Farry to lead campaign? – say NO

### D Scene 1-2-12
‘Go to’ idea inspires Farry (page 3)
Bid to find leader for Consider Dunedin campaign
By Wilma McCorkindale
Stadium project leader Malcolm Farry has been stirred by the suggestion he should lead a campaign to get Christchurch people to move to Dunedin. Farry’s name has been put forward by one of the business people behind the Consider Dunedin campaign. Eighteen Dunedin businesses advertised theirs as the “go to” city in a Christchurch paper [Christchurch Mail, owned by Fairfax] last year and are now looking for an identity to take their crusade further.
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22 responses to “Farry to lead campaign? – say NO

  1. Anonymous

    I have a slogan for this: “Go To F…”

  2. Mike

    To be fair one guy who sells furniture to people who move here thinks it would be a good idea

  3. Peter

    Given this campaign is destined to not happen due to demographic, geographic, economic and political reasons, it makes you wonder why Farry would take this on – except for wanting ‘to help out’. (sanctimonious) We can see it now. In time, a publicly funded budget for him to be ‘The Good Samaritan’. Let’s have another go for the knighthood.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Easy Peter, it has “sparked something” in Malcolm. This is to be encouraged, given the right circumstances, he might just spontaneously combust. Seriously though, can you not just see Malcolm on the campaign trail in Christchurch? Touting the ‘economic benefits’ of living in Dunedin with its far sighted ‘bankrupt’ council, the Roofed Stadium, the ‘International Conference Centre’, the soon to be enhanced Sewage Treatment (if they can find the money), the $16 sausage sizzles at every school, the winning Highlanders and Otago rugby teams, and yes, a plethora of Cathedrals (albeit mostly empty ) He will be looked upon as the ‘Messiah’, second only to their own ‘Wizard’. Actually, come to think of it he will fill the bill handsomely, and it would all be out of the goodness of his heart. Now there’s a ‘spark’.

  5. Peter

    Yes, Calvin, that spark is a bit of a worry. He certainly has been instrumental in igniting our city’s finances. You may care to repeat his earlier bright spark ideas to remind our dear readers of his earlier visions.
    I wonder if this small group of bright spark businessmen can read the paper and thereby traverse the trials and tribulations of the stadium. Do they make the connect to steadily rising rates, that must surely hurt them, due in part to their hero’s great efforts in doing things ‘The Southern Way’?
    Please, please, please, let us not give him an excuse to continue to stalk the corridors of City Hall offering his advice and expertise. A trespass ban is more appropriate.

  6. Russell Garbutt

    St Farry of St Clair to the rescue? Good grief. I can just see Cr Van der Vis and St Farry teaming up with the common goal of attracting business to Dunedin. Would that work?

    Christchurch is currently in the process of a total meltdown which has its root cause in a dictatorial Mayor and a self-serving CEO hell-bent on a programme of removing democracy from the ratepayers and the elected Council. About the last thing that the good citzens of Christchurch need at this time is someone like Farry appearing on the horizon.

  7. Peter

    I seem to remember in the early days of promoting the stadium, when the CST toured the province to garner financial support, he had trouble getting audiences…. even when a free breakfast was thrown in. If he can’t do it in Balclutha, I can’t see Christchurch being impressed with him.

  8. Mike

    Yes I remember, I was looking forward to him holding one in Dunedin so I could go along and give him a piece of my mind – but in the end he didn’t even dare

  9. Peter

    That’s right, Mike. Too well known in Dunedin. Credibility problem. He is at his best talking to people, who are far away and ignorant of the state of affairs here, or to dumb radio jocks elsewhere, who go for cute sound bites from him because it saves them from doing any research.

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    Oh Russell, you’ve conjured a picture that will haunt me far too long. Lee and Malcolm go together like a horse and campervan,
    bacon and ectoplasm,
    hat and cocoa……

  11. Lindsay

    How about a campaign to get Farry to move to Christchurch? Or even better, Tibet. Actually anywhere but here!

  12. Russell Garbutt

    Fish and a bicycle
    CST and openess
    Honesty and ….

  13. Anonymous

    Good story. But missing a couple of important factors: How much and who’s paying? Let’s see… business persons scheming, money needed for incentive, go to council, speak to finance committee (aka Cr Syd Brown), surprise (the ODT kind of ‘surprise’) realisation already thinking of a “Christchurch rebuild liaison person”, jolly good idea, Mayor accepts it because… it’s just what he does, stadium councillors rejoice, much delight with Farry back on board, pay him $175K p.a. plus expenses, snacks are eaten. I’ve had hours to think on that bit of complete fantasy. They’ve had “months”. They’ve done seagull poop and the threat to sausage sizzle to direct readers away from the 40 year debt story. Wonder what they’ll do with this? So much fodder for the first Critic.

  14. Hype O'Thermia

    Christchurch people aren’t as tolerant (or should that be apathetic, or mind-numbed into learned helplessness?) as Dunedin’s masses – see this excerpt :
    “Richard Bridson, 59, took the day off work to attend the protest.
    The Christchurch engineer said he was “outraged” at Marryatt’s salary, the council’s spending and the lack of leadership.
    He arrived ready to protest at 11am, complete with a sign saying “Newsflash: parasite found in council chambers”.”
    I won’t be above copying that slogan myself, it’s damn’ fine and will come in handy some time.

  15. Anonymous

    If it had happened in Dunedin the media would have rewritten it to include how it interrupted something. You know, the usual response to stadium protests. As an example, someone might have been prevented from the crossing the road, an ambulance might have had to use its lights, a police officer might have been stopped going to lunch, a councillor might have had stop wine-testing for a minute to observe the outside world, cruise ship cattle might have to photograph something different than a statue and a church. And the children, there would definitely be something about the children.

    But not in Christchurch. The Press did an alright job of its protest news and that’s what a newspaper should do. Granted the ODT did do something yesterday and print the AP article today which is an encouraging development.

    2/2/12 http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/196420/christchurch-protest-demands-change
    1/2/12 http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/196362/crowd-vents-anger-chch-council

    Fortunately for Harland he jumped ship before it started to sink. But there are plenty of stadium councillors left to focus on throwing out.

  16. Hype O'Thermia

    Supposing someone had given an untrue statement, aware that it was untrue, under oath? And then suppose the person left that position. Could he or she be held responsible and prosecuted a la recent lying cheating scumbag company directors were a forensic audit to bring the termites out of the woodwork?

  17. amanda kennedy

    Funny how the ODT is fine with covering the outrage of citizens in far away Christchurch but when it is close to home. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. Just lots of happy happy stories about Farry’s folly and how The Sainted One will save us all again from our sad selves (and paid how much to do it?). Note how only 3 thousand (out of 350,000 turned up) but here in Dunedin we had easily 2 thousand (out of 120,000) turn up at the town hall concerned about the stadium debt. Mayor Cull was there protesting too back in the days when he was not the puppet of Rugby council lapdogs Hudson, Brown and Acklin.

  18. Russell Garbutt

    Anonymous, do you really believe Harland jumped? The alternative is that the cutlass was right behind him. I prefer that scenario.

  19. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s still jumping, whether jumping for joy or jumping to escape the cutlass. When the cutlass-wielder though cunningly disarmed remains determined to get rid, a person may bitterly regret not jumping when the jumping was good. The next move tends to be not only a hearty shove but a toe up the freckle for good measure.

  20. Anonymous

    Russell, not necessarily. I understand the politics of it but it is an insult when difficult and unpleasant management in public office are paid out while hardworking, front-line staff are “change managed” or “disestablished” out the door. It seems only in public office do you get a six month severence pay-out.

    Amanda, also notice the ODT seems to struggle with numbers? Its protest counts always seem on the lighter side, especially its observations of the stadium marches. Not much different this time around – ODT 3000, The Press 4000. I guess Allied Press wouldn’t want any locals getting funny ideas in their heads about storming the ivory tower… wouldn’t want their stadium darlings losing any sleep over irate ratepayers.

  21. Christchurch Jake

    The story Farry Does Dunedin bombed financially and received poor reviews. The follow-up Farry Does Christchurch Too is being scripted and although believed to be backed by significant public-funding is unlikely to achieve a return for shareholders.

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