Something hyped in the news

It might’ve been the stadium and a very small sample of businesses that got any financial benefit.

Not worth writing about.

The stadium hasn’t been paid for. Cr Staynes is a chump.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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28 responses to “Something hyped in the news

  1. Anonymous

    The Otago Daily Times was fill of rugby porn today. There is so much professional rugby stories and Rugby World Cup propaganda I am no longer able to see the news from the trees wasted on printing it. I wonder if D Scene will try for a different effect tomorrow?

  2. Peter

    Wow, Champions of Sport Ltd, near the Octagon, did well selling rugby jumpers. Who would have thought that possible?
    The only sensible comment was by John Christie of the Chamber of Commerce.
    In all, a poorly researched news article – the kind of thing the journalist from the Irish Independent will undoubtedly mock back home. This is lazy journalism.

  3. Phil

    I was interested to hear today that the majority of negative contributions to the ODT with regard to reporting etc of the RWC are not being “abridged”, but are simply not being approved for publication. 5 contributions were denied publication yesterday alone, which were critical of one of the ODT reporter’s negative comments re the English team at the RWC. I guess that freedom of the press extends only to those employed by the press.

  4. Russell Garbutt

    There was a fairly full house at the recent Last Night at the Proms in the Town Hall. Sufficient to say that the crowd were very sympathetic to the views expressed by Dougal Stevenson in relation to DCHL and also to the rather splendid comments by the MC of the night – who also raised the local issues of DCC and DCHL. Chris Staynes who was sitting in for Dave Cull, I’m afraid came across not particularly well and the way that he expressed himself has been echoed in the recent ODT articles. All hype and no substance. I would have thought that he could have read the feelings of the crowd a little better than he did.

    What is he thinking of?

    It is not at all plain. I guess he has to talk up the RWC hype, but when everything is put into perspective, Dunedin has had 4 rugby matches in a stadium that has cost the community $300m plus. The same result would probably have been achieved at Carisbrook. The benefits are fleeting and are confined to those that have been selling tshirts and beer. Lots and lots of campervans all of whom have now left the South Island for good.

    I am more than disappointed in Chris Staynes. For him to suggest that the stadium could be hosting Category A rugby matches is simply a case of him ignoring the facts of the requirements of those actually making the rules. Time for him to start looking at some facts and not indulging in some sort of Farry BS.

  5. Peter

    Russell. Interesting to hear another report, of a different kind of crowd, who have their own views on goings on here in Dunedin, and haven’t fallen for the RWC crap we are getting in the media. It is possible the present hype, which is kind of inevitable, could give way to a counter balancing in the media that soberly looks at the costs of the RWC, both locally and nationally. That’s what sells papers, the playing off of good and evil, depending on what your point of view is.
    Disappointing that Chris Staynes did not measure up. I voted for him because he seemed to be one of the few there with real intelligence and skills as a councillor – though he does give the impression at times of buckling, under pressure, from those more ‘persuasive’.

  6. Phil

    It’s easy to get carried away with the events of the past 3 weeks at the stadium and mistakenly project that forward as a norm. Prior to February, the stadium was allocated one match which was considered to be more than a bottom tier match. That was with the organisers knowing that the matches would be played indoors. A match between 2 teams which would not have a lot of travelling support, as it was accepted that neither team would be progressing terribly far in the tournament. That was the best we were offered. It was only as a result of the stadium in Christchurch unexpectedly becoming unavailable that we were then offered a match that carried any real overseas interest. Had the match been able to have been played in Christchurch, it would have. Again, being indoors played no part in the decision. I’ve read the story about the stadium operator trying to gain a trans Tasman rugby league test. Good on them for getting out there and trying. But, do people seriously believe that the NZRL are going to turn down their sole test match revenue for the year from a 60,000 ticket venue in favour of a 28,000 ticket venue ? Dunedin is always going to have to jump through some pretty massive hoops in order to draw any major sporting event away from any of the major cities. Being indoors doesn’t bring more revenue into the major sporting codes who are really struggling to be professional in a limited environment. As soon as Christchurch builds a replacement stadium, we’ll be right back down in the demographic spot where we were prior to February. So we’d better make the most of it between now and then.

  7. Anonymous

    So if all of the RWC-related overseas spend ($150m) for a once-in-30-year event had been diverted to the stadium fund, we would only be halfway to paying it off…

    • Elizabeth

      Maths can be soul destroying.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Nov 2011
      No evidence of RWC hiring boom in jobless stats
      New Zealand’s unemployment rate unexpectedly rose in the third quarter, with little evidence the start of the Rugby World Cup drove an increase in casual workers to service the wave of tourists. APNZ
      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        Yes, waiting for the stats for the final quarter…

        ### ODT Online Fri, 4 Nov 2011
        RWC brings more hours, not jobs
        By Dene Mackenzie
        Employees appeared to work longer hours during the Rugby World Cup rather than employers taking on more staff to cope with increased demand. Statistics New Zealand’s household labour force survey showed unemployment went up 0.1% in the three months ending September to give an annual rate of 6.6%. Most commentators were expecting a fall to 6.3% or 6.4%. The participation rate for the quarter was 68.4%, again below market expectations. Economists had been expecting evidence of temporary hiring for the RWC. The drop in part-time employment did not support that theory. Actual hours worked jumped 1% while usual hours worked fell 0.2%.
        Read more

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Lady you ain’t kidding!

  9. Peter

    I know someone who is really good at Maths and, strangely, she doesn’t find it soul destroying!

    • Elizabeth

      Only in this context Peter, no fear.
      [Maths I’ve always loved and had to love for entry into architecture. It opened doors…]

      DCC is hopeless at sums.

  10. Anne

    Excuse me, but I had to look up the word “chump.” I have heard and seen very little of Chris Staynes, whether I have been observing at Council meetings or reading the local papers. That could be my fault for not keeping my eyes and ears fully open. Nevertheless, this councillor has never come across to me as having any substance. It therefore surprised me greatly, when he was made Deputy Mayor. However, his CV reads beautifully. I remember him as a “swing voter” at that fateful March meeting in – was it 2008?

  11. Mike

    Phil – more than 5 – nothing I posted yesterday appeared – apparently yesterday’s message was required to be “good news”

  12. Amanda kennedy

    it is funny watching how Greater Dunedin and Staynes try to manage their way through keeping the stadium cabal happy and telling Dunedin non stakeholders ‘happy news’ to forestall any complaint. Almost as funny as reading the ‘wash’ in the ODT; the thinly veiled stadium worship and ‘rugby is god’ being the hilariously obvious agenda.

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    Never mind, we all made a fortune from renting our spare rooms to the rugby tourists. Didn’t we?

  14. Anonymous

    Too early. Stats are for the quarter ending September. Wait until the stats for final quarter don’t show any rise, then wonder where Xian Qi’s 170,000 jobs over 4 years will come from

  15. Anonymous

    Hyped in the media…

    Where are they now?
    – millions given to stadium = gone
    – multi-million dollar tupperwaka = stored in boxes
    – multi-million dollar “cloud” building = under-used
    – multi-million dollar inflatable rugby ball = written-off
    – countdown clock = in storage
    – and over $40M lost = no big deal

    What about Hillside?
    – denied a $15M deal = outsourced to China and jobs lost

    Professional rugby is everything to this government.

    Send your regards c/o John Key, Bill English, Michael Woodlouse and all of the arrogant ministers intent on sending New Zealand to hell in a hand-basket.

  16. Anonymous

    ### Stuff Online Sun, 20 Dec 2012 Last updated 05:00 30/12/2012
    RWC memorabilia: Where are they now?
    By Steve Kilgallon – Sunday Star Times
    THE TUPPERWAKA Dismantled and dwelling in eight storage containers, the infamous $2 million Waka Maori – tagged the “tupperwaka” by disbelieving Labour MP Shane Jones – isn’t the only expensive piece of memorabilia left in storage since the Rugby World Cup charabanc left town. Jones described the waka, which opened for just 17 days of the World Cup, as a “nauseating” expense. Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples said that even in that brief time it had drawn $9m in tourist dollars and would go on to “represent all of us in its travels around the globe”.

  17. Anonymous

    I just saw the leading article at ODT Online and suspect I’m now heading towards an episode of PTS. I won’t put the link here to allow readers time to protect themselves before doing the same. Presently I’m thinking of giving up my Internet connection and heading into the hills to live. To go on I’ve settled on the following positive – at least it isn’t a Farry.

    • Elizabeth

      Anonymous, at 6am I glanced at the headline, turned over and returned to sleep. That way, no cycling into rage. Non reaction doesn’t waste energy on fools, jumped up dickheads (they have to accept the prize…), false politics, slant/devious newscasting, and the social pretention that attends the ghastly honours and barrelling waistbands. 190 people honoured this year. Do they court the National Party, in the mistaken belief it’s the Queen.

  18. Hype O'Thermia

    Another positive – Denise Walsh got a NZ-something-or-other, one of those honours of which only 5 people remember the name and significance, given my druthers I’d have said sod sexism, she’s a Sir, she’s more worthy than [do your own ranting]. She retired recently from Logan Park where she was the imaginative, driven and driving force who put drama way up there with things it’s worth excelling at and excellence requires time, dedication and hard work. She made an enormous difference to thousands of kids. Yes I know this is off-topic. I’m putting it on record, OK?

    • Elizabeth

      I’ve read today’s editorial, which contains the following lie that is historic: “One of the outstanding features of the honours in New Zealand is the lack of political motivation.” [my emphasis]

      Next follows: “Business people are rewarded for their efforts.”


      Mr Farry’s honour bestowed this time last year, on the back of PIRACY carried out by the extremely short unwise man (and ‘friends’) it is fair to say, was met by many letters of complaint addressed to the ODT editor – none of which were published by JCS. One letter of support (we checked) was written by one of Mr Farry’s female cousins. The charm attack continues because recently she wrote another letter championing the $100m waterfront hotel (um, that gave the game away as to Farry’s input to the proposal).


      My eye wandered to the Opinion page opposite the editorial where I chanced upon Colin James talking up the entrepreneurial spirit that drives New Zealand, ‘Looking on the bright side into 2013’. I was fine with this UNTIL (perhaps he had tilted too many glasses of honey mead or 42Below)…

      “New Zealand is small. Even if we tripled the population as Federated Farmers wants, we would still be a small market. Australia with 23 million is small in all but its self-regard. But we have some big pluses. We have abundant water, food-catching and growing capacity and energy in a world short of water and food and unevenly endowed with energy. We have lots of space. We are distant from mayhem. (Boat people don’t bother us.) We have very low corruption, one the most stable democracies, generally good institutions and the rule of law. We have a voice in world affairs much louder than our size warrants. We have by world standards a good education system.” [my emphasis]

      That’s where Mr James and I part company – ODT describes him as “a leading social and political commentator”. Yep, off his face – writing from the Pauanui bach?

      Read here:

  19. Anonymous

    I imagine the editorial team was hard at work building the paper around the glorious unveiling of JCS on his front page. It must have been a weird space to be in yesterday. The paper I reverently bought on Saturday has now been turned into liner for the cat to crap on. The only thing more disappointing than this rich boy’s waxing is a muppet who justifies corruption by saying it is worse elsewhere.

    “One of the outstanding features of the honours in New Zealand is the lack of political motivation.”

    Sweet dreams 2012.

  20. Anonymous

    More rugby porn features at the ODT. It’s got the bad story-line, just needs the dodgy sound track… Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

    ### ODT Online Sat, 9 Mar 2013
    Video: The naked truth – Highlander’s shower confessions
    Highlanders forward Joe Wheeler, caught in the showers at team headquarters, tells ODT rugby columnist Paul Dwyer about the funniest thing he’s seen on the field, his favourite fast food, and what lies under team-mate Liam Coltman’s beard.

    This is classic ODT.

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