Retrofitting commercial buildings

The process is starting in Dunedin’s CBD…

### 2 November 2011 at 10:12 am
Why the retrofit market is the key to green growth
By Deirdre Robert
There are any number of ways to stimulate the green job market, but the World Economic Forum reckons investing in energy efficient upgrades for existing commercial buildings is a sure fire approach. It’s released a report on the subject entitled, A Profitable and Resource Efficient Future: Catalysing Retrofit Finance and Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

On a visit to New Zealand in March this year, “environment capitalist” Anthony Malkin, of New York City and Empire State Building fame, offered some advice to John Key. Malkin maintained that dollars spent on building retrofits have a payback that, when seen in terms of local employment and benefits, arguably outweigh investment in new energy creation projects. A $200 million wind farm, for example, requires technology to be imported and the taxpayer dollar goes offshore.
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  1. Elizabeth

    The use of technology like 3D scanning and photographic imaging are leading edge and can provide additional security for Dunedin’s most important or iconic heritage buildings.

    ### D Scene 9-11-11 (page 8)
    Future-proof heritage
    By Owen Graham
    The Dunedin City Council has just released for public comment Dunedin Towards 2050 – A Spatial Plan for Dunedin. This is intended to set the strategic direction for the city’s growth and development for the next thirty years. One of the six strategic directions in the plan is that Dunedin is “a memorable and distinctive city”, recognising our distinctive collection of heritage buildings and the need for these to be well maintained, sound and fully utilised for a range of adapted and alternative uses. The spatial plan expects that Dunedin can be recognised nationally as a leader in heritage protection, re-use and earthquake strengthening.
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    • Owen Graham is the New Zealand Historic Places Trust area manager Otago/Southland

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