Long short, some news is better by @twitter

Tweet (6 hours ago):
@odtnews Acklin working on $190,000 tax debt dlvr.it/y48Nw

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3 responses to “Long short, some news is better by @twitter

  1. Mike

    Oh …. where to start …. I originally posted a couple of these items on the ODT thread before they shut off discussions ….

    First of all, if Acklin was in the convention/trade show business, and knew it was a money losing proposition, why did he vote to build the stadium? Surely a poor case of the public stewardship required of councillors by their code of conduct – at the very least he could have had a word or two to Dave Davies who still seems quite enamoured about that business ….

    And if Acklin was in the convention/trade show business back when he was voting on the stadium why didn’t he recuse himself from the stadium vote? (I believe he must have still owned the property at that point)

    Finally, Ms Graham talks about what happens when a councillor is convicted but neglects to mention section J3.9 of the council’s code of conduct that deals with councillors in bankruptcy ….

    Code of conduct: http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/81341/Standing-Orders-Council.pdf

    [See Code of Conduct, Appendix J (Requirements) – page 79
    J3.9 Declaration of Bankruptcy
    Under the Local Government Act 2002, local authorities, when adopting a code of conduct, must consider whether or not they will require members to declare whether they are an undischarged bankrupt. This Council believes that bankruptcy does raise questions about the soundness of a person’s financial management skills and their judgment in general. The Council therefore requires elected members who are declared bankrupt to notify the Chief Executive as soon as practicable after being declared bankrupt. -Eds]

  2. Peter

    Mike, I don’t think Bill would have been able to make the connect.
    If he ends up in bankruptcy, how can he stay on as a councillor? His credibility in making financial decisions on our behalf is shot to pieces……and he knows it.
    No wonder he is still ‘passionate’ about being a councillor. He needs the dough. Plus the earnings from the NZ Masters Games contracts he’s won – seven times over the years – comes in handy.
    Poor guy is in a real pickle. He’s starting to get a Michael Guest aura about him.

  3. Mike

    Given what we know about Guest and now Acklin I think there are now two pro stadium councillors who should have recused themselves from the stadium vote – how many did it pass by again?

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