D Scene: Cull and councillors captured by Fifa bid, it will cost

Front page news, the mayor fancies spending more ratepayer funds on stadium events (he’s smiling, after all). Like Rugby World Cup, though, the events will deliver profits to very few local businesses and almost nothing to council coffers. Your mayor isn’t an economist, it’s hard sticking to a household budget.

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### D Scene 7-12-11
“Having a ball?” (page 1)
Dunedin is planning an ambitious pitch for games in the 2015 Fifa under-20 Football World Cup, Mayor Dave Cull says – including a bid to host the final. See page 3. #bookmark

Millions would see Dunedin (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The tournament will bring 24 countries and 52 games to New Zealand and is the most prestigious international football event next to the senior men’s FIFA World Cup. The tournament is broadcast to about 500 million television viewers in more than 200 countries […] Category 1 hosting could cost the city up to $1 million in cash and “in kind” resources, such as traffic and crowd management, infrastructure, and services.
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“This further bailout of the ORFU, a private entertainment business, is an abuse of ratepayer funds.” -Bev Butler

New stadium agreement another ORFU bailout (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Ratepayer advocate Bev Butler is outraged the Dunedin City Council was left out of contract discussions between its venue company and the Otago Rugby Football Union [ORFU]. Councillors able to be contacted this week confirmed they had no idea Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) and the ORFU were combining services at Forsyth Barr Stadium […] Most contacted supported the contract, saying it made commercial sense.
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Editorial: City needs return on investments in rugby (page 7)
Mike Houlahan says “it stretches belief that rugby follows on from rubbish and roading as core business for council”.
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10 responses to “D Scene: Cull and councillors captured by Fifa bid, it will cost

  1. Calvin Oaten

    Never mind sport and FIFA, it is the summer cruise season and I have just received in my letter box a brochure from the “Dunedin Adventure Cruise Line”. On the cover is a “Happy Holidays” etched in the sand. It is of course only as good as the next tide.

    Inside, it gives a run down on the activities available (mainly addressed to old folk) and then it talks about the wonderful aspects of the plumbing on board. It covers drinking water, sewage and storm water. Of course you can experience storms when cruising on the high seas, so it pays to be prepared. Next it covers the mundane matter of collecting and disposing of the rubbish which does tend to accumulate on these vessels. I think it mostly goes into wheelie bins which are possibly just emptied over the side, I don’t really know.

    It then gives a look into the private life of the captain – who was just recently appointed – and his family. He said he was thrilled to be given command of this elegant cruiser and he intended to run a ‘tight ship’. He said that “we are facing a number of pressures here in Dunedin, but that he would respond to them positively, not just lie down and let them roll over me”. He said that he is really impressed with the quality of the people at ‘Admiralty House’, (perhaps he should have gone to SpecSavers) they are a group who work well together, in a collegial way, and they are utterly committed to the good ship Dunedin. The relationship between Admiralty and crew also works well, with both respecting the other’s role and place. It remains to be seen if he is ‘Captain Marvel’ or just the bosun in charge of the deck chairs.

    I then decided to go and visit the ship for myself.

    I take a look into the chart room. Here the navigators are busy at work plotting a course for a thirty year voyage to ‘Nirvana’. They weren’t sure when that trip would leave, but were sure that it would be as soon as they had officially aborted the ill fated one currently being sailed. I asked them if they knew which was red or green, port or starboard? They looked kind of mystified. I assumed that was because they wondered why on earth anyone wanted to know that.

    Then I am taken below decks where I meet Chief Engineer, Commander Stephens, he is in the engine room where we find the boiler throbbing away ominously. There are noticeboards festooned with a lot of figures, all in percentages seeming to have something to do with achievements for all manner of abstract activities. CE Stephens highlights the fact that the boiler has a full head of steam and is now under strain and would need careful watching beyond 2012/13 until the pressure subsides somewhat. I look at the boiler again and see that it has two gauges fitted. One shows the DCC’s pressure of current and non current liabilities at a scary $400.37m. The other gauge shows the consolidated pressure of the whole ship at an alarming $752.66. I then notice that the pressure relief valve is tied down with a piece of string. I asked CE Stephens why, and he said that but for the string the whole thing would blow. I noticed another valve which had a notice saying ‘debt servicing and reduction line’. Hung on this was a notice say “DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OPEN”. I asked why, and CE Stephens replied that if we did that the whole ship would lose power and we would be stranded in the middle of the ocean. I then noticed that he was wearing a life jacket. I asked him why, and he said “it was just a personal precaution”. Fair enough, I thought. I then asked him what the boiler was fueled with. He said it was money. Huh? I asked where he got it from. “As much as we can from the peasants out there, topped up by bleeding our supply companies. The rest, we simply borrow.” I said that when I look at those pressure gauges that perhaps fuel might be getting in short supply and what then? Oh not to worry, said CE Stephens, “we will all just get into the lifeboats, that’s why I am wearing my life jacket now.”

    I then left him and returned to the upper deck in time to hear the bosun piping “Up Spirits” and saw the rum barrel being broached. It was “Tot time”.

    As I walked down the gangway I couldn’t help but notice the absence of any lifeboats. Hmmm? I thought, not sure about sailing on that ship. But I see where it has been given a certificate of sea worthiness by some govt ‘wallah’ who is called an auditor. So I just went home, comforted by that.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    The Good Ship Lollipop welcomes all suckers.
    Delicious piece, Calvin.

  3. Phil

    Probably just a throw away line and doesn’t mean how it could be interpreted, but I thought it was a strange phrase for the CEO of the Phoenix football club to use when being interviewed about their upcoming game at the stadium. He is quoted as saying “The Phoenix was thankful to have been asked back by DVML”. Being asked back ? Usually it’s the person paying to use something that does the asking. And “thankful” ? For what ? Just a strange thing to say and sounded a “little” as though there was some incentive or advantage to them playing at the Dunedin stadium again. Reading too much into it ? (ODT Link)

  4. Peter

    Well spotted, Phil, and I don’t think you are reading too much into it. DVML will want the stadium to come across as popular and successful, but as you suggest the gloss is taken off when you have to tout/pimp for customers and they don’t come unless there are ‘incentives’ to do so.
    It won’t be long before the stadium holds something really low brow, gross and tacky that draws the crowds. But, hey, if it pays back debt I’m not complaining.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    International mixed doubles porridge wrestling.

  6. Anonymous

    Some sort of anti-complaining rally for Farry’s Fanatics? Their entertainment is heavily subsidised already so another freebie at the ratepayers’ expense would be appropriate spending in their books. Feature acts might include a song and dance by Allied Press owners. Photo opportunities could include getting your piccie taken of you standing behind those owners. Maybe getting Malcolm to sign your copy of the ODT Stadium Spread or this month’s City Talk would be a sweet momento.

    (Kind of weird isn’t it, that Cr Syd Brown and the DCC keep talking about saving money but print that nauseating thing anyway?)

  7. Up in Tekapo at the moment talking with several businesses.
    A very interesting fact has emerged.
    During the rwc business was down by a massive percentage, one very high turnover company was down 60% on normal for that period, several different base areas are covered by them too from here to the west coast. Accommodation businesses were down up to 80% on normal. They are struggling to recover from it still and are months away for getting back on track.

    Tourist boom? Where they are asking.

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Nearly all the “spending” forecasts ignore the fact that roughly the same amount is going around (or coming in), it just gets spent in different places. It’s segmented parish pump accounting, got not a shred of connection with wider view planning. Sod you Tekapo, we’re OK – except that we’re not. The lose-lose model.

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