Otago Museum strife

Mayor Dave Cull said he wanted it on public record the councillors appointed to the museum trust board – Crs Kate Wilson, Syd Brown and Colin Weatherall – were not there as representatives of the council; instead, their role was to do their best for the board. The council appoints one board member, a role filled by board chairman Graham Crombie.

### ODT Online Wed, 8 Feb 2012
Call to cut DCC funding for museum
By David Loughrey
Dunedin City Council critic Lyndon Weggery has called for the city to reduce its annual $3.7 million funding of the Otago Museum, claiming that would be the best way to force change at the institution. Mr Weggery, speaking at a council public forum yesterday as an individual, rather than as a member of the Dunedin Ratepayers and Householders Association, continued the debate over claimed problems at the museum.
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9 responses to “Otago Museum strife

  1. Elizabeth

    Latest – Otago Museum selected a finalist in Best Workplaces Awards


  2. Anonymous

    Banging. My. Head. Against. A. Wall… that is repugnant recognition for the hell many of its staff were put through by its dictatorial executive, one of whom is still perched on its high seat hoping nobody remembers the frequent crapping on those below.

    How much bloody money does this institution give Allied Press in advertising? It must be something special for it to keep stepping over the mess to get its cut.

  3. Verity

    Hot off the Press! Looks like the ‘Executive Management Team’ at the Museum are in for a re-structure! More like a thinly veiled firing of Clare Wilson, Helen Horner and Chris Farry. And not before time too :)


  4. Verity

    Claire Wilson has QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shades of Paul Order’s ‘axe’ falling. The stars truly are aligning. These “pom” imports are proving to be value for money. We’ve got to believe that there is an outbreak of ants imminent in lots of pants. Interesting times.

  6. Verity

    Clare Wilson’s departure has been verified by 2 sources so far but she has been away from the Museum today as it’s her birthday. So keep your eye’s peeled for some confirmation and it’s yet to appear in print. Exciting times indeed!

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