180 Rattray St, Dunedin — former P. Hayman & Co. Building (1872)

North Princes Street/Moray Place/Exchange Townscape Precinct (TH03)

Correction: The council received 12 submissions on the application.

### ODT Online Tue, 11 Oct 2011
Demolition hearing delayed
By Chris Morris
A 19th-century central Dunedin commercial building has been granted a temporary reprieve from the wrecking ball, after an application to demolish it to make way for a car park was placed on hold. However, building owner Lincoln Darling said when contacted yesterday he planned to proceed with the application next year, and nothing had changed. Mr Darling had sought resource consent to demolish the former Furniture Court Building at 180 Rattray St and replace it with a rental car park until another development opportunity arose.

• “Obviously, you do look at submissions … if they [submitters] want to chat with me I’m quite happy to talk to them about their concerns.” -Lincoln Darling

• New Zealand Historic Places Trust Otago-Southland area manager Owen Graham, in his submission, argued the “deficient” application lacked a detailed heritage assessment.

• Mr Darling said he had contacted Mr Graham last week to arrange a meeting, but had no views on his submission as “I haven’t even read it”.

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Lincoln Darling and friends might like to attend the DCC Workshop for heritage building owners on Wednesday, 23 November.

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3 responses to “180 Rattray St, Dunedin — former P. Hayman & Co. Building (1872)

  1. Elizabeth

    180 Rattray St, as previously advertised:
    “We have available a whopping 2230m2 of floor area in the CBD with car parks.”

    • Elizabeth

      What if any deals has Lincoln Darling been doing with Speights do we think, that might affect 180 Rattray St ??? Mr Darling was to report back to DCC on his plans for 180 Rattray St this month.

      ### ODT Online Tue, 24 Jan 2012
      No date yet on start of Speight’s redevelopment
      By Simon Hartley
      A decision on the starting date of the $20 million redevelopment of Speight’s brewery is probably several months away, but brewing giant Lion remains committed to the project.
      Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    I had good news last Friday, the former P. Hayman & Co. Building (1872) was recently purchased by “Speight’s” for retention (in Rattray St, heritage is their brand). Mr Darling gave up!!! We hear the building is being scoped for potential mixed use which might include retail to the street, keeping a live frontage, and car parking in the building to the rear. This means the brick alley is safe!
    More to come.

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