick Tremain – 11 May 2012

The point is $224 million is not the TRUE COST. It is FAR HIGHER. Dunedin City Council must stop all OBFUSCATION. Open the books to a full independent forensic audit of the council and related entities NOW.

Meantime, close the stadium to stem the losses.

### ODT Online Fri, 11 May 2012
Budget blowout pushes stadium cost to $224m
By Chris Morris
The final cost of the Forsyth Barr Stadium has risen to $224 million, after independent auditors uncovered a budget blow-out of more than $8 million, it has been confirmed. The findings showed the stadium’s capital cost had risen by $8.4 million, from $198 million to $206.4 million. Interest accrued during the stadium’s entire construction period, as loans began to be drawn down, also hadn’t been included in costs.

The $8.4 million overspend meant costs exceeded budgets by 4.2%.

The PWC review did not seek to apportion blame, but findings had been passed to council chief executive Paul Orders, who told reporters he would study them “coolly and calmly”.
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