Elections New Zealand: Enrol to Vote

You are qualified to enrol to vote if:
• you are 18 years or older
• you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and
• you have lived in New Zealand for one year or more without leaving the country
There are some restrictions, read more.

Enrol or check your enrolment details

How to enrol to vote
Enrolling to vote is easy. You will not be able to vote if you are not enrolled before election day, 26 November 2011. It is compulsory to be enrolled if you are qualified, although voting is optional.

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20 responses to “Elections New Zealand: Enrol to Vote

  1. Interesting thing on the radio, 25% of eligible youth aren’t enrolled to vote. I wonder why?

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Why don’t they enrol, why don’t they vote? At a guess, they see this as not satirical humour but a truthful observation:
    “No matter who you vote for, politicians always win.”

  3. The most important box in the referendum is missing.

    Should there be a NO CONFIDENCE TICKBOX for both local and nation wide seats YES

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Wirehunt, YES! There should be a place not only to register the [up to] one, five, eleven or whatever candidates you want but also [up to] 1, 5 or 11 you really truly don’t want, for both local and central government.

  5. Anonymous

    Definitely a tick for the No Confidence tickbox.

    Leaving them blank at the last election was not enough to save Dunedin from further harm. They need an indicator of how much their thinking is not appreciated instead of getting back in and interpreting it as some sort of mandate to do further harm.

    It is an easy way for the honest ones to guage public opinion of their performance.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes, it’s a real weakness in the election process, not having a place to register a vote of no confidence. The people actively distrusted & despised are rated equal with the decent ones who just aren’t well enough known or do not belong to a major party.

  7. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 5 Nov 2011
    Ticks and crosses
    By Dene Mackenzie
    What should be one of the most important decisions voters can make on November 26 is being obscured by the contest to gain control of the Treasury benches. Political editor Dene Mackenzie writes that deciding on our future voting system is an important decision for us all. On November 26, we will be asked to decide on the voting system New Zealand will have in the future.
    Read more

    Previous posts and comments:
    22.8.10 Why NOT…. the STV voting system
    26.8.10 In defence of STV

  8. Elizabeth

    Good to see MMP placard wavers busy at the intersection of George, Pitt, London and Frederick Sts this evening. #Dunedin

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Fri, 25 Nov 2011
      Editorial: Voting: a duty and a privilege
      Tomorrow, New Zealanders will head to the polling booths to cast their votes in a general election, the outcome of which will determine the direction and emphasis of government in this country for the next three years. For several weeks now the choice of that direction, with accompanying explanatory footnotes, has been the subject of competing campaigns run by the participating parties.

      The campaigning will continue until midnight tonight and thereafter cease, according to the requirements of the Electoral Act.

      Political commentary will resume only after 7pm tomorrow as the votes are counted and the country watches and waits to see how it has chosen, what potential alliances might be formed, which individual politicians are the surprise winners and losers, and what percentage of the public exercised their democratic voting rights.
      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        My ‘no junk mail’ sign on the door after so many years of living at this inner city address has achieved the ultimate result, not one item of electioneering bumph received this year. Does this mean Dunedin North candidates don’t want my vote, and they dislike doorknocking too? Probably.

  9. Peter

    The various parties have probably have sussed out who you are, Elizabeth, and know a lost cause when they see one! We didn’t get any door knocking either….unless we were out! We did get a National Party and an ACT Party pamphlet yesterday though. Promptly put in the bin.

    • Elizabeth

      But Peter, surely the candidates have figured out that as I grey and age, thereby regressing into my own child-like senility, I’m more likely to vote (old?) National as my family did before me (although never ever as paid up members of the party, because there was always a strong disdain for the corruption of the ‘in-club’ at Dunedin and that lot didn’t deserve a cent…).

  10. Stu

    I can knock on your door tomorrow for David Clark, Elizabeth

  11. Calvin Oaten

    I’ll knock on your door for a “cuppa” Elizabeth

  12. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth, don’t take it that seriously, you’ll only encourage the sods.

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