Facebook: Upright! Supporting Dunedin’s Built Heritage

Local heritage advocates have recently created ‘Upright! Supporting Dunedin’s Built Heritage’ at Facebook.

We want to see Dunedin’s built heritage remain upright, and for it to be kept up the right way: sensitively, sustainably and safely.

This page is here for us all — to share our opinions, knowledge, perspectives and love of this city. We can all benefit from the sharing of information and through this, develop a greater appreciation for our surrounds, and explore the potential for their enhancement.

Dunedin’s strong commercial and industrial past as the first city of Aotearoa New Zealand shapes our streets, skylines and even our psyches. It’s not solely the grand commercial buildings of the Exchange area, the awe-inspiring cathedrals and the stately houses perched on the hills that are significant, but also the lesser-noticed buildings that are equally worthy of recognition and preservation. To lose these to neglect, demolition or insensitive redevelopment is an affront to both our past, and our future.

Upright! Supporting Dunedin’s Built Heritage
See interesting Notes, Photos, and comments at the Wall.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Facebook: Upright! Supporting Dunedin’s Built Heritage

  1. Better to do this here on wordpress or blogger were anyone can see it. Some of us don’t do fb….

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    I have little patience with fb for anything other than that kind of thing. It’s not 100% necessary to set up one’s fb account in one’s own actual name and identity if one has concerns about its gigantic data-collecting & —using practices. The good thing about it is that it’s used by SO many people, far more than are likely to search out whether there is anywhere on the web that’s about Dunedin’s built heritage, and it is very easy for them to link to it so their friends become aware of e.g. the Built Heritage page which can then direct them to other relevant sites.

    • Elizabeth

      Agreed, Hype O’Thermia. I don’t use Facebook much at all except to monitor the activities of Dunedin lobbies and local photographers; I simply maintain an account there, with next to no detail. I’m a waste of space for fb data mining.

  3. Mikhail

    I think it is time that the truth came out about little Dunedin town.

    I would certainly like to see several former councillors hanging up by piano wire in the New Stadium …
    All we need are Crows to be pecking at their entrails …

  4. Dave M

    As one of the admins of the Facebook page I’m happy to put in my penny’s worth here. It’s true that many people don’t use Facebook but there are also many FB users who don’t read blogs and enjoy the convenience of short updates, links, and photos coming through on their news feeds. No online forum will suit everyone. Anyone can view the page and those who want to contribute can sign up without getting a microchip implanted by the Government! :)

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