Call for photographs or building plans – Standard Building, 201 Princes St

During a previous ownership, the historic Standard Insurance Building in the Exchange had its street elevation stripped of all decorative plaster detail. Fortunately for the city the current building owner, Exchange Renaissance Ltd, has honoured to reinstate the lost ornament.

Plaster craft specialist Daniel Pollard of Historic Building Conservation has been engaged to render the work.

The Standard Building at 201 Princes St is located between the old National Bank and the old Bank of New Zealand. A call for historical photographs of the original Standard Insurance Building facade has gone out to inform the facade reinstatement project.

A small number of historical photographs have been located, including the two images published here with the building owner’s permission. However, the photographs obtained provide an insufficient level of detail to successfully design and render the capitals of the arched windows.

The style of the building and the historical photographs together suggest a Corinthian-style capital was used orginally; the pilasters being square further define the shape. However, many different styles of Corinthian capitals are apparent on buildings of this era, therefore photographs of the Standard Building prior to 1969 are needed.

• Someone may have taken photographs of the old BNZ and National banks that include a view of the Standard Building’s capitals.

• Someone may hold original plans or records of the building, or know someone who was commissioned to remove the capitals in 1969.

If so, please contact Daniel Pollard, Historic Building Conservation, with your information.
Phone: 03 489 0930
Mobile: 021 047 4007

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10 responses to “Call for photographs or building plans – Standard Building, 201 Princes St

  1. Elizabeth

    SOLVED, well done Dunedin!
    The missing capital detail for the Standard Building has been unearthed.

    Local heritage enthusiast, archivist and researcher David Murray made the following suggestion on 19 March which was forwarded the next day to co-building owner Ted Daniels:

    “A long shot but…I wondered about Oakley Gray Architects. M&F [Mandeno and Fraser, architects – files held by Oakley Gray] did the 1950s BNZ alts and I know they kept a lot of photos for the NMA alts. There could be something on their BNZ file.”

    Oakley Gray Architects have kindly provided to Ted Daniels a 1950s photograph showing the capital detail. Standard Building (left) and the old Bank of New Zealand (right), Princes St.


    (low resolution detail)

    • Elizabeth

      ### June 13, 2012 – 6:57pm
      Scaffolding comes off former Standard Insurance building
      Dunedin’s heritage is forcing its way back from the damage inflicted in the past, helping Princes Street re-emerge as the stunning streetscape it was. Some of the scaffolding has come off the former Standard Insurance building, giving a glimpse of what is in store. That glimpse shows the end result will be something to look forward to.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Sun, 17 Jun 2012
        Renewal of facade near completion
        By Rosie Manins
        The finish line is in sight for restorers of the former Canton Restaurant building in Princes St, which is being restored to its former glory as the Standard Insurance Company, built in 1875. Its Dunedin owners, Ted Daniels and Wayne Marsh, received a $60,000 grant from the Dunedin Heritage Fund in 2010 to help the restoration project. Historic Building Conservation director Daniel Pollard, of Wingatui, said work had entered the final phase and could be finished in August. He was happy with progress and said there were plans to rent the three-storeyed building once it had been refurbished.
        Read more + Images

  2. Elizabeth

    Today we farewelled our friend to historic heritage and building conservation, Daniel Pollard, age 33. His sister Natalie (Germany) provided an obituary in today’s newspaper. Restoration projects Daniel has been involved with as an expert plasterer and conservation specialist include the historic residence and museum, The Pah, for Auckland City Council, and reinstatement of the ornamental facade to the Standard Building in Princes Street, Dunedin, for building owner Ted Daniels. The detail moulds Daniel created to complete the Standard are held by his family; before long, we can look forward to work recommencing on the lower sections of the building. We’ll miss Daniel’s passion for architecture and the built environment, his craftsmanship and expertise, and the sense of humour he conscientiously applied to activism and engagement with heritage politics, nationally. Our thoughts are with his wife and best friend Tory, his young sons Ethan and Leon, and family members (United Kingdom and abroad). RIP

  3. isobel nikoloff

    This death of a young person of such high qualifications and experience in heritage restoration is an extreme loss to his family and NZHPT… also his clients. May I offer an expression to the Pollard family of extreme regret.
    from Isobel Nikoloff

  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 2 Jun 2015
    ‘Absolutely incredible’ revamp of heritage building
    By John Gibb
    ….work on the Standard Building in Princes St, including extensive earthquake strengthening, has been undertaken as momentum grows to further revitalise the Exchange area, and a wave of adaptive reuse work continues to transform the nearby warehouse precinct.

    The Standard Building, with its three floors and basement, was designed in Renaissance revival style by architects Mason & Wales and completed in 1875, at a cost of 1765.

    A crucial – and previously largely hidden – feature of the redevelopment is an innovative, light-filled multilevel internal atrium, making extensive use of glass, which will link the two buildings and provide access to the various floors.
    Read more

    Record shots from Google Street View
    November 2009; March 2011 (scaffolded)

    Standard Building November 2009 Google Street ViewStandard Building November 2009 view north Google Street ViewStandard Building with scaffolding March 2011 Google Street View[click to enlarge]

  5. Doug Hopkins

    The Standard Insurance building is a credit to the owners. If all older buildings can be restored to this standard (excuse the pun) Dunedin will be on fire. It has become very exciting for all. Must pop in for a coffee as soon as it opens to the public . . . may have to book a seat!

  6. Doug Hopkins

    My condolences to the family. Dunedin has lost an excellent and dedicated tradesman, one of those silent and behind the scenes persons. I have seen his work and can only be amazed.

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