ORFU’s draft constitution

ODT released a copy of the ORFU draft constitution today, see link.

Comment received.

2012/05/01 at 3:11 pm

Far too much wiggle room in this: “at the discretion of the Board in the event that the Board considers it in the best interests of ORFU either generally or in respect of specific items under discussion or to be addressed in the course of ordinary or special business to be or being considered by the Board, the Board shall or may, as the case may be, permit an Observer or Observers to attend”.

This should say SHALL, no exception.
It should specifically mention a DCC/DVML Observer as a special case who SHALL attend ALL Board meetings.

See other comments on the draft constitution at this thread.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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13 responses to “ORFU’s draft constitution

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ch9.co.nz May 2, 2012 – 7:12pm
    Word on the Street
    Last week, The Dunedin City Council voted to have Deputy Mayor Chris Staynes on a selection panel to pick the new Otago Rugby Football Union board. It also voted to have an observer in place when that board is chosen, and begins meeting. The 9 Local News Word on the Street team hit George Street to ask if you think the DCC should be involved.

    Report – Council – 26/04/2012 (PDF, 227.5 KB)
    Otago Rugby Football Union (ORFU) Board Selection Panel

  2. Elizabeth

    ### ch9.co.nz May 8, 2012 – 6:35pm
    Board selection may go into extra time
    The selection process for a new six person board at the Otago Rugby Football Union may go into extra time, according to the Union’s Change Manager. May the 15th is the deadline to have the new board in place, as it’s also an important financial deadline for the former authority, and it’s the end date on Jeremy Curragh’s employment contract.

    • Elizabeth

      How do we get DCC to demand a full independent forensic audit of ORFU and related entities before the bailout package comes into force ?

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth; We don’t. Face it, a full audit of the ORFU would be the last thing our ‘redneck’ councillors would want. It would only show them up for being “duped” by an already ‘insolvent’ body before the stadium was even put on the table for consideration. The 2004 MWH report clearly shows that the ORFU was in dire financial straits then. It was Harland and Chin who picked it up in the first place. After appointing the CST headed by Farry it was all downhill from then on. And all those “stupid councillors” backed it against all the evidence that it could never be anything but a lemon. They are stuck with it now and they know it. That’s why there will be no push to open the books until there is a change of weight in the votes around that table. Already we have seen Chin, Guest, Walls and Harland slip out the back door and there are still not enough votes to carry it.

  4. ormk

    Today’s DVML results coupled with recent ORFU lunacy will be a great time for Cull to be on the side of Dunedinites and resist continual rates rises. That this is no time to be bailing out an organisation like ORFU deeply ingrained with incompetence and a history of failure. Recognise the sunk cost of the stadium. Force the ORFU into liquidation. Quit haemorrhaging and deal with the mess.

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ch9.co.nz May 16, 2012 – 6:45pm
    Otago Rugby Football Union board deadline extended
    A deadline for the Otago Rugby Football Union to have its new board in place has been extended by three days.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ch9.co.nz May 18, 2012 – 5:44pm
      Revised deadline extended again
      The Otago Rugby Football Union’s revised deadline to have a new board in place has been extended again. In a return text message to 9 Local News, ORFU Change Manager Jeremy Curragh simply wrote: ‘it’s now Monday.’ The original deadline was Wednesday this week, however the New Zealand Rugby Union confirmed today was to be the new deadline. Close of business today was supposed to be the last day for both the new board to be in place, and for the arrangements between the ORFU and its major creditors to be finalised.

      Wonder if there’s a shortage of good candidates, or if the ‘board to be’ want Laurie and Graham to withdraw their suit against the mayor… or no-one wants to take on the role until the books are in order (to reduce the risk to individuals of being stuck with the board’s liability)… and then there’s the missing $25,000 of charitable funds received… and the DIA and OAG investigations… and all the conditions which don’t appear to have been met for the bailout package…

      Tough wormy times.

  6. ormk

    It would be much simpler and the right thing for everyone to keep the ORFC and DCC separate. ORFC should pay its debts and if it can’t then it should go into liquidation. DCC should get on with the job of providing city infrastructure. If ORFC can’t pay its debts to the DCC then it is insufficient to simply have a DCC observer. There should be someone from the DCC that can unilaterally overrule any board decision. But its not the DCCs job to run professional rugby. Better the ORFC liquidates as they have failed.

  7. Peter

    Too right. A very bad look for the council if it is bailing out the ORFU despite what we seem to be seeing with the Curragh emails. That they were trading while insolvent.
    Surely the council isn’t that dumb to set themselves up like that.

    • Elizabeth

      Peter, the other thing is, DCC foolishly believed buying Carisbrook would clear ORFU of its debts (without doing any checking of the union’s true position it appears). Councillors were shocked to find that didn’t happen, showing them up to be the incompetents they truly are when they exercise a vote. Does DCC want to fall into the same hole again ?

  8. Mike

    We keep seeing people saying “let’s sell the stadium to the ORFU for a dollar and be shot of it” can you imagine what they’d do with another giant asset to borrow against? We’d be bailing them out to the tune of millions again before you could blink

    The scary thing about today’s news is that Staynes has apparently let them appoint a board that is not invested in Dunedin

  9. Peter

    Yes, Elizabeth, the council keep seeing mirages on the horizon that promise gold, but only turn to dust. This is desperate, headless chook stuff on their part.
    The council obviously didn’t do due diligence with buying Carisbrook and now they are falling into the same trap with the ORFU all over again. Knowingly, this time. Surely this is criminal negligence of some sort?
    Good observation, Mike, about the make up of the new Board. But could Staynes ever assert himself? He always seems so meek.

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