You (New Zealanders) already own the state assets. Why sell them to the rich and conniving?

### ODT Online Wed, 23 Nov 2011
Asset sales likely nail in coffin of fair society
By Simon Cunliffe

Power generators are strategic state assets guaranteed to return consistent dividends. They deal in a currency not only necessary to underpin economic growth in this country, but also critical to the comfort and health of every citizen. They are also already in the collective ownership of all New Zealanders.

There is no doubt, as Prime Minister John Key is fond of pointing out, the mixed-ownership model that he and his party are proposing for their partial sale of state assets can work extremely well. You only have to look as far as Air New Zealand, a successful company majority-owned by the Government and partly in private hands. The problem is not with the model; it is with the targeted assets.
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• Simon Cunliffe is deputy editor (news) at the Otago Daily Times.

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22 responses to “You (New Zealanders) already own the state assets. Why sell them to the rich and conniving?

  1. Comment I left there…..

    Why sell them though? If they make the bubbernment money they should stay. But the muttonheads would rather cut their profits long term.

    Now that doesn’t make sense in the least. Oh, they don’t care about the ma n pa investors. THEY WANT MONEY NOW! And this is the easiest way they can see to get it.

  2. Amanda kennedy

    Cunliffe seems to be on the money nationally regarding assets sales, easy to poke a stick safely at national politics from way down in the south but what about being concerned about Cr Noone selling off our water to fund the stadium debt he created? Not a whisper about that fiscal brainburp from our local media. Funny that .

    • Elizabeth

      Awkward to bring it in (the unmentionable water and stadium debt, never never in one sentence) as news at ODT given ownership issues of the newspaper. Mr Cunliffe can only go this far personally professionally, as well as encourage the submission of more opinion pieces by independent writers. Social media in the south needs greater uptake, especially by businesses and thinking citizens. Early days.

  3. Amanda kennedy

    Well my online post to the ODT site saying pretty much what I have written above was not accepted. It seems the ODT does not consider it important to remind folks that our own local councillors Bown, Hudson, Noone and his mates want to sell our local assets to fund their debt. I would have thought that the ‘voice of the south’ would be very concerned about this indeed. Intriguing that it isn’t.

    • Elizabeth

      Amanda, I’m throwing up at Dave Cull having feted Syd Brown as the chair of Finance, Strategy and Development. From this it is all downhill. And ODT/Allied Press Ltd appears to love Dave. Thus…

  4. amanda kennedy

    The ODT and Cull himself know Cull is out numbered on council. Clearly the power is with the stadium cabal (they have seven members) with Butcher likely to support them. They are a tightknit bunch and so they should be because if one ‘falls’ they all do. On the other hand you have a fragmented ‘Greater Dunedin’ (only five members) who, it turns out are not any sort of united group at all (wish I had known that at voting time) so pose no threat to the stadium cabal and the stakeholders who stand behind them. Vandervis and Stevenson are floating around doing whatever. The only hope was for all to stand united against a very strong cabal, not happening so I can’t blame Cull for his lameness, he is impotent and has no choice with no-one backing him up on council.

  5. amanda kennedy

    The ODT continues to not hold any of the stadium debt supporters on council accountable for the near bankrupt state of the city. That speaks volumes. That is a powerful signal to how this city got to have its current motto of ‘private profit for stakeholders but public debt for the rest of you’ or ‘your city our future’.

  6. Anonymous

    If constituents in Dunedin were able to vote against Cr Syd Brown he would have been thrown out at the last election. The stadium and parking debacles alone would have done it. And there are plenty of people pissed off he is still in power and seated in the front of that power by Mayor Cull. We need the residents of Mosgiel and East Taieri to stop falling for the same old mistake next year although even then it might be too late.

    These guys are gambling with our money. It’s not theirs. There’s no responsibility for them to pay it back. But they’ve found ways to justify their habit. We know it is going on, we know they’ve gutted our future and we know they’ve got the crystal lined up next. But we’ve not been able to stop them gutting this city further.

    As for the ODT and the DCC you can’t go past today’s example:

    “The transfer means the council’s total debt of about $330 million will drop to about $230 million overnight, as the debt is moved off the council’s books, and on to the council company’s books.”

    Even Paul Orders should spit up over his breakfast reading that sort of crap.

  7. amanda kennedy

    Absolutely anonymous, Cr Brown would have been kicked out; now he gets to pretend to be someone whose opinion is of some importance. We are supposed to forget that he is a fiscal dunderhead who is responsible for the city’s dire debt debacle. It is going to take more than a few happy stadium stories to do that, sorry Syd!

  8. Anonymous

    So how has Mosgiel fared with Mr/Cr Brown at the helm? A couple of things that came to mind following this discussion – he got some land rezoned right? But not sure how he got on with that re-election carrot of a new pool for Mosgiel.

    “The area includes 10ha of land owned by deputy mayor Syd Brown, who began the rezoning process more than 12 years ago.”
    — Controversial change approved, 1 April 2008,

    Such niceness as expected from the ODT.

    “A new Mosgiel swimming pool that would service the city and take the pressure of Moana Pool, would be one of the items on the top of his agenda for the coming term.”
    — Three put hats in ring for elections, 21 August 2010,

    Anyone know what happened with that? Because Moana Pool got some ridiculously expensive and completely impractical turnstiles since then so there must have been some spare cash floating around.

    • Elizabeth

      Mosgiel Community Pool – Mentions in DCC plans

      Mosgiel/Taieri Community Plan 2010/11 (page 4)

      Item 2. Investment in high quality community facilities

      Direction: New swimming pool / Aquatic centre in Mosgiel

      Issues: Only open 7 months of the year. Working to capacity. Ageing infrastructure.

      Objectives: Develop and build new pool complex in the town

      Action to be taken: Consult with Community Life / Aquatic services on requirement and scope project detail. Investigate Community contribution options.

      Action/Convene WP: [blank]

      Funding/Council Resourcing: Lobby for funding to be included in the LTCCP.

      Achievements: [blank]


      [LTCCP] Dunedin City Council Community Plan 2009/10 – 2018/19 Volume One

      (page 8) As a result of submissions the following reports have been requested:
      Report by November 2009 to the Community Development Committee on Aquatic Services Future Service Provision


      Dunedin City Council 2010/2011 Annual Plan

      Section 1 – Group Activities
      (page 72) Sport, Recreation and Leisure – Aquatic Services
      Service Changes and Highlights: There are no changes to programmed levels of service planned for 2010/11.
      (page 81) Sport, Recreation and Leisure Capital Expenditure Programme – Mosgiel Pool Upgrade (see budgeted annual expenditure 2010-2020)

      Section 2 – Forecast Financial Statements
      (page 119) Financial Management: Ten-Year Capital Expenditure Programme
      Renewals: Mosgiel Pool Filter. Mosgiel Pool Upgrade. See budgeted annual expenditure 2010-2020.

      (page 127) 2010/11 Capital Expenditure by Outcome Area
      Sport, Recreation and Leisure – Aquatic: Mosgiel Pool Upgrade (see budgeted amounts)

  9. Anonymous

    Police went all out this week to chase down a tourist over some financial impropriety from the 90s. The ODT made sure the world knew this criminal behaviour would not be acceptable in our city. Which can only mean then the bad man was neither stadium councillor nor stakeholder. Because the financial wealth and future of Dunedin has been stolen and that barely made the news here.

  10. Peter

    So pleased the ODT have got their priorities right, Anonymous.We wouldn’t want to upset the real bad men, would we.

  11. Anonymous

    The ODT appears to have followed up the Mosgiel pool story, albeit wrapped up in a multi-million dollar shopping list. No comment from Cr Syd Brown though since it was his carrot hung up at re-election time. Fortunately, once again Cr Colin Weatherall is the voice of reason – just like in that controversial change story (see above link). Interesting thing with these inter-ward stories, constituents of Mosgiel and East Taieri can’t vote on another ward’s councillor who is attending to affairs in their back yard. A bit like, for example, if Cr Brown was to make unfavourable changes in Waikouaiti Coast-Chalmers Ward or Cr Andrew Noone doing the same in Mosgiel-East Taieri Ward. Although that sort of thing would be just coincidental and surely nothing to do with looking after each other’s interests.

    ‘New Mosgiel pool favoured option’, by Chris Morris, ODT 26 Nov 2011 (page 13), not available online at time of posting.

    The DCC is also considerating introducing a bylaw to prevent signs being stencilled/chalked on side walks. Probably something to do with that “DCC IS CORRUPT” message. But as expected, there will be an exception for its own tagging messages. You know, look before crossing the road and other exceptional statements from the bureaucratic monster.

    {Moderated. See new post DCC reviews Commercial Use of Footpaths Policy. -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      [off topic]

      The ODT is following up on the Mosgiel Community Pool because of a report released by DCC, to be tabled at the Community Development Committee meeting on Wednesday.

      Report – CDC – 30/11/2011 (PDF, 3.7 MB)
      Aquatic Facilities Update

      Readers can check agendas, reports and minutes for DCC standing committees via

      • Elizabeth

        Note Cr Weatherall’s balanced comments on the third option, at this point.

        ### ODT Online Sat, 26 Nov 2011
        New Mosgiel pool favoured option
        By Chris Morris
        An ambitious $31.7 million wish list for upgrading Dunedin’s aquatic facilities could begin with construction of a new Mosgiel pool – serving the city’s entire southern catchment – within three years. A proposed $11.5 million Mosgiel pool complex has been confirmed as the top-priority project by the Dunedin City Council’s aquatic facilities working party. Coming in a close second was a $13.2 million upgrade of Dunedin’s Moana Pool, involving construction of a new pool and car parking building, linked by a bridge over Littlebourne Rd, and moving the popular hydroslide – possibly to the Mosgiel pool – to make room.

        In third place was construction of a specialist $7 million training pool at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, with input from the University of Otago and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd.

        Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Dec 2011
          Mosgiel pool tops wish list
          By Chris Morris
          Plans for a new $11.5 million Mosgiel pool complex have passed their first hurdle, after being referred to next year’s Dunedin City Council long-term plan hearings for consideration. Councillors at yesterday’s community development committee voted to refer the project to the January meeting, meaning the decision to build the pool – and the timeline for doing so – would be considered alongside other projects at the hearing.
          Read more

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