DCC rates increases

### ODT Online Thu, 27 Oct 2011
11.9% rates rise threat spurs DCC action
By Chris Morris
Dunedin City Council budgets are again under the microscope, as staff seek to bridge a looming shortfall threatening to push up rates by 11.9% next year. The council’s senior management team has been holding a series of meetings with activity managers across the organisation this week, to scrutinise initial financial projections for the 2012-13 year.

Council finance and corporate support general manager Athol Stephens said the council had included a 7.4% draft rates increase for 2012-13 in this year’s annual plan projections, but the DCHL shortfall would in effect push that forecast up to 11.9%, if left unchecked.

Council chief executive Paul Orders also announced restructuring of the council’s executive management team earlier this month, aimed at streamlining the organisation and saving money.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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18 responses to “DCC rates increases

  1. Elizabeth

    Hmmm, boosting the ratepayer base…

    ### ODT Online Thu, 27 Oct 2011
    People of working age, families wanted for city
    Dunedin’s population is steadily increasing, but it could do with more families and people of a working age, Mayor Dave Cull says. Statistics New Zealand figures revealed the city had a 1% increase of 1200 people in the year to June 30, 2011, bringing its population to 126,000. The boost was double Dunedin’s average annual change of the past four years, of 600 people, although Mr Cull said the city could always do with more people.
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  2. I wonder how much influence Chch has had on these figures??

    • Elizabeth

      It’s a factor, given the number of twitter pals we have who moved here permanently, couples, and couples with young families – has to add up, plus what happened after all the new school enrolments (primary and secondary), the parents have followed into Dunedin for at least a time while they sort themselves out on a business footing for a future here or elsewhere.
      Hard to imagine what the stats will do to 2015, if this city hasn’t worked out a significant economic development strategy.

  3. I love that last line Elizabeth. “significant economic development strategy” LMAO

    Didn’t you know the new stadium is going to bring in a huge amount of money and work into Dunedin from the tourism sector? But wait, that’s not were the real money is according to Sir Paul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhCAyIllnXY He seems to think that going by the numbers tourism is way down the food chain. It gets very relevant to Dunedin just after the 8 minute mark.

    But not our council. They seem to think the future of Dunedin lies in tourism and coffee, oh, and the varsity.

    • Elizabeth

      Yes wirehunt, that last line of mine was loaded! Part of the DCC spatial plan is concerned with economic development strategy, but likely workshopped by the wrong crowd outside DCC what are still deskhuggers divorced from the many quality-driven Otago Southland producers and exporters (my background) who need smart processing industries tied to R&D investment to deliver the high value products and services niche markets demand. I’m totally on board with Paul Callaghan’s practical advocacy, what’s more his commercial activities are proof.

  4. Mike

    wirehunt: that’s because of the previous dearth of opportinities for part-time popcorn salespeople

  5. Stu

    1% growth in population
    7% increase in rates.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. Things like this are why I back Occupy…..

  7. Profound.

    But if they didn’t put them up by 7% then how could they keep the scams going about the – double dipping – getting paid a salary and again for committees.

    {What if? Dunedin… prefers links to open in the current window. -Eds}

  8. James

    1% growth in population
    7% increase in rates.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

    The increase in number of dwellings, km of roads and services etc. is also outstripping population growth?

  9. No. The council in fact gives roads away, they have a lot less road maintenance than they used to.

    In Outram they have increased the rate intake by all the new houses that have gone in beside existing roads, so it’s been run the water in and that’s it. Not even shit pipes to hook in cause it’s all tank. Same for a lot of the other houses that have gone in between Mosgiel-Outram. A lot get their water from the Taieri water scheme.

  10. Phil

    Probably about 5 or 6 years ago the ORC decided that they would cease giving resource consents for septic tanks in the Outram area. Due to population densities and ground saturation issues. Effectively shutting down any future developments. Must have been a bit of a policy about face by the ORC since then.

    • Elizabeth

      Such that DCC aerial maps now show the area to be one of the most popular rural areas for unplanned subdivision and new build. City flight. James has been onto this for a while too.

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    Septic tanks are not the only option. In deep clays they are the worst option. Not sure if the expensive clipboard clan in DCC are up on it now, but they were like d’uh when I went to them years ago to see what kind of composting toilet was OK here. I later learned that the ahem “correct” way to comply with the regulations was to let the inspector inspect and tick the septic tank outflow, into a soak drain with gravel. When he goes home you , according to my experienced elderly informant, re-route the outflow into a series of smaller drains to spread the outflow, and make sure you have greedy water-sucking plants in the area. It’s the insistence on a model that works well for absorbent non-clay substrates that gives septic tank owners so much grief.

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    Oopsy, I meant to say it’s the grey water going into the septic tank that gets re-routed out over the farm/section, not the stuff that comes from the lavatory! Where I have seen it done there is no problem and the septic tank is not overloaded so it functions well.

  13. Phil, I’m not sure if the latest subdivisions were approved before this, but I do know the actual houses have only gone up over the last three years.

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