Christmas time

Paul Le Comte and Elizabeth Kerr, co-authors of What if? Dunedin, wish our small band of contributors and our alarmingly wide audience of silent politicised readers a very Merry Christmas ~!!!

We love your thoughts, offerings, and weighings up – and most of all your humour, honour, figure counts and racy wordplay in the most frustrating of civic circumstances. Many thanks, everyone, for frequenting the website and creating a small slice of Dunedin digital history.

Paul is holidaying in the North Island sun this year, with his Christchurch family taking a break from the aftermaths of #eqnz
Elizabeth is spending Christmas at Dunedin Hospital, supporting a family member through a tough time on the medical ward.

Peace to all.

Dunedin Santa Parade 2011. Photo: Elizabeth Kerr.


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3 responses to “Christmas time

  1. Merry Xmas to you too.

    Peace out.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    From a very sunny and warm Clyde and miles away from the rapacious sods really running Dunners a Happy New Year and thoughts to Elizabeth. I believe that 2012 will see at last justification for our stance on the wretched Foobar and hopefully some GOBs hung out to dry….preferably on gibbets

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