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Submission to DCC draft long term plan (1)

Copy of submission received from Jeff Dickie, Dunedin
Date: Wednesday, 9 May 2012, 11:22 AM

I have in the past made numerous submissions calling for Council to “recognize a problem before we have a crisis”. We now have that crisis.

I have invested substantially in Dunedin. I now hold very grave fears for the city’s future and that of my 5 children, for whom I’d like to at least have an option of choosing to live here.

Under the previous Chin/Harland administration we saw financial incompetence on an unprecedented scale, coupled with a cynical disregard for democracy and the submission process. Secrecy and preset agendas marked this Bejing-style excuse for democracy. It was precisely this that allowed the stadium project to proceed. Had ratepayers been honestly informed from the outset, as to the true cost, as to the outrageous land/lease purchases and to the negligence in contracting an anchor tenant, it is highly unlikely indeed we would be faced with the now ludicrous possibility of ratepayers directly funding professional rugby.

In the last election I, along with many others, voted for a change to openness and honesty.

Dave Cull has inherited a very difficult situation and unfortunately has also inherited several of the “old guard” who have created the current mess. The lunacy of the stadium project was all too obvious from the outset. It has been an enormous flop and all the spin and smoke and mirrors cannot hide the fact that it has had zero income and is by any standards, a failure.
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