Call for campaign on exports

The Chamber of Commerce says while exporting continues to be concentrated on commodity agriculture, New Zealand has many innovative and creative businesses with the potential to be successful global players.

### Friday 11 Nov 2011 at 9:29 am
Call for government-business partnership to campaign on exports
By Idealog
The Chamber of Commerce is calling for the incoming government to rethink its approach to exports, joining forces with the private sector to campaign to sell more to the rest of the world. Spokesman Michael Barnett said the traditional focus of increasing exports of conventional merchandise goods needed to shift up the value chain to high-tech, knowledge-based products, the export of services and the returns from outward direct overseas investment. “We believe the best way to improve New Zealand’s export performance is for the incoming government to establish an innovation-focused government-business partnership tasked to lead a campaign to sell more to the world.”
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4 responses to “Call for campaign on exports

  1. No argument here, in fact would would be more interesting to know is why has bubbernment been mucking around not taking this issue in hand.

  2. Mike

    Probably because that would mean that the government would have to do something about the crappy exchange rate that has made exporting so much more marginal in the past 3 years. Now if only we had someone in charge of the government who understood the foreign exchange markets ….

  3. Elizabeth

    Igtimi is an electronics and communications technology development house, with its forte being specialised GPS telemetry, control and communication solutions. Its systems have been used at the highest level of sailing regattas. The technology is now being taken to a grass-roots level.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 26 Nov 2011
    Hi-tech, world-class firm, Dunedin style
    By Sally Rae
    When Brent Russell and Kylie Robinson first based their technology business from their Mornington home, a courier van driver was one of their regular visitors. Curiosity eventually overcame him and he asked what they did. Ms Robinson said they made tracking devices and invited him in to see data streaming live from the America’s Cup. “He couldn’t believe such a big thing was being done out of a funny little house in Mornington,” she laughingly recalled.

    The couple’s company, Igtimi Ltd, started from that suburban house in 2008, although they have since moved to office premises in the Imperial Building, overlooking Queens Gardens.
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  4. Elizabeth

    ### Tue 30 Nov 2011 at 10:10 am
    Tait Radio lands lucrative London bus network overhaul contract
    By Idealog
    Tait Radio Communications has successfully implemented a new radio communications system for London Buses, completing a US$15 million ($19.7 million) contract. The Christchurch-based company replaced London Buses’ existing obsolete radio network with a TaitNet MPT trunked solution, designed and manufactured at its global headquarters in New Zealand.

    This was one of the largest contracts of its kind for Tait, and managing director Frank Owen says it is now “at the heart of one of the most sophisticated mass transit systems on the planet”.

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