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Corner Stuart and Smith Streets, 6 September 2011

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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  1. Peter

    I imagine there could be a lot more of this ‘guerilla’ type action, to protest against this council of ours. The government and its agencies – with the exception of the Ombudsman – have failed us. The legal system has failed us.
    Do we have to get to the point where all our assets are sold to temporarily stave off even worse debt? Do we then have to put up with incompetent councillors who further put us in hock once those assets are sold? Do we have to put up with spiraling rate rises because our council hasn’t got the balls to control its own spending?
    What will it take for Dunedin people to get out on the streets, in greater numbers, and say ‘we have had enough’? Apathy can’t last forever.
    We are sick of blatant conflicts of interest everywhere and bullshit claims they are being ‘managed’. Forget the Auditor-General from doing anything. Forget the likes of Rodney Hide and his successors – whether National or Labour – from doing anything to really reform local government.
    Get in the face of these toe rags, who are milking public funds for their own benefit, directly by phone, by emails, and cornering them out in the streets where they dare to show their faces.

  2. Phil

    At least the spelling rules out an inside job.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sat, 1 Oct 2011
      Magazine: The price of democracy
      By Dean Knight
      Senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Victoria University, Wellington, Dean Knight, says handling the behaviour of councillors is a “really vexed issue” for all local authorities.
      “Much of it stems from the fact that local authorities do not have a formal cabinet or governing group of representatives. All elected members are responsible for governing. And all elected members are accountable to voters for actions taken by the local authority. That’s local democracy. But, at the same time, there will be a minority of elected members who disagree with a particular course of action and want to agitate and hold their fellow elected members to account. Or they excite interest amongst voters and media – including by leaking information – in order that they hold them to account. Again, that’s local democracy.”
      Read more

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