Stadium caterers’ no show

The corporate suites had to wait for service and there were lengthy queues at some food and beverage outlets.

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Mar 2012
Catering staff no-shows annoy stadium boss
By Steve Hepburn
More than a third of the catering staff did not turn up for Saturday night’s Highlanders game, leaving Forsyth Barr Stadium boss David Davies disappointed. The Highlanders beat the Crusaders 27-24 at the stadium, the first time it hosted a Super 15 match, but Davies, the chief executive of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, said he was not happy with the way the stadium had performed.
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A little too late from the clock man…

### ODT Online Tue, 6 Mar 2012
Pursuing stadium’s promise means hard work
By Ian Taylor
Oh, what a night! If anyone needed evidence of the importance that rugby and the stadium have to the future of this city then you need look no further than Saturday night and the wonderful occasion that was The Highlanders v The Crusaders.

We also deserve better than being treated as a captive audience who will pay whatever prices are set for a beer, a pie, a sandwich. The experience needs to extend beyond the rugby field. Families need to be able to enjoy a night at the stadium as a great night out. Send them home feeling ripped off and you have lost them forever. Customer service 101.

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7 responses to “Stadium caterers’ no show

  1. Peter

    It would be interesting to know the various reasons for not turning up. A fear that they wouldn’t get paid? (very recent memories of ORFU) Lousy pay? Or just the unreliability of some (in this case, many) people?
    Of course the long queues and expensive prices for food and beverage make the attraction of staying at home and watching the game on TV all that more appealing. A conundrum for our friends at DVML.
    David Davies must be feeling very homesick for Wales, I’d imagine.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh so Ian Taylor is back on board with the stadium this week, after having walked out on the project early on because he didn’t believe in the vision…?

  3. For such a high no show rate there is a reason. It is that simple, and I’ll put good money on it being pay rates.

    Now this statement has me beat:

    “With the ground nearly full, there had been suggestions the Otago Daily Times stand at the western end of the stadium could be used. Davies said only if the team made it to the playoffs and hosted a game was there a possibility the temporary seating at that end would go up. It cost $30,000 to put the seats up and took eight days, so it was a big undertaking. The seating would be used for the test between the All Blacks and South Africa in September. The Highlanders host the Waratahs at the stadium on Saturday night and Davies said early indications for a decent crowd were encouraging.”

    If there is nothing else booked between now and September why not put it up? Is there a difference between it going up now when there is a chance of making money from it OR putting it up later and not having the option till then??

    I need to drink the water these lot drink, there has got to be something real good in it….

  4. Phil

    I never figured that one out either, wirehunt. Why not just put it up once at the start of the season and then leave it there ? It’s not like there are concerts during that time which need the staging area and, if there are, the stadium surely has several months advance warning. It’s highly possible that they are paying for storage for the seating today. If, indeed, they do actually own the seating.

    Eight days to set up the seating, with the playoffs being played the week after the final pool game. 8 goes into 7 how many times ?

  5. The seating is currently in place at the University Oval for the cricket test match.

  6. Hmmm. So I take it we own the seating? Do we also own were it’s ‘stored’. Did we hire it to the Oval mob, or is that a part of the stadium? Who paid for it to be put up there? What are we charging them for the hire?

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    Hmm, opportunities for profit margins all along the way, yes? Or perhaps the storage facility is owned by a “stakeholder”. GST, 15% here’n’there?

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