ODT: Significant anniversary

The ODT is the largest daily newspaper in New Zealand remaining in private ownership and remains proudly independent.

### ODT Online Tue, 15 Nov 2011
Milestone a proud achievement
By The Editor
The Otago Daily Times is 150 years old today. It is a proud achievement. The Otago Daily Times has been a leader in the newspaper industry in New Zealand throughout its history – and the same spirit of innovation and excellence continues today.
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The Otago Daily Times was established with a clear vision: to provide a comprehensive mix of news and information about the Otago region, to relay news of national events and issues, and to provide coverage of world news as well. It would also, where appropriate, advocate for regional causes, agitate on social matters, and provide intelligent, often bracing, opinions in its editorials on the full range of regional and national endeavour.

### ODT Online Tue, 15 Nov 2011
Editorial: At the forefront of history
“We write 365 days a year the first rough draft of history, and that is a very great task.” So once wrote Philip L. Graham, longtime publisher of The Washington Post, and although the phrase was not his own, he helped to popularise the notion of the role played in the public life of nations, provinces and cities by daily newspapers. Today, the Otago Daily Times, the oldest daily title in the country, marks 150 years of publication. Those 150 years cover the greater part of the organised European settlement of Otago, so it is neither self-aggrandising boast, nor frivolous claim, that the accumulated reporting of this title across a century and a-half is in fact a dense and detailed history, in the popular sense, of the region.
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• Tomorrow, the photographic exhibition “Focal Point – 150 years of the Otago Daily Times” opens at the Otago Museum. The exhibition celebrates the newspaper’s role as an integral part of the Otago community.

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21 responses to “ODT: Significant anniversary

  1. Peter

    An interesting 150th supplement, which I shall keep, but nowhere is there any mention of the controversy that the stadium has stirred up for the last four years or so. (Well, I can’t find any reference.)
    You’d think the producers of this supplement, as well as the editors, would have been bigger than this. Next they’ll be completely rewriting history to say how our glorious stadium has won near unanimous approval since Day One, all led by the much revered Malcolm Farry.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Does anyone out there know how to go about lobbying the Vatican? If anyone deserves beatification it’s the aforementioned much revered Mr Farry. Miracles abound, not least turning a “mere $66 a year per ratepayer” into 40 years’ debt.

  3. Peter

    Well, Hype, I am now a lapsed Catholic and so I can’t put a good word in for Malcolm on your behalf. The Church, unfortunately, has been deadly silent on this local social justice issue, but I guess the Church, as a whole, has been consumed by their own problems over the last few years.

    • Elizabeth

      The first edition of the ODT was rolling off the press within six months of Gabriel Read discovering gold in May 1861.

      ### ODT Online Wed, 16 Nov 2011
      Photographers’ work in the frame
      By Nigel Benson
      Remember when the Beatles came to Dunedin in 1964? The 1979 Abbotsford slip? How about the 1981 Springbok tour protests, or Lady Di’s visit in 1983? If it happened in Otago since early 1900, the Otago Daily Times photographers were invariably there, recording history as it unfolded. Now, you can relive that history through the lenses of the ODT photographers in a retrospective exhibition, “Focal Point: 150 years of the Otago Daily Times”, which opens at Otago Museum today.
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      • The exhibition also includes an interactive station, which allows visitors to select their favourite photograph from the show. Selections will be published in the ODT and on the ODT website.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ch9.co.nz November 14, 2011 – 6:34pm
        Otago Daily Times celebrates 150 years
        The Otago Daily Times officially turns 150 years old tomorrow, but threw a party at the weekend. Organisers estimate 20,000 people turned up to hear singers like Tina Cross and Jackie Clarke perform, on a bill which included a tee-shirt-clad air guitar section.


        ### ch9.co.nz November 15, 2011 – 6:24pm
        Otago Daily Times 150 years old today
        The Otago Daily Times officially turns 150 years old today, having survived two world wars, a great depression, and the global financial crisis. However, Allied Press says what could have been the paper’s biggest threat has become another leaf in the company’s broadsheet.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ch9.co.nz November 16, 2011 – 6:25pm
        Art of the paper
        The Otago Daily Times is celebrating turning 150 years old this week, and although the paper’s picture desk hasn’t reached the sesqui-centenary, thousands of words have been captured over the years. The paper’s illustrations department have spent more than three months wading through the archives selecting pictures for an exhibition to mark the occasion.

  4. A thousand more readers in a year?

    9.11.13 ‘ODT’ a top read

  5. Anonymous

    Readership? One of those fascinating statistics. Might as well count those people who glance at a paper’s front page in an honesty box as they walk past it. But ask them about subscriptions. I’m sure they’ll be open and forthcoming about their quarterlies… particularly after the subscription bunnies have done their damnest to foist it on the first quarter students before crucifying them in the next. The cycle of life in Dunedin – truly as mind-blowing as visiting Stuff and the ODT or vice-versa. And then just closing out of browsers and turning off the box and wondering WTF happened to news in this country.

    Anyway. Subscriptions. How are those subscriptions going ODT?

    • Some residential city blocks are down to 1-3 delivery subscriptions if that, we hear. Not sure if stopped subs have led to increased (paid) Digital use. Meanwhile, today’s tree version is typically chock-full of whole page advertising – who reads that stuff? I’ve stopped buying the Saturday edition, easier to read the under ten pages I’m interested in at a café. Mon-Fri ODTs might go the same way, shortly. Sourcing (free) NZ news by internet will get better and better even if ‘big media’ go fully to paysites. Some of the better journalists and commentators nationwide have their own websites anyway.

  6. It looks like the same old game that ‘sales and marketing people’ play. Use “multiples” to bring about whatever outcome is required. We see it with the ‘economic returns ‘ to the city with the cruise ship visits, any and all conferences which happen to come to Dunedin, the periodic ‘Masters Games’, any and all events in the ‘Stadium’. It is a game they play to fool themselves into believing that they, and they alone make it happen, when all along they know in their own minds that it is just ‘a load of old cobblers’. If it was half true it surely would be noticeable in the city’s business’ bottom lines. Just ask the average shopkeeper, motel owner, cafe owner, and see if they are worried about their taxes on profits. In the trade it is known as “Spruiking”.

    • The ODT doesn’t do itself any favours when it does favours for bes’frenz and the DCC. This is (checks calendar, yes, I guessed right) 2013 not 1973. Facts and figures, anecdotes and observations, independent analyses of information that’s been prised out of the Big Secret Cupboard, all are available online now.
      It’s not 1993 either, the people accessing this information aren’t a few highly computer-savvy + news watcher types, too few to worry about.
      It’s not 2003. Sharing information, passing on links is so easy, with twitter and facebook as well as email. Tablets and smart phones have connected people who wouldn’t have developed the search, read, share habit when there was one PC in the house, or none – and work wasn’t too keen on people using it for their personal interests, not even during lunch & tea breaks.
      When the redoubtable Wilma McCorkindale and stuff.co.nz come out with Dunedin – DCC – news it’s obvious that the ODT’s policy of “whatever’s embarrassing in City Hall stays in City Hall” isn’t even a yesterday thing, it’s a so long ago it’s nostalgia thing.

    • John P.Evans

      He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, shun him, he’s a fool.

      He who knows not and knows that he knows not, is a child, teach him.

      He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep, wake him.

      He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a leader, follow him.

      Omar Khayam

      There are precious few of the last in Dunedin.

      And it is abundantly clear.

      None within a hundred metres of the Octagon.

  7. Anonymous

    The ODT quotes “average issue readership”, not circulation figures.
    Their actual circulation figures are < 40,000 and dropping.

  8. Peter

    A shame that the ODT’s ‘significance’ continues to nose dive.
    This evening I watched Channel 39 and took note of ‘What is in the ODT tomorrow? as presented by Phil Sommerville.
    A ‘story’ about Girls High introducing a house system for the first time (Wow) and two other sports stories, including the soccer match tomorrow at their Fubar.
    Meanwhile, the real stories concerning the present turmoil in the Gaza Strip and the MH17 terrorist bombing somehow miss the ODT’s beat.
    This is appalling for media people, anywhere, and empahasises the fact that the ODT is intensely parochial and is now beyond pretending to extend its reputation as a paper that has ambitions ‘to punch above its weight’.
    Is there anything lighter than flyweight?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Its concentration on local issues doesn’t bother me. The ODT can’t have reporters posted overseas so all it could do is print a greater quantity of the overseas & non-local news that is gathered and sold by other reporters and publishers. And when I want that I’m better off looking online, where I can find similar events carried with different emphases. Maybe this will help me to see the issues in more depth, instead of relying on one viewpoint, moderated>moderated>moderated on its way along the chain. Political viewpoints, length of article, any links to anyone in the sales area? It’s unlikely we’d see the report as the original writer wrote it.
      What does bother me, and bothers me hugely, is that the ODT’s coverage of local issues is so poor. Anything contentious is either slanted to favour the Old Boys, or ignored. Perhaps this also favours the OBs, especially if an OB has been up to questionable activities. Hard questions? Well, there’s rigorous in depth examination of whether X, or Y or Z played better in the semi-final last weekend………….

      • Easy Hype! We had a great expose on ‘The Wash’ on where to get the best coffee. Right up there on page 2. That would have to outweigh anything so mundane as any in-depth analysis of what the politicians might be offering in the coming election, or the city’s debt. Give them credit, woman.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          “What the politicians might be offering in the coming election”? You still care? You think what they offer is what you’ll get? Bwahahahaha!
          Well, you might get it, but you’ll also get what they didn’t offer (but then claim they have a mandate to impose on the country because “if people don’t like it they can vote against that party”. Yes, 2 and a bit years later when it’s too late to turn the clock back.
          Analysis of what the sods are offering is like analysing the holes in bird netting. It can be well-written but can we trust the “facts” on which it’s based? Can we trust that when any political candidate’s qualities are outlined the face(s) the writer has seen presented to the voters are the real face(s) or a mask chosen from a suitcase full, one for every audience?
          My prediction is, there will be growth in the AB2C sector between now and the election. Anyone But Cunliffe and Craig. And you didn’t even have to pay for a newpaper to read that!

    • Peter, yes, paperweight.

  9. Point taken Hype. I’ll go and have a coffee, now that I know where to go.

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