amalgamation, Anyone?

Would you trust your own mother with the information that Dunedin City Council (DCC) is fully debt laden, that is, stony broke? You should.

Also, tell her DCC has no insurance for infrastructure assets, which badly need upgrade and replacement. Prettily, DCC has a new stadium that’s bleeding millions of dollars annually and it will continue to do so for years and years and years. She’ll want to know that each DCC ratepayer is now carrying five to six times the debt burden of the average New Zealand ratepayer.

The list goes on. She’ll love you for it.

Or would you hide this from her and pretend a forensic audit of the Council books wasn’t needed – so to foster happy collaborations (comings together) with ‘super’ fellow cities, as if Dunedin was level-pegging?

Dear god, your Dunedin ratepayer base is around 53,000. A high proportion of the population is low-waged and or receiving some sort of benefit assistance. The majority of citizens live in ‘old, cold and costly’ houses. Fatally, your Council keeps borrowing like there’s no tomorrow.

Definitely grounds for inter-city collaboration and blending there. If other cities want to share our deep impoverishment due to Council’s continuing lack of fiduciary responsibility, roll on up. Ignore our weaknesses and transgressions, love your mother and the useless council despots.

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### D Scene 30-11-11 (page 5)
Add it up
Dunedin City Council Economic Development Unit and Corporate Policy department is working on the first draft of a central government project to compare the economies of 6 core NZ cities. Due for completion in early December, the project analyses economic and social information about the cities, highlighting strengths and areas for potential collaboration between them. The project is being led by the Ministry for Economic Development and Local Government New Zealand. #bookmark

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5 responses to “amalgamation, Anyone?

  1. Robert Hamlin

    We need a partner. Russell Garbutt has noted the impact of earthquakes before. Dunedin is appallingly vulnerable to such events. The Harbour Basin is a combination of of deep hydraulically deposited mud, shingle and reclaimed land. 95% of the income generating facilities of this city stand on that land and the majority of this income is Government funding – which said Government may decide whether or not to continue with, eg would they rebuild the Hospital Medical/Dental School here – or in ChristChurch? Not too hard to figure that one out. Cadbury’s – no chance. University – we’ve got too many of them anyway. The SH1? Well, around 2-3 km of this will be entirely liquified, requiring major work to restabilise for heavy traffic, and may also be covered in rubble and sewage. – So, might be best for future earthquake proofing to start from scratch and reroute that one over more solid ground. Maybe over the Leith Valley on a bridge, along behind Brockville, over Three Mile Hill and away into the Taieri, thereby bypassing what’s left of the City altogether. The Stadium? As it is supported on piles that are floating free in the filth without solid footing at either top (integrated pad) or bottom (solid substrate) that will be long gone. – It’s an ill wind!

  2. Elizabeth

    Did everyone read the opinion piece by Lee Vandervis in today’s ODT, Bureaucracy runs rings as round our elected councillors (page 11), now available online. He is quite right – Cull’s council has a staff manager problem, and a gullibility and incompetence problem that is costing the ratepayers and residents. What to do.

    Again, we ask, where is DCC’s debt management plan ?

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    If only a few more councillors would put even half as much effort as Vandervis does into THINKING about the stuff these managers tell them……. If only they’d ask a few questions when they’re told “It’s necessary” and “It’s cheaper now” and so on…… They’re gullible suckers, even the ones who aren’t on the lame side of the bell curve, rubes ready to believe any old horsefeathers as long as it’s served to them with a confident attitude and powerpoint presentation.

  4. Elizabeth

    I strongly note that DCC is surrounded by small district councils that actually know how to be prudent, conservative, and fiscally responsible – they live within their means.

    It boggles the mind to think they should have anything to do with the corrupt bankrupt city council that Mayor Cull heads. Stay well away, district councils! Do not get swallowed by DCC for its own wicked gains – share resources do not sell out to the Devil in Cull shoes.

    The Otago Regional Council is another ‘ball game’ – but why should ORC get caught up in a merger with… DCC, the council that refuses to provide transparency (the forest of grey papers) or open its books for full independent investigation, the council that rorts its ratepayers.

    As the days go by, Mayor Cull looks increasingly sleasy and foolish – he can’t be trusted, neither can his henchmen, the obsequious Syd Brown with fingers in all pies, or ‘mayoral apprentice’ (joke), the shifty boys’ own Richard Thomson.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 24 Mar 2012
    Super council back on the agenda
    By Chris Morris
    The prospect of two super councils spanning Otago – one for the coast and another inland – could be on the agenda, with Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull set to test the “appetite for change” with other southern mayors. Mr Cull told the Otago Daily Times the local government reforms announced this week had sent a clear signal about the need to simplify the country’s network of city, district and regional councils.
    Read more

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Testing the appetite for change: “How would you like out-of-towners to sign up for 40 years paying for our Fubar?”
    Dunedin ratepayers: “Great scheme Dave.”
    Everyone else: “OK, so long as you buy this good as new Auckland Harbour Bridge off us, see here’s a genuine photo of it, nice isn’t it, and very multi-purpose.”

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