Ownership and management of the Dunedin Town Hall complex, incorporating Municipal Chambers

Comment – Calvin Oaten
Submitted on 2012/02/06 at 1:07 pm

The Skeggs Gallery, last time I saw it was in the Municipal Building. As I also understand it, that building was built and owned by the DCC, and by extension the citizens. Have they established stratified titles in that building? If so, how come there has been no public notification of that intent? Indeed, is there any documentation of council approving of that process? If the answer is no to all of those questions, then how can part of the whole be said to be sold? Even if it is ostensibly to a CCO. Something very peculiar seems to be going on here, and it does not look to be to the citizens’ advantage. And they think there is disfunction in Christchurch. Link

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6.2.12 ODT Online Venue subsidy plan

Report – FSD – 09/02/2012 (PDF, 96.9 KB)
Community Access to DVML Facilities

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Ownership and management of the Dunedin Town Hall complex, incorporating Municipal Chambers

  1. Anonymous

    The “transfer of ownership” should read “transfer of management control”. I don’t think DVML “owns” the little parcels within the building.

    However, if none of the financial wizards down at City Hall have done their sums right, the IRD will be along to smack hands. You can’t gift something (i.e. no compensation for service) without there being a tax implication. And DVML is already set up as a tax loss entity…

  2. This does raise the question of the nature of the contract between the DCC and DVML over this.
    Is DVML being paid a management fee, or are they leasing the venues?
    Who gets the revenue?
    Is this arrangement being used to subsidise and disguise Stadium losses?

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 16 Feb 2012
    Access to meeting venue assured
    By David Loughrey
    Access for community groups to a well-used Dunedin City Council function room appears to have been ensured, but the mechanism by which that takes place may change. The council finance, strategy and development committee last week voted to add $20,000 to Mayor Dave Cull’s discretionary fund for the purpose, subject to consultation, but the meeting also voted for council staff to explore the implications of the council, rather than Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML), having control of the Skeggs Gallery. The issue arose after DVML, a council-owned company, was given the responsibility of running the Forsyth Barr Stadium, the Dunedin Centre, the Municipal Chambers and town hall complex, and the Edgar Centre.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      The “money go round” on hire charges is simply explained by Cr Syd Brown, “What this is all about is accountability.” WOW

      ### ODT Online Tue, 21 Feb 2012
      Free public gallery use advocated
      By David Loughrey
      A decision to consider spending $20,000 to allow access for community groups to a well-used Dunedin City Council function room sparked a second passionate debate at a council meeting yesterday. The debate flared as the council was voting to approve minutes from a meeting that originally voted to provide the money. The council finance, strategy and development committee recently voted to add $20,000 to Mayor Dave Cull’s discretionary fund, subject to consultation, to allow community groups to keep using the Skeggs Gallery, which they had been allowed to use free.
      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        Otago Polytechnic should be congratulated!
        Forget DCC’s ongoing incompetence.

        ### ODT Online Thu, 23 Feb 2012
        Polytechnic policy to offerspace to community groups
        By David Loughrey
        The Otago Polytechnic has stepped in to remind community groups they have free rooms, following the Dunedin City Council’s struggle to offer the Skeggs Gallery for such purposes. Polytechnic chief executive Phil Ker yesterday said a philosophy of providing free community access was built in to the organisation’s policies.
        Read more

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