Dunedin: “It’s All Right Here”

Facebook: Michelle Helliwell’s photos
Michelle Helliwell: Since this photo was taken, the DCC have broken and stolen our balls! (via Steve Mowat builder who contracts to them. Anyone who knows them, please advise them to return asap, as an official damage and theft complaint is underway. As members of the freeman society, our schedule of fees for damage of and removal of our property is quite expensive. Thanks.)
19 hours ago

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “Dunedin: “It’s All Right Here”

  1. Elizabeth

    Follow The Peep Show @DunedinPenis

    Other Information:
    ODT News (via The Reep Show): http://twitpic.com/6q9sjg
    Radio One 91FM Dunedin: Aaron Hawkins interviews artist Rachael Rakena http://www.r1.co.nz/podcasts/Aaron-RachaelRakena.mp3

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    • Elizabeth

      So if Bill’s “subcommittee” didn’t pay for it why is he speaking? Surely it’s out of his juris-dic-tion.

      ### ODT Online Wed, 26 Oct 2011
      Controversial artwork ‘de-installed’
      The controversial artwork Haka Peep Show, situated in the Octagon for the Rugby World Cup, was officially “de-installed” at a ceremony yesterday, but the work is likely to be seen again in other settings. Dunedin City Council community development committee chairman Cr Bill Acklin said there had been “quite a bit of interest” in the installation from a variety of groups including some “beyond New Zealand as well – watch this space”. In the meantime, the work would be stored by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery and “a little maintenance” carried out before it went out again, he said.
      Read more

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    How come the Dunedin public has to provide storage space for this jejune mess-age?

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