Out now! Dunedin Maritime News

One man goes home happy, Calvin Oaten reports.

“Never mind sport and FIFA, it is the summer cruise season and I have just received in my letter box a brochure from the Dunedin Adventure Cruise Line. On the cover is a “Happy Holidays” etched in the sand. It is of course only as good as the next tide.”

A comforting read…

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “Out now! Dunedin Maritime News

  1. Peter

    Uncle Calvin, that was one scary story but, tell me, I’m unsure whether the Good Ship Dunedin has actually been taken over by pirates. If so, do you envisage any of them walking the plank in the sequel.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Peter, if it scares you too much you had better sleep with the light on. Has the Good Ship Dunedin been taken over by pirates? I don’t think so, but Rear (that’s coming from behind) Admiral Cull, though he doesn’t have a peg leg, does have a parrot (called Syd) on his shoulder, so he might be. He does have a great big chest which used to be full of ‘doubloons and pieces of eight, precious jewels, frankincense and myrrh’. Now it is just filled with IOUs and deeds to a stadium. No Peter, sleep tight, Chief Engineer Commander Stephens has his hand on the throttle and he won’t do anything too rash, unless he does. Bit of a worry that.

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