The little horrors

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@whatifdunedin RNZ Checkpoint: Two thirds of people not enrolled to vote are aged 18 to 29 (MP3)

If you can, drag a few of those you know kicking and screaming to enrol to vote.

If they think they’re voting only for themselves and there’s nobody who can represent them worth voting for, you’ve worked out where New Zealand’s gone wrong and where it’s sadly headed.

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4 responses to “The little horrors

  1. Elizabeth

    My comment at another thread links to an article in Vanity Fair by Joseph E Stiglitz, he says:

    “With youth unemployment in America at around 20 percent (and in some locations, and among some socio-demographic groups, at twice that); with one out of six Americans desiring a full-time job not able to get one; with one out of seven Americans on food stamps (and about the same number suffering from “food insecurity”)—given all this, there is ample evidence that something has blocked the vaunted “trickling down” from the top 1 percent to everyone else. All of this is having the predictable effect of creating alienation—voter turnout among those in their 20s in the last election stood at 21 percent, comparable to the unemployment rate.”

  2. Peter

    Economic and social alienation might be a factor in the disinterest with politics by so many young people, but that is not the whole story.
    The long term ‘dumbing down’ effect in the education system might also be a factor, plus too many people – young and old – I suspect just don’t do a simple thing like read the daily newspapers (paper and/or online) to update themselves on what is basically happening around them.
    Views based on cliched slogans, received from elsewhere, seems to me to be the order of the day.

  3. Anonymous

    I saw the heading and thought it was going to be about the following story and photo: But, yes, there appear to be many more this time around who feel let down or disillusioned and intend not to vote because it’s a ‘waste of time’. I suspect the leading party has intentionally kept it simple, stupid to inspire that reaction. The media has maintained the momentum with some meaningless trivia as which candidate would you want to sleep with, which look like a cat, etc.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sat, 12 Nov 2011
      YouthGrow funding woes
      By Ellie Constantine
      In a city with one of the highest youth unemployment rates, YouthGrow has a solid success rate for its participants, but funding is increasingly uncertain. The Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO) initiative, which addressed barriers to employment for youth with horticultural training, was this year only able to help about one-third of the young people who were on the programme compared with last year, due to funding changes. In previous years, the programme supported about 25 young people. Last year, it was cut to 20, and this year only 12 were taking part. The number of hours they worked had also been cut, from 40 to 30 a week.
      Read more

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