ODT: “the cupboard has been bare” [still is]

The most oblique of editorials, seemingly written without a business brain or any sense of economics. What do you do with a multimillion dollar debt-funded loss-making multipurpose RUGBY stadium? Let’s see, bring in the children? (the very ones saddled with the ongoing cost of DCC’s criminally damaging foresight, this grand vision of the future)…

### ODT Online Mon, 7 May 2012
Editorial: The stadium shake-up
Dunedin City Council’s decision to instigate a review of Forsyth Barr Stadium and the company tasked with running it, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, is the correct one. The review, announced by Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull last week, was sparked by the resignation of DVML chief executive David Davies, who intends to leave the position in March after being appointed to the role in October 2009. Mr Cull has indicated the review will look at the financial, operating and governance models of the stadium and says it may result in changes for DVML and the role of its future chief executive. Much appears to depend on the findings of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers audit of stadium costs, as well as DVML’s six-month financial results, both of which are due to be made public later this month.
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15 responses to “ODT: “the cupboard has been bare” [still is]

  1. Peter

    I kind of get the feeling that whoever wrote this editorial on the editorial team is someone who was all for the stadium, but now realises that its lack of financial viability has been laid bare for all to see. Yet he doesn’t give up hope nor recognise the reality of the stadium’s future.
    The ‘let’s let the kids get their toes on the stadium grass for free’ is a desperate, vain plea that all is not lost and that this will somehow create community buy in. It won’t. Opportunity costs for other worthwhile community projects, from spiralling rates bills to pay for the stadium, will put paid to that.
    We are stuck in this mode that we can make the stadium work. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. This should be the best year for a new stadium, but DVML’s report will show the financial disaster it truly is.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    This is Dunedin. There are cities where many children get few chances to get their toes in the grass but it’s not like that here.

  3. ormk

    Exactly. The stadium is looking more and more like a sunk cost. At this stage it is palpably negligent not to fully consider that the project may indeed be a sunk cost. Time to cut our losses. Recover what we can from ORFU. Don’t let professional rugby get away with their shenanigans. Show some support for real local grass roots participatory rugby. Dave Cull will have my support if he stands up to the bully boys.

  4. Anonymous

    Fark me, it seems that you cannot use the word “sycophancy” on the online edition of the ORT.

  5. Robert Hamlin

    Spot the difference…
    The stadium is a completely worthless facility of no merit. It is clearly not a multi-purpose facility but was built at the behest of Malcolm Farry and his mates-cum-colleagues for the benefit of professional rugby by the ratepayers. It now represents a multigenerational liability rather than an asset for the community. A full investigation into the processes by which this building was brought into existence is not only desirable, it is necessary. I look forward to those responsible receiving a long stretch of porridge rather than honours on the Queen’s birthday list.

    The stadium is a facility of great merit. It is clearly a multi-purpose facility but was built at the behest of Malcolm Farry and his colleagues for the benefit of the ratepayers. It now represents a multigenerational asset for the community. A full investigation into the processes by which this building was brought into existence is not necessary. I look forward to those responsible receiving honours on the Queen’s birthday list [abridged].

  6. Anonymous

    Well, they also deleted the paragraph about comparisons with the Montreal Olympic stadium. Seems overly sensitive since it was nearly 40 years ago that an overpriced stadium was built for a global event, which the citizens couldn’t afford. Oh, hang on…

  7. Russell Garbutt

    Seems like no-one can even suggest to the ODT that Mrs Mains is related or attached at the wallet to Mr Mains who wants to sue the Mayor for saying the ORFU is dishonest, acts in bad faith and is incompetent. Sentiments that are clearly too close to the bone for the thin-skinned that are unwilling to open their books to show us all just what was going down with their pokie dealings.

    Time for Mains and Graham to cough up the real deal – and maybe show that Mrs Mains donated her fee to a small creditor that actually needed the dough?

    • Elizabeth

      She a cousin of Farry’s or something? > causing worthy letters that question their deeds to pass through the ORT shredder, leaving sweetness and light

  8. Anonymous

    Robert, was that modified version published on the Otago Rugby Times?

  9. Anonymous

    Used to head up ID Fashion week. Look up what happened when Suzie took over.

    Oh, and…

    • Elizabeth

      Kidding about cuzzie status, haha – they’ve got different ‘coloured’ hair anyway. $12,000 buys a heck of a lot of peroxide, leaving charitable funds to be donated to Malcolm for purchase of Grecian 2000.

      Love the Herald item, it all comes flooding back. Spot the common (ugly) element.

  10. Amanda

    And notice not one word about who on council is responsible for the stadium debacle, no mention of accountability for Hudson and mates. The ODT is happy it seems for these politicians to be returned to council next year so that they can continue their brilliant careers of ‘Cronyism Rules’ in our Local government. It will be business as usual. Don’t expect this newspaper to bother to point out when The Secret Seven (Noone, Acklin or Brown et al) want to sell our assets to pay for the debt they created.

    • Elizabeth

      Mind you, Amanda – I don’t wish ill health on anyone. However, three councillors aren’t having a good run at the moment: Crs Hudson, Weatherall and Collins. An unusual circumstance for the council.

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