City wildlife… DCC abandons duty of care

“The Dunedin City Council has nothing in its budget with which to tackle the potential feral cat population problem in North Dunedin. […] Council environmental health and animal control team leader Ros MacGill said her staff responded to complaints as they arose, but that there was no funding for an active control programme. […] Ms MacGill said there had been no recent complaints about feral cats in the student area.” -ODT

Heaven forbid DCC staff would look for work within their jurisdiction rather than wait for “complaints”. Talk of sick dog mentality.

In the central city DCC is putting little energy or resource into culling pigeon populations that nest in neglected buildings; creating havoc for responsible neighbouring property owners.

The councillors are OBLIVIOUS, despite a worthy submission to last year’s draft annual plan by local businessman William Cockerill.

We get the message. DCC would rather spend ratepayer funds on “hazardous projects” such as its in-house marketing team, low-quality event management (including RUGBY), horrendously-priced IT pirates (again, in-house), doing up South Dunedin’s main street atrociously and, oh yeah, STADIUMS (plural)… not all of which expenditure appears ‘whole’ to the public view via Annual Plans, Long Term Council Community Plans (LTCCP) and audited financial reports. Why.

Pest control should happen as if by magic.
A bit like DCC’s approach to debt management.

SPCA bears the brunt

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “City wildlife… DCC abandons duty of care

  1. Anonymous

    There have been almost no residents in the student area to file complaints.

  2. Peter

    I see no reason not to charge licence fees for owning cats like we have to for dogs. Some people own several of these creatures. The extra cost of owning cats and the revenue raised would hopefully help control their numbers. ‘Cat rangers’ are my kind of people!

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Yes Peter, licence all pets, except caged budgies. Hamsters, mice, rats and speckled ancona hens. Tithe the eggs, anything to do with wild life. Why should it just be dogs and people who pay. Imagine the revenue which could go towards the stadium? Could even slap a pest licence on ‘Lady Gaga’. If she comes.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Dogs have masters, cats have servants. You can’t tax the downstairs staff!

  5. Anonymous

    The environmental health department is not yet finished with its ludicrous schemes. Just watch that space for the next bizarre suggestion from another salary maker out of their depth. Based on their marketing campaigns, this group must need a lot of money just to run their voracious and offensive ads across multiple radio outlets during prime time. Paul Orders needs to put a stop to this. It is only feeding ratepayer funds into the gaping mouths of ad agencies while the messages are ignored by the target audience. The immediate savings can then be redirected to that feral problem.

  6. Peter

    Too right, Calvin. My speckled hen and three budgies harm no-one – as far as I’m aware.’To Tax a Budgie or a Hen’ would be a sin. (To paraphrase an old classic.)
    Right about cats having servants, Hype. To be fair, it’s not just cats that go feral. We have discussed a few examples of human ferals on this website!

  7. Another bone of contention this one.
    DCC can stick there dog rego in that dark place, I don’t pay it. How could I justify registering a pack that are in fact doing control work? How strange does it get.
    If they did a lot of work on cat control there would be a whole bunch more birdlife around this place.
    I get rather sick of seeing all these pet cats that get dumped etc destroying native fauna, and it’s not just birds. Lizards etc cop it as well.
    Having dog owners pay and not cat owners is a lot like these bike lanes. We subsidise the lanes so then the bike riders don’t use the asset that is installed for them.

    • Elizabeth

      Working dogs qualify for lower fees

      Our sheep dogs are all registered, dosed and vaccinated – part of the on-farm control programme. Can sleep well at night if everybody does the same.

      • Elizabeth

        All fair comments in the circumstances, wirehunt. And yes many people have no idea of how to care for animals – still recoiling from the home turf Waikouaiti dragged horse story in the ODT this morning. I hope all responsible are criminally charged. No excuses for what happened.
        Grew up with irresponsible neighbours who neglected their sheepdogs, the true extent wasn’t known to anyone until we bought their property, a shameful disgusting affair that doesn’t leave my mind easily in considering best practice for animal welfare. But hey, just one of untold instances around us all.

  8. One issue with that Elizabeth, there’s some two dog maximum. There might be more than that around here in the weekend ;) When you look at the fee structure in the attached link it can get very expensive, even with the ‘cheap’ working dog thing.

    Working dogs (1st dog) $45
    Working dogs (2nd and additional dogs) $22
    Permit to keep more than one dog $75
    Then I believe if you want more than one you have to go through the SOP process, so add
    Selected owner policy (SOP) $49
    And a one off Selected owner application fee $38

    My dog levels go up and down like a yoyo (rabbiting is very hard on them), so add trips to town to sort that out every month or so and having to deal with council which IS NOT my favourite pastime. All just so I can bring the dogs home over the weekend. That money is much better spent on dog food ;-) As for dosing etc, that’s all done.

    A wee side story, it’s been quite shocking for me picking up dogs from here and there to see how they are treated, not necessarily mistreated on purpose, but man some people have no idea.

  9. Now for a very odd one with council.

    I rang about a dog today, looked good too. But I made a fatal error, I couldn’t get there today and there is no way in hell they would hold it for me. So it goes to some save the mutts outfit which I won’t get it off as they charge too much.
    They could have homed a dog but they needed to feed it over the weekend (I would have paid for the six dollar dog roll to feed the whole pound) but no. So now someone is trying to find a home for this mutt at a huge cost and hassle to everyone involved even though it could have been homed already. I must have missed the memo on wasting everyone’s money. Maybe cull etc should be giving lessons, oh wait they are.

    BS like this is a part of the reason. i’s dotted, t’s crossed, but nothing of use happens (again)

  10. And to REALLY rub the salt in, working dog rego is $11 per dog in Alex. WTF?
    Another rabbiter was over doing his the other day and found this little titbit.

  11. It seems $12 or so around Tekapo.
    Does Cull want some more lub? It’s starting to hurt bad….

    • Elizabeth

      wirehunt, you sound ungrateful like those sodding building sector boys quibbling over trumped up consent fees. Oh dear. They raised it with the newspaper!

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    In Alexandra they’re only paying the Otago Regional Council portion of the Fubar debt, wirehunt. Alex hasn’t had an outbreak of Edifice Fever has it? And the shocking rise in the price of bitumen can’t have hit them as hard as some bozo came forth with, as the explanation for huge rates rises around the country. Good explanation too if you have good reason for wanting to ignore the elephants. Alt.explanation for those who are brave enough to look an elephant in the eye is this: there is a strong correlation between councils that are deep in the manure pile / climbing out by raising the rates extension ladder, and those that spent like drunken sailors “because they deserved it”.

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