BLAME Dunedin City Council

… for overreaching its role in liquor licensing by allowing a staff officer to give unsolicited ‘business advice’…

### ODT Online Wed, 5 Oct 2011
‘Don’t blame us for shop closure threat’: DCC
By Eileen Goodwin
Some people are wrongly blaming the Dunedin City Council for the “frustrating” potential threat of closure of the Macandrew Bay Store, DCC liquor licensing and projects officer Kevin Mechen says. The council had received several highly critical emails and letters since the store’s plight was highlighted by the Otago Peninsula Community Board last week. The store’s liquor licence has been referred to the Liquor Licensing Authority, because of a crackdown on dairies having liquor licences, which makes it doubtful the store will be eligible for renewal.
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### ODT Online Thu, 29 Sep 2011
Fears for Macandrew Bay store
By Eileen Goodwin
Macandrew Bay Store’s liquor licence may not be renewed, sparking concern the community could lose the store. The dairy appeared unlikely to get its licence renewed because of a clamp-down on dairies having liquor licences, Dunedin City Council liquor licensing and projects officer Kevin Mechen said when contacted.
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4 responses to “BLAME Dunedin City Council

  1. Elizabeth

    [Aside] I’m told the staff officer concerned may be seen from time to time enjoying coffee with senior uniformed police at establishments in visual sightline of the Civic Centre.

  2. Phil

    I think he’s an ex police officer from memory.

    In defence of the department, I think that the community out there should be more concerned that the purchase of alcohol appears to be the prime revenue generator for the store. Personally I agree that alcohol shouldn’t be available for impulse buying as easy as one buys a chocolate bar. It should take a conscious effort and maybe having to drive 15 minutes into town to the nearest bottle store might be enough to ensure a more enjoyable Saturday night for some families. If it’s that big a deal that it’s not available at the corner dairy then maybe the people complaining should take a step back and ask themselves why it is so big a deal. But that’s just my personal crusade.

    • Elizabeth

      The other thing might be, has ODT accurately represented Mr Mechen’s ‘advocacy’, the store’s position, the peninsula community’s (evolving?) views on retail convenience, dairy pricing and mark-up, mobililty, aging population, future needs… early days. The two stories made me blink.

      Since we knowingly abuse alcohol in this country, in this city, are we better to hound substantial change for supermarkets …before isolated dairies ?

  3. I think this is an interesting thing; i hear so much complaints about this city going down in dust. Why can’t the DCC stop screwing with what works and just leave us to our devices?

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