Stadium: Events so far

### ODT Online Sun, 8 Apr 2012
Team effort – stadium show requires really big cast
By Mark Price
Staging an event at Dunedin’s new stadium is a team effort.

“We’ve learned a huge amount about being flexible in terms of trying to deliver a product for all the different user groups. And I would like to think with each event we get slightly better.” -Coryn Huddy, DVML operations manager

Forsyth Barr Stadium was opened eight months ago, on August 5, 2011. Since then it has hosted the following events:
• 4 Rugby World Cup matches
• North Otago v West Coast rugby
• Selwyn v Knox rugby
• Otago v Canterbury [ITM Cup rugby]
• Otago v Manawatu [ITM Cup rugby]
• Highlanders v Crusaders [Super 15 rugby]
• Highlanders v Waratahs [Super 15 rugby]
• 2 Wellington Phoenix v Brisbane Roar football games
• Elton John concert [crowd 35,500]
• Otago Daily Times Big Night In concert [crowd 18,000]
• Orientadium [crowd 16,500]
• Masters Games
• National Leisure Marching
• 9 conferences
• 80 meetings
• 51 social functions.

Events in the pipeline, in addition to rugby:
• VW Club – April 8, 2012
• Menopause: The Musical – May 10, 2012
• 16 conferences [average 150 delegates]
• 20 meetings [average 40 people].
Number expected to rise significantly.
• 25 social functions [average 200 people].

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Stuff: North versus South game could become fiasco
The fundraising match for the embattled Otago union is likely to be scheduled for the first weekend in June. Although details are still being discussed, the Sunday Star-Times understands some Super rugby coaches feel reviving the historical game is problematic and it doesn’t have universal appeal.
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80 responses to “Stadium: Events so far

  1. Elizabeth

    Events in the pipeline seem tragically THIN.
    The great stadium falters… where’s Malcolm? This building is supposed to be Dunedin’s visionary future!

    After falter comes crash and burn.

    The problem of a dance hall beside a rugby paddock.

  2. Syth

    Where’s Hagaman? Where’s Edgar? Where’s the Smiths? What about McLaughlan? Farry? Cairns? Harland? Chin? Brown? Hudson? All of the original Stadium Councillors? Now Cull and his cohorts? Surely the stakeholders and their minions believe they worked as a “team” then to make the ratepayer-funded vision possible? Many of them must be still working as a “team” now to keep the professional rugby dream alive and the truth buried six feet under? So many questions but what can you hope for with your daily newspaper sponsoring this financial nightmare?

  3. Phil

    Remember that aside from the football matches and the Elton John concert, every one of the events listed would have been catered for by an existing venue within the city. There is nothing new being added, it’s just the transferring of income to one venue at the expense of another venue.

  4. Phil, don’t forget that the RWC and the other rugby as well as Elton John could have been held at Carisbrook. Building the FB Stadium has added nothing except about $20 million/year of additional annual costs. The DCC Rugby Team seem desperate to hide this cost by shifting paying customers from the Edgar Center and Town Hall/Dunedin Centre to their stadium.
    Another slimy subsidy is happening because DVML now takes their cut of the hire fee for these venues and also the DCC has to pay DVML to use them. Subsidising the Highlanders (accommodation) and the ORFU (staff costs, debt forgiven) are another drain on the prosperity of our City.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Another thing, every time money is shuffled from one account to another there are costs. The shuffler’s wages. Extra work for the accountant. Bank charges? Don’t know about that but in general the banks take a cut of everything you do outside the “green foldies” economy so they probably manage to skim a bit off the shuffle.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    I see the stadium has sixteen conferences on its books. Be interesting come 2016 when the Town Hall redevelopment is complete and it meets its target of 36 conferences a year, where the stadium will get its share from then. In fact, Dunedin will be so overwhelmed with conferences, you would have to feel sorry for Queenstown, the proposed new Auckland $360m centre and all others. They simply won’t get a look in, we will have them all. Oh thank you Malcolm, for your wicked insight.

  7. Another cost of the money shuffling, secret subsidies and money circles is the truth. In fact the purpose of this obscurity is to hide the severity of the consequences of the worst decision ever made by the DCC. A number of councillors are also victims of this obscurity. I warn those councillors that the know-nothing, do-nothing elected members will be judged just as severely as the schemers, plotters and wreckers.

    Malcolm Farry seems to have joined the media campaign with a monologue on Radio Dunedin and an opinion piece at the ODT Online called: “Stadium trust’s negotiations and contracts soundly based” (a response yp Russell G’s letter to the editor). Even the title is a blatantly obvious lie.

  8. Peter

    Well…. the change in the Deloittes private funding contract, where they gave up their fancy corporate box for another arrangement in a lounge area, for a start shows that the contracts are indeed ‘flexible’ and can be changed. None of them will be written in concrete. Even Dave Cull in the previous term believed them to be ‘dummy contracts’. I remember the councillors were not allowed to see them at the time. They took it, on trust, that they were kosher. Fool them.

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    Not ALLOWED to see them?
    Required to okay them sight unseen?
    What part of Disneyland did this occur in? And who’s still waiting patiently for delivery of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  10. amanda Kennedy

    As JimmyJones rightly asks ‘what was the point?’. This list shows that we have bankrupted the city so that we can have a big useless economically criminal conference centre, only taking trade from other venues. Hudson and mates need to face up to what they have done, the stakeholders too. They are only trying to sell us this stadium dud so that their fiscal incompetence is hidden behind the so called ‘success’ of the stadium.

  11. amanda Kennedy

    Syth, McLaughlan has already told us all that he thinks selling assets is a grand idea so he is probably getting that all set up for himself and the other stakeholders you mention, you know, to pay for the debt they have created for the city. Just another little perk to having good friends like Hudson, Bezett and mates on council.

  12. Syth

    Middlemen could not do for their masters without the likes of the ABCs on council. The future hasn’t been looking too bright either with Cull and Co in charge. Asset stripping and infrastructure sell down depend on the debt which has been manufacturered in Dunedin, all compliments to the Stadium Councillors and their “team work”.

    The stadium continues to suck the financial lifeforce out of this city. DVML and the media cooing over the number of staff it requires to open doors is another shameful bout of blowing their own trumpet. It does nothing to cure this council of its dual diseases – corruption and stakeholders.

  13. Elizabeth

    Today’s letter to the ODT editor by B. Hill (Milton), ‘Rugby fan unhappy with stadium prices’ (page 14) said a lot in not so many words about a bad experience at Saturday’s game. The reply received from Doug McSweeney, Highlanders marketing manager, no doubt heightens the disappointment.

    I hope families of modest means intending to support future rugby matches at the stadium read the correspondence and put in place plans to take the kids elsewhere for leisure outings. The stadium is clearly not theirs.

  14. Hype O'Thermia

    Thank you Elizabeth. I didn’t realise Tremain was producing so many cartoons. Just been looking at the others on his site, so many extremely good ones, e.g. this Not a dud to be seen.

  15. Elizabeth

    This year’s National Party conference was held at the stadium on the weekend. Say no more.

    • Elizabeth

      Dave Cannan at ODT’s The Wash today (page 2) has more fun with David Davies over the esplanade strip at Water of Leith.

      When is a reserve area a car park – with cars, and a security guard ? But wait, “…until such time as any alternative planning relating to the use of this area is agreed” ?

      Let me remind Mr Devious Davies, DVML and DCC, an esplanade reserve is for public benefit and right of way – and ORC’s access for maintenance – to follow the watercourse, not to benefit the freakshow stadium vultures what knuckle City Planning.

      The additional joke is ODT pretending to be sleuth when so very much else is going on right under its nose, while it plays Mary’s Little Lamb.

  16. Anonymous

    My little bird had a little chat with the security guard the other week.
    “Why are you here?”, she asked
    “Well, people were parking here all day and contractors and stadium staff couldn’t get a park to do their work”, came the reply.
    So now the parks sit empty most of the day.
    There’s an obvious solution here…

    Oh, and in answer to my question last year about what happened to the building that Peter Baker Transport were in (now 56 Minerva St), it was converted into…a parking building. Operated by Wilsons Parking. Now, if DCC owns that building (as I believe they took ownership after turfing PBT out), why did they not lease it to City Parking and solve two problems in one go…?

    DCC webmap and rates book identify the property as 56 Parry St (corner Minerva St)
    Rate account ID: 4023622
    Ratepayer name(s): DCC City Property
    Rating differential: Area 4 – Non-Residential
    Land use: Industrial : Other Industries including Storage


  17. Hype O'Thermia

    “Contractors and stadium staff”? How many, and what are they doing? Do they do it every day? Cannot *some* parks be reserved for them, for the times they need them? The security guard could do that……….

  18. Elizabeth

    What passes as news.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 3 May 2012
    Scantily-clad women launch Zoo ambush
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Scantily clad women enticing rugby fans at Forsyth Barr Stadium to a Dunedin pub has come as a surprise to the venue’s management.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      Tweet (10:25 PM – 5 May 2012):

      @sonyaibhill between now and mid October there are 10 – only 10 – events booked at FB Stadium – out of 150 days! must do better! @whatifdunedin

      If true, amazing – although the scale of the ten is not declared.

  19. Hype O'Thermia

    News or sociology?

  20. Hype O'Thermia

    Ten? I can only think of 6 certainties.
    1. The Fabulous Kiwi Banksie (cheque juggler, not the graffiti artist but we hope enough people will be confused to fill the Fubar)) with backing chorus the massed Act- Social Credit Harmonizers
    2. Arrival of world’s first domesticated neutrino (Please be seated early as it may arrived ahead of predicted time)
    3. Paul Henry presents Dominic Strauss-Kahn’s Spectacular Ice Follies
    4. Elvis’s comeback concert – the rumours were correct, so there
    5. NZ’s section of world-wide televised People Against Chemicals concert with added truthiness
    6. Malcolm Farry’s public apology to the people of Dunedin.

    • Elizabeth

      Hype – for that, the $millions will flow in like never before.

      A date has been set for the North South match, I hear – but due to excitements 1-6 I won’t think to search it.

  21. Hype O'Thermia

    Yeah sorry, I wasn’t thinking about sports, just about the mega-fabbo events I’m aching to get tickets for.

  22. Phil

    Anonymous, DCC owned car parking buildings are typically owned by City Property, who are responsible for maintaining the property. But they don’t want to involve themselves in the operating of the facility so they lease the operation of the property to City Parking. City Parking doesn’t employ any car parking building operators, so they then sub-lease the operation to Wilsons Parking. Confused ? I don’t blame you.

  23. Phil

    How many of those 10 events could not have been held at an existing DCC owned venue ? Increase in revenue for one = decrease in revenue for another.

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    Re parking – how many tickets are clipped each time a council function is “simplified” by passing it on to a private operator? Can the owner – DCC – not run the damn things efficiently?
    Oops, sorry. No. Pissups in breweries etc etc – efficiency is extinct.

  25. Phil

    Plus the unnecessary additional costs. DCC’s City Property generates a “profit” from the fellow DCC department, City Parking, by charging a higher fee to maintain the building. DCC City Parking recovers that fee, plus their own “profit” by increasing the leasing fee paid by Wilsons Parking. Wilsons Parking recovers DCC City Parking’s fee and generates their own profit by increasing the fee paid by ratepayers for parking in the building.

  26. Hype O'Thermia

    So ratepayers are prepared to pay the fee charged by Wilsons, so….. oww my brain hurts.

  27. Anonymous

    Aren’t most of the 10 events actually Rugby?
    3 more Super15 games
    1 North vs South
    5 ITM Cup
    1 Bledisloe Test

    Oh wait, that’s all of them.

  28. Peter

    I’ve got a brilliant idea for a new event. The Dunedin Caged Bird Club, who often show at Forbury Raceway, could hold an event there. DVML could have a charge, per budgie or canary ($40 a pop?), instead of just charging the bird fancier for his overall entry fee.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 9 May 2012
      Fresh questions about viability of stadium financial model expected
      By Chris Morris
      The size of the financial hole occupied by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, the company tasked with running the Forsyth Barr Stadium, will be revealed later today. The company’s long-awaited six-month results are scheduled to be made public at a media briefing at 12.30pm, fronted by Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull. Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders and DVML chief executive David Davies will also attend. The Otago Daily Times understands the report will reveal a significant loss for the first six months of the 2011-12 financial year.
      Read more

  29. turnkey

    Franky many many Dunedinites will be happy if you fly to Auckland and don’t return.

    • Elizabeth

      Oh, a prostadium visitor with a voice. Rare as the hens’ teeth Calvin alludes to. For every event not held at the Albatross, we can save ratepayers some money. That seems counter intuitive to everything we should believe of Farry’s mantra.

  30. ormk

    By many I guess you mean the stadium proponents. You lot have got very close to wrecking Dunedin. I believe you are in a minority. You believe you are in a majority. At this point I for one would like to leave behind what seems like a crazy investment. How about you buy our properties out and pay modest relocation expenses? I’d move to Christchurch and help them rebuild. Reckon I’d take half the University with me. The half with any brains at least. But there is a continued refusal from stadium proponents to put their money where their mouth is.

  31. Anonymous

    Uh oh, they’re venturing out from that Facebook page.

  32. ormk

    BTW….for anyone University with influence who is listening…..there have been several small meetings scheduled at the stadium. Can this please be stopped? A lot of people simply cannot attend them on a matter of principal. It is therefore divisive to schedule any University event at this venue. There are places in the University where events can be scheduled for everyone.

  33. Peter

    A lot of people feel that way, Ormk. A case of ‘stadium non grata’?

  34. ormk

    Most of us didn’t want it when we were promised the private funding, GMP and $66 on the rates bill. Now we’ve been proved right. The costs have overrun. Promises have been broken. It’s making unsustainable losses. It’s useless for anything other than rugby. We just don’t want a bar of it. We’re being told that we have to make ongoing investments into professional rugby. Every ratepayer could have an extra $10k+ in their pocket to invest in whatever they choose – most would not choose professional rugby. That money would make the difference between success and failure for a lot of small businesses. Professional rugby is killing our town and we have to put a stop to it right now.

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  36. Calvin Oaten

    A $300m new additional stadium for Auckland? Are all these people MAD!!!? There must be something in the expensive wines and single malts these folk live on, because it sure addles their brains. Look at our own lot of cheerleaders, the CST, the ORFU almost to a man are afflicted. It shows in all manner of ways, Eion Edgar dribbles into the media at the drop of a hat, Malcolm Farry lives a ‘whimsical dream’ repeating a “On Time On Budget’ mantra monotonously while Wayne Graham and Laurie Mains sue our Mayor for defamation. Sheesh!!!

  37. Rob Hamlin

    No Calvin, they are not. It worked here for the well connected few, why not again for the northern chapter of the same mob? Now, why change a winning model, a bit of a tweak true, with only promising a 100 mil from private sources. But you only need to get one national politician (Key) on board the gravy train and about eight Auckland councillors and Bob’s yer uncle (tasty gravy too – shouldn’t be hard). Best to do this ‘networking’ of course before the wider community realise that you are actually serious about taking them for this – but this country boasts experienced professionals at that particular business who can be hired for a fee I’m sure.

    Obviously there’s that pesky 100 million private sector input that eats into eventual private sector extraction. But that’s easy. Just take the first ten years’ lurid revenue projections and pretend that’s your share, and then quietly recede into the distance with this fabled private investment until the Council and Govt are forced to pick up the full 500 million (oops I meant 300 million)

    Mad, no – amoral – Oh yes.

    • Elizabeth

      It was revealed yesterday Coldplay had considered playing the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, but ruled it out for logistical reasons.

      • Elizabeth

        What the!

        ### ODT Online Tue, 15 May 2012
        Talk of Dunedin Coldplay gig denied
        It remains unclear whether a possible Coldplay concert in Dunedin was discussed between promoters and venue management. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) chief executive David Davies told the Otago Daily Times he was ‘‘actively involved” with a Coldplay promoter in relation to the band performing at Dunedin. But Chugg Entertainment, Coldplay’s Ausralasian promoter, denied there was any such dialogue.
        Read more

    • Elizabeth

      More COVERED stadiums! Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch…(next)…
      Places with REAL airports.
      Dunedin rapidly turns into a lame Albatross. Cool.
      We were overtaken in the late 1800s too, we’re good at this.

      ### Monday 14 May 2012
      Afternoons with Jim Mora
      16:07 The Panel with Matt Nippert and Chris Wikaira (Part 1)
      Topics – An Ozzie jobs festival in Auckland attracted thousands of emigration hopefuls at the weekend. It’s been revealed that the Ministry of Education didn’t properly investigate how nearly a million dollars of funding resulted in just three substandard classrooms being built at a Northland school. The Prime Minister has got behind the idea of a “world-class” covered stadium in Christchurch. (22′15″)
      Audio | Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3 | Embed

  38. Ro

    IMmoral, please.

  39. Anonymous

    Evil does seem to have the upper hand presently.

    Stakeholders have figured out how to gut councils and the government doesn’t seem too bothered by it all. Auckland council and the National government now have the benefit of hindsight though which should make their willingness to lose more millions on rugby criminal.

  40. Hype O'Thermia

    How many of us pointed out the difficulties – yes, it could be done, they could move everything from Christchurch airport by road or rail (!) if they absolutely had to – but what on earth would make a touring group or their management WANT to? And how many planes would it take to bring the audience from the area north of Dunedin, for whom it wasn’t easier and cheaper to travel to Wellington or Auckland? Again, would they have to wait here till the end of the event, or fly back empty to resume normal routes service? It’s something I pointed out in submissions.
    Perhaps I was the only one. And they lost my submission. The wind caught it and a flying pig grabbed it mid-air and it was never seen again.

    Like so many of the “naysayers'” predictions, this has come as a surprise. Is Neil the only councillor who doesn’t read the paperwork ahead of meetings?

    All that paper would make a lot of origami snack boxes.

  41. Mike

    I pointed this out in the ODT pages long before the stadium vote, and since they read everything posted it shouldn’t be a surprise to the ODT. I guess everything is new to someone every day

  42. Peter

    You would also imagine they had done their homework on the Elton John concert with the very mixed reviews on the sound quality of the venue. Therefore playing, with this major problem at hand, would not be a good look for them. Would it? Publicly, they couldn’t say so of course. Better to blame the airport runway.

  43. Amanda

    Problem is Ormk very strong forces (media, ‘business’ interests and politicians who could care less) are against us all, then there is the very real problem that many people seem to not be able to separate out ‘rugby’ from the ‘professional’ fat cats who are there for the big salaries, and don’t care about rugby. Are these people willing to throw themselves, their children and us all to the ORFU wolves ? I hope not, will be interesting to see.

  44. Amanda

    The true rugby fans have got to demand the ORFU stop being ratefund bludgers. They owe it to us and to themselves, and to their children.

  45. Anonymous

    National Business Review has named the $100M hotel developer.

    • Elizabeth

      WHO we ask? (and who has paid their NBR sub lately??)

      Guess ODT will have it on the press tonight…
      Roy Rogers won’t be happy –

      NBR sought a leak on Friday…
      “If you know who the “secret” developer is please contact Property Editor Chris Hutching on” (Link)

  46. Anonymous

    Roy is not the only cowboy in town

    • Elizabeth

      Hagaman was my pick on Friday. I always imagine him with Texas bull horns on a Cadillac. And Earl’s a good name for a cowboy. As is Hagaman, in Dallas style. But I’m always wrong, always.

  47. Anonymous

    I’m thinking more like Jackie Chan from Shanghai Noon

  48. Hype O'Thermia

    Dave Cannan’s column “The Wash” is not online. Today the headline is “Stadium’s show area a ‘bunker’ “.
    “…I contacted DVML for comment but was redirected to Ben McDonald, of Rangiora, who sent me an email reply, agreeing the venue was “completely unsuitable as a performance space and the management at the stadium should never rent it out as such again”.
    He says it was chosen because neither the Regent nor the Mayfair theatre was available…….
    …..Ben did, however, praise the staff members at the venue, who, although there seemed to be an ‘over-abundance of them’, were very helpful……”

  49. Anonymous

    Hagaman. Ah yes that name cropped up this morning. Did the DCC actually buy the land from Mr Hagaman or just the leases?

    • Elizabeth

      Anonymous, that would be an official information request. Will follow up with some people to further your query.

  50. Hype O'Thermia

    There is a letter from a v satisfied marching woman in today’s print oddity, saying that the stadium was wonderful for their marching event. She says “It is far and away better for it to be turning over smaller hire charges regularly than hiking charges and putting it out of reach.”
    Plain common sense – except that it is not true. This is something that will take a lot of work to get through people’s heads since it seems to be believed by some councillors, used as a convenient fiction by others.

  51. Peter

    Oh God. Can any concert/play be held at the stadium without any acoustic or other problems? The stadium’s unsuitability for such events must be getting well out by now. Did they really only build it for rugby? Heaven to betsy. Surely not.

  52. Hype O'Thermia

    Rugby and marching. It was great for marching…….

  53. Hype O'Thermia

    There are some clever letters today, along with a few “never did understand maths” ones.

  54. ormk

    Its rather strange that Davies says he was “actively involved” in relation to a Coldplay concert at the stadium and the promoter says no such dialogue took place. I wonder what happened here.

  55. Anonymous

    DCC now owns professional rugby or maybe professional rugby owns the DCC? The Stadium Councillors are deep in shit and the council has committed itself too far to back out. They are dodging and obfuscating at every opportunity, have abused their own City Talk as a vehicle for propaganda and created a marketing department to manage that bad behaviour instead of dealing with it directly.

    Either way we’ve got to get the Stakeholders out of council and have the Stadium Councillors forcefully ejected. It is looking more and more likely direct action will be required to enforce the seriousness of the situation. Syd Brown and his spendthrift councillors have gone too far and throwing down the protestor’s placard was disrespectful and deserves a reply.

    Right now the council is well beyond having lost the plot and is in a place so reckless and dangerous it must be negligent and criminal to leave them in control. Dave Cull can no longer be trusted to lead this institute and Paul Orders must remove Athol Stephens immediately or he too will look as incompetent as this mayor when it comes to bending over for rugby.

    This city has been financially ruined by professional rugby. My rates are going up and up and council’s empty words about trying to keep it under 5% this year is nothing but temporary dithering. Their rugby has made a few rich and put the rest of us at the mercy of horrendous debt. Their decisions have affected my cost of living and I’m going to make damn sure they feel this.

    The Dunedin City Council is corrupt.

  56. Phil

    Of course professional rugby owns the DCC. The moment the DCC decided to finance the build of a new stadium to replace an existing rugby stadium, it was professional rugby who held all the power. A classic and costly mistake which was proven in countless published studies to be a problem around the world decades ago. Another case of lack of due diligence by the decision makers in this project. Once a local authority commits funding to a stadium, they are fully dependant on the professional sports team playing in the stadium. The team doesn’t need that stadium, they can play anywhere. But the stadium needs the team. They need to service the debt, not the team.

    I’m sure that the events of the past couple of months will be used to further strengthen the case globally for local authorities not to build a stadium for a team. Let’s not mince words here, the ORFU blackmailed the DCC into writing off debts and offering stadium use for an obscene loss. They knew that while the DCC couldn’t afford to have the ORFU, they could afford even less to be without them. Not without shutting the stadium and walking away, which the ORFU knew full well that the current Council would never do. The NZRU and the Highlanders franchise also both knew that the DCC needed them more than they needed the DCC. And used that power to get exactly what they wanted.

  57. Calvin Oaten

    I disagree with you here Phil. I believe that the NZRU do need the stadium. The ORFU is now irrelevant and the DCC should force it into liquidation. Refuse to deal with them. Turn to the NZRU, tell them we have the stadium and this is what it will cost per event, take it or leave it. Eyeball them and see who blinks. The NZRU need rugby in Otago/Souhtland and now that Carisbrook is gone the stadium is the only practical venue. Where would they put the Highlanders? They do need them as an integral part of NZ’s part of the SANZAR consortium. If they did say: “‘no deal’ we will withdraw if you don’t host us on our terms”, then so be it. But that would then put the NZRU in a difficult position, both with the game and also with their sponsors. Ford, Adidas, Sky, BNZ and all others would immediately say: “Hey! you are just removing a large chunk of our potential market which we are courting through our sponsorships. We will have to review and perhaps renegotiate our contracts, and it goes without saying that it will be at a reduced value.” That is the reality of the situation, the sponsors don’t give a toss about the NZRU, rugby or anything about it other than a return on their investment. It’s all about money, and I believe that the NZRU will be secretly happy to see the ORFU fail so the decks can be cleared for a new start.
    What do you reckon?

  58. Peter

    It’s quite clear the DCC can’t contemplate the possibility that we may eventually have to close the stadium given the insurmountable problems facing it. They still call these problems – ‘challenges’. The pro stadium councillors, and ALL the Greater Dunedin ones, still want to throw more money into the rugby one arm bandit. They know the stadium is a financial disaster, but there is no identifiable plan as yet. Just a brainstorm talk fest, in the meantime, with the vain hope someone has a great idea for the stadium’s use (aside from rugby) after five long years.
    They will not willingly do a cost/benefit analysis to get all the facts and possibilities out in the open and go from there as to what we do with the stadium. Not to do so is complete negligence. I think they will rue this by the time of the 2013 election and afterwards, for those who may survive. They will end up having a miserable time on council, juggling the books and trying to keep the peace among disparate groups in the community.
    They are entrapped – just as Rob predicted at the STS Town Hall meeting.

  59. Phil

    Calvin, the NZRU has a very clear aim when it allocates test matches in New Zealand, and it is the same aim that was originally used to allocate the Super Rugby franchises in the beginning. The aim, officially, is to play those matches in the regions where the potential for the growth of rugby is the greatest. That mantra turns up in their annual reports every year.

    The growth of rugby means new members, means new membership fees, means an increased revenue for the NZRU. It’s straight economics for the NZRU and, as you say, the sponsors.

    Clearly, Dunedin/Otago is not a growth area for rugby. It is what it is. The only real growth area for the sport, as has been for many years now, is in the Auckland region. I personally think that the NZRU realised early on that they had made a mistake in giving a Super Rugby franchise to a limited growth region, and have been itching for an excuse to move it north ever since. They have grossly overestimated the financial benefits of the competition. The Highlanders are merely a franchise name, and they could play anywhere in NZ. Aside from the rather outdated name connection, they don’t have to be in Otago. The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team started out playing in Minneapolis. Closer to home, the South African franchise teams have moved around quite a bit during the tournament years. Obviously though, the NZRU were kind of stuck with the bad publicity it would have generated before now. The recent disaster surrounding the ORFU would have given them a perfectly justifiable reason in the eyes of the greater NZ public to move the franchise (or sell the franchise rights to an Australian or South African region), which is when the desperation deals were made by the DCC. The Highlanders would generate the same revenue for the NZRU and sponsors in Dunedin, or outside of Dunedin. The Highlanders outside of Dunedin would generate zero revenue for Dunedin.

    I do think that NZRU would have continued along quite happily without the ORFU or the Otago team. The national competition doesn’t generate a profit for them, so it’s a financial liability as it is. Any player in Otago who wanted to play at that level would move to a province with a team, no worries. How many of the current team grew up in the region ? Personally I think that NZ has too many teams today. It’s not sustainable and is unlikely to be.

    I do agree with you that DCC should have called their bluff. The NZRU called it first, when they said they would refuse to help. They caved in slightly when DCC didn’t give them everything, but it would have been interesting to see how they would have responded if we had been equally hard nosed. I think that they were expecting, or already knew, that DCC would blink first.

  60. Anonymous

    The one big event appearing to go on and on with this stadium is the Otago Daily Times using any opportunity to get a bit of its rugby coliseum into the news, even if it’s something to do with that repugnant bottomfeeder OR F.U. What Chris Morris’s story did for the paper yesterday has been let down again by Steve Hepburn’s today.

    The OR F.U. board sitting in a jail cell is the only suitable photo opportunity.

  61. Mike

    Sadly some of them are still sitting on the CST board instead

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 16 May 2012
      Continual effort keeping stadium turf in condition
      By John Lewis
      Brendan Eathorne is not so superstitious that he has to put his gumboots on in a particular order, start his lawn mower within three pulls, or avoid stepping on the white lines when going on to the field at Forsyth Barr Stadium[…]The Dunedin-born 23-year-old said one of his “lucky charms” was to always paint the tryline at the ODT Stand end of the ground first.
      Read more


      The hallowed turf FOR RUGBY – how much to maintain it, all up?
      Meanwhile other sports codes miss out…

      Like RUGBY, cricket gets what CRICKET wants and to hell with passive recreation at Logan Park. Let’s rip out the trees… Organised sport rules.

  62. Phil

    Good. There’s Dunedin Rugby Club looking after their own.

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