Ugly mug raised from Lakes retreat

Who is liable for this situation?

A letter to the editor by Russell Garbutt appears in the Otago Daily Times today, he asks [excerpts]:

• Who takes responsibility and accountability within council for ignoring the very specific warnings from a large number of ratepayers that the whole “private funding” model now described by Mayor Cull as “stupid” was exactly that?

• Finally, who takes responsibility and accountability within the DCC and the CST for not knowing that their close business partner, the ORFU, was insolvent and had been living on pokie funds and hope for many years?

Read the full letter here.


Stadium trust’s negotiations and contracts soundly based

Malcolm Farry, chairman of Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust endeavours to “clarify the issues” [excerpts]:

• At 4.54pm on Thursday, February 5, 2009, the CST signed a venue hire agreement with ORFU and the Highlanders.

• The negotiations had been a drawn out affair and the CST was forced to take a very tough, uncompromising position. The ORFU and Highlanders naturally resisted this position, so eventually, we engaged an accounting consultant to consider the position of all parties. He provided recommendations, a model for the future and a compromise as to the costs of the required seats.

• These proposals were accepted by all parties.

• Jim Harland, then chief executive of the Dunedin City Council, took over all future discussions and negotiations with the ORFU and Highlanders.

• The private sector fundraising was clearly stated to be based on the sale of membership seats and corporate suites, sponsorship and the sale of naming rights. This programme was first outlined at the first public presentation held at the Southern Cross Hotel on August 11, 2006. The CST has never moved from this position.

• The CST lost the role of operator, so it was never to apply its passion, expertise, local knowledge and commitment to the operation and management of the completed stadium. That role fell instead to the new company DVML.

• The CST has now completed what it was asked to do by the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council. Many people love the results, some continue to oppose. There is no doubt, however, that, after the passage of time, all will eventually unite as one in support for this remarkable addition to our city and region.

Read the full reply here.

What can we make of this, the full opinion piece? Mainly, we see an effort by Mr Farry to rewrite history, shift blame, and spice up the reader’s day with new information for further discovery, thrown in for worse effect. How interesting.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “Ugly mug raised from Lakes retreat

  1. Peter

    So it’s official. Malc is blameless for any stadium lapses that may have occurred. Blame the council and blame the mayor. Blame DVML…even though he acknowledges some of that amazing ‘talent’ has moved over from the CST.
    Malc took up the poisoned chalice, poured more poison in and drank from it. He did his job….. a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do. He’s proud of what he did.
    This blame game is a good sign. We see who scatters and who dumps on whom. Blame brings eventual accountability and, with a little blood letting, we can all then truly heal and move on. In Malc’s words, all be truly united. But not around the stadium…. as per Malc’s little imagination.
    How he wanted to be loved and admired and covered in glory. And not shit.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    I’m sure that people will, upon reading my letter and Farry’s response, realise that there were questions that he was asked to answer that he ignored. That is intriguing in itself. I also thought it interesting that he dumped on Harland as openly as he did. Certainly the rewriting of history is underway in his mind. I suppose that he will get a lot of assistance in this matter from the Stadium councillors.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Good choice. Deflect attention. Harland’s gone and anyway he was never one of the boys, he was only taken up and befriended because of his potential usefulness. He was always essentially Jimmy No-mates.

  4. Anonymous

    If the contracts were soundly based when CST signed them, then how come they were not legally-binding on the Highlanders when they split later in 2009? Either Farry or Harland is at fault for not pursuing due diligence. Farry says it wasn’t him.

    The 4:54pm timeline is telling because it HAD to be signed prior to the ORC deadline otherwise no stadium. What’s more likely: that the contract was sound, fully diligent and watertight, or that loopholes got missed due to time pressure and the whole thing got thrown over the wall at DCC…?

  5. Peter

    I can’t imagine much rallying around for Harland….by anyone. The same goes for Malcolm when the crunch inevitably comes.
    There are only so many people you can get off side with until you are left with no friends.

  6. Actually … Could Mr Farry please comment about his business dealings with certain groups and people that are linked or wanted for [pie-selling] activities?

    {We have inserted a term due to difficulty encountered with spelling and legibility. -Eds}

  7. Anonymous

    That’s a hairy post. What groups? When I search for Malcolm Farry and your suggested term, his LinkedIn profile is returned at the top which does include stadium councillor Colin Weatherall as one of its recent profile viewers. That association would not surprise many though (except for Otago Rugby Times subscribers who get to read little about the Stadium Councillors).

    Who are the Stadium Councillors?

  8. Mike

    I agree without evidence that comment amounts to an ethnic slur something I hope we can do without in this forum

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    Now that the Fubar has proved to be the massive FAIL we predicted, the Sun is being frightfully brave, outspoken even. Remember when “anti” letters to the ed were rarities, and pejorative terms like “naysayers” were sprinkled like confetti over the pages?

    • Elizabeth

      Yes some sort of shifting of sands at the newspaper, as we collectively predicted might happen when the facts could not be avoided and the weight of large sums bore down, finally. The stadium councillors must be feeling sick and somewhat distressed at this juncture. We hear the council’s ‘leadership’ has received PWC’s report…

  10. amanda Kennedy

    Cull’s denial of political accountabilty for unsustainable stadium debt means he is telling us somehow the stadium debt occured, some mystical force, or that Dunedin people demanded the stadium be built and the noble councillors relented to their demands. Noone, Aklin and Collins all thought the stadium was such a bad idea of course, but the simple folk demanded it. Now they must pay for their foolhardiness with rates increases and service cuts.

  11. Anonymous

    Hamilton City Council chief Barry Harris had his office checked for listening devices. Guilt? Paranoia? A little of each? Or a lot? Even our scuzzbucket former chief didn’t drop to that level of neurotic (or the media didn’t find out). Like our former chief though, this one could not recall the cost of that action. A common line that has been thrown up on a variety of “embarrassing” issues this city’s ratepayers have been kept in the dark about. Bring on the leaks – especially if the douschebags, especially those mentioned above, continue to delay or hide the truth.

    City boss sweeps office for electronic ears
    By Daniel Adams – 4 April 2012

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s so easy to forget how much things cost. And it’s so easy to forget to write it down at the time. And I know you’re supposed to keep the receipt but it gets mixed up with junk mail and birthday cards and recipes you clipped out of magazines and then you’re tidying up and they all end up in a box somewhere. Or even in the recycling bin.
    Just because someone’s a CEO doesn’t mean he’s not human too. He’s probably still looking for that apple crumble recipe with slivered almonds in the topping, too.

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