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Ian Athfield on post-earthquake Christchurch #eqnz

Ian Athfield chronicles the challenging journey taken since being appointed to the role of Architectural Ambassador for post-earthquake Christchurch.

The earthquakes have magnified the reliance on pattern making by the motorcar instead of dealing with the respecting of communities.

### architecturenow.co.nz 7 Dec 2011
The challenge of Christchurch
By Ian Athfield
For those who have been close to the destructive events which occurred in Christchurch it is extremely difficult to remove oneself from the magnitude of the task facing the city’s future. Thirteen months after the first quake, sitting watching the tide move slowly in over the sands of Awaroa in the Abel Tasman National Park, I am able to reflect on the subject without the confusion of the many voices and images that have been roused and drawn within Christchurch and beyond.
Proposals from Christchurch’s Draft Central City Plan

There is a very strong case to allow simple, low-rise, well designed, re-locatable buildings to link the remaining existing structures of the city in a clear and coherent expression of the beginning of a new focus, while long-term decisions are clearly thought through by intelligent minds working together. Long-term decisions can build on this fabric.

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D Scene: Cull and councillors captured by Fifa bid, it will cost

Front page news, the mayor fancies spending more ratepayer funds on stadium events (he’s smiling, after all). Like Rugby World Cup, though, the events will deliver profits to very few local businesses and almost nothing to council coffers. Your mayor isn’t an economist, it’s hard sticking to a household budget.

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### D Scene 7-12-11
“Having a ball?” (page 1)
Dunedin is planning an ambitious pitch for games in the 2015 Fifa under-20 Football World Cup, Mayor Dave Cull says – including a bid to host the final. See page 3. #bookmark

Millions would see Dunedin (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The tournament will bring 24 countries and 52 games to New Zealand and is the most prestigious international football event next to the senior men’s FIFA World Cup. The tournament is broadcast to about 500 million television viewers in more than 200 countries […] Category 1 hosting could cost the city up to $1 million in cash and “in kind” resources, such as traffic and crowd management, infrastructure, and services.
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“This further bailout of the ORFU, a private entertainment business, is an abuse of ratepayer funds.” -Bev Butler

New stadium agreement another ORFU bailout (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Ratepayer advocate Bev Butler is outraged the Dunedin City Council was left out of contract discussions between its venue company and the Otago Rugby Football Union [ORFU]. Councillors able to be contacted this week confirmed they had no idea Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) and the ORFU were combining services at Forsyth Barr Stadium […] Most contacted supported the contract, saying it made commercial sense.
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Editorial: City needs return on investments in rugby (page 7)
Mike Houlahan says “it stretches belief that rugby follows on from rubbish and roading as core business for council”.
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Spatial Plan consultation #Dunedin

The DCC advises that place-shaping “refers to ways local stakeholders and communities can use their collective influence and creativity for the benefit of the city”. -ODT Online (Link)

I received an email from Anna Johnson, City Development Manager, City Planning. It’s an open message, received in good faith, it reads:

From: Anna Johnson
Date: Tuesday, 6 December 2011 2:18 p.m.
To:‘Elizabeth Kerr’
Subject: Spatial Plan consultation

Dear Elizabeth,

It was brought to my attention recently that there has been some discussion at [What if? Dunedin…] blog about the Draft Spatial Plan and I saw your response on the ODT website.*

I just wanted to extend a personal invitation for you and anyone else who might be interested who hasn’t already come to one of the information sessions, to meet with us and find out more detail about what is being proposed in the Draft Spatial Plan, ask questions, engage in debate, and formulate ideas that they hopefully will include in a submission on the Draft to be heard by Councillors. We are happy to find a time and place that suits people.

I also wanted to say that we genuinely want to engage in a discussion about the direction set by the Draft Spatial Plan and what it might mean later in terms of changes to the District Plan or other actions that might be used to implement it. It is important that people realise this is a draft and that we do want people’s input into it. This is part of any overall move to consult much earlier in the process – on overall outcomes we want, prior to formulating the detail next year and continuing the consultation process on that detail. As a team we recognise there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in this community that we want to tap into and listen to. We don’t think we have got it all right the first time. We also think that a successful outcome will require a high degree of buy-in, collaboration and partnership across the government, community, and private sectors.

I note you may have specific concerns regarding development in the rural environment, urban sprawl, and urban design more broadly. As always we value your input, and that of others, in these matters. While I appreciate and understand that people have genuine concerns about development and outcomes that have occurred in the past, all I can say is that we are wanting to ensure that any mistakes of the past are not repeated and that we have a stronger and, hopefully widely agreed, framework going forward to ensure that we end up with a Dunedin that is a fantastic place to live for current and future residents/ generations.

We hope you take up the opportunity to get involved at this stage and future stages of consultation and I am sure you will have valuable knowledge and creative ideas to contribute. I also hope you share this open invitation with others who might be interested

Yours faithfully,


Anna Johnson, City Development Manager, City Planning
Dunedin City Council

50 The Octagon, Dunedin
PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand
Telephone: 03 477 4000; Fax: 03 474 3451
Email: anna.johnson@dcc.govt.nz; www.dunedin.govt.nz

*Links added by the What if? editors.

DCC Draft Spatial Plan Information
Deadline for public submissions: 13/1/2012

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