All we want for Xmas

is a forensic audit of DCC
Image ©2011 Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “All we want for Xmas

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, please. But also ensure the investigation cannot be interfered with. If a lawyer attempts to list items for exclusion from the investigation then they should be immediately prioritised. If you’re questioning expenditure and someone says don’t look in this place then you bloody well should.

    [Does anyone have information relating to that incident? My understanding is that several major areas of concern were excluded at the eleventh hour which skewed the report and likely made it less contentious to report on.]

    {All the major exclusions have been documented. The forensic audit would go far beyond the stadium project. -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Mon, 5 Dec 2011
      What a cracker: 40,000 at Santa Parade
      By Nigel Benson
      He might have come from pole position, but Santa Claus was a bit slow out of the blocks at the annual Dunedin Santa Parade yesterday. A record crowd, estimated by organisers at about 40,000 people, delayed by 15 minutes the start of the parade along George and Princes Sts. The 70 floats were as imaginative as ever at the 14th annual parade, with everything from Barbie, Cinderella and the Flintstones to Egyptian mummies and giant robots making an appearance.
      Read more

      ODT Photos: The Dunedin, Oamaru, and Arrowtown Christmas Parades

      • Elizabeth

        ### December 5, 2011 – 6:30pm
        Santa visits Dunedin
        Yesterday the city’s annual Santa Parade negotiated its way down George Street to the delight of around 40 thousand people. However there was a noticeable delay between the lead float, and the peleton, which organisers attribute to crowd control.

        Looking from Knox Church in both directions at 3.00 to 3.20pm on Sunday there were no discernible crowd control issues. Perhap the media could be more specific, Octagon? Where? The delayed start was a major cock-up.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    What I find difficult to understand is why there seems to be deep reticence at the concept of a full independent forensic financial analysis of the DCC, all its subsidiaries and associated entities such as the CST?

    Mayor Cull and the current Councillors should have nothing to hide, but as long as there is opposition what will remain is suspicion and mistrust.

    The fact that our per ratepayer level of debt is running at a level some 6 times the NZ average should be enough in itself to warrant such an investigation, but there are enough other reasons that have only been partly dealt with such as the shambles within DCHL. Amongst these are the contracts for supply of “product” at the rugby stadium, the whole area of private fundraising for the stadium, the role of the CST throughout the project, the amount of financial support for professional rugby by ratepayers, the amount of information or mis-information supplied to Councils by stadium proponents – the list goes on and on.

    A full investigation would identify for once and all the depth of our financial commitments, would provide transparency to Council, possibly restore a sense of trust. Refusing such an investigation does just the opposite.

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