Edgar at VEP Seminar

This Friday, 20 April the School of Business, University of Otago, will host its third Visiting Executive Programme (VEP) Seminar for 2012. All staff and students are welcome to attend.

The Visiting Executive Programme was established in 2009 to bring leading national and international executives to the School of Business during weeks three to ten of each semester. Executives will present lunch time presentations to students based on subjects that are currently topical, or the presenter has expert knowledge of that would benefit Otago business students. Seminars are open to all interested students and staff from throughout the Business School and wider University.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Edgar at VEP Seminar

  1. Elizabeth

    I suppose creating the largest public debt in Dunedin’s history is passionate business, a form of philanthropy akin to suicide. Certainly, it may be read as great ‘sport’ by the private sector.

  2. Anonymous

    Will the course cover…

    How to become a “stakeholder”, live in Queenstown and sell out Dunedin?
    How to achieve “key stakeholder” status?
    How to make someone else pay?
    How to get your boots licked clean by today’s reporters?

  3. Ok, which of our ‘event centres’ are they holding this at??????

    If it’s not our latest and greatest then the arsehole should be run out of town.

    But I’m just a heathen that gets in trouble for swearing so just ignore me….

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