Larnach Tomb restoration

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Larnach's Tomb, Northern Cemetery 3

The Northern Cemetery at Dunedin is registered by Heritage New Zealand as a Category I historic place.

### ODT Online Sat, 17 Sep 2011
An inspired restoration
By Charmian Smith
The most striking memorial in Dunedin’s Northern Cemetery once again soars proudly heavenwards after years of neglect, vandalism and desecration. After seven years in the planning and 18 months’ work, Larnach’s tomb in the Northern Cemetery is looking pristine with restored finials and crosses, new window tracery and stained glass, new doors and wooden floor – all replicas of the originals.

Stewart Harvey, chairman of the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand, instigated a conservation report in 2006. By early last year he had raised $345,000, initially with a grant from the Dunedin Heritage Fund. Other sources contributed: the Lottery Grants Board, Heritage and Community Trusts, Southern Trust and Macmillan Trust, and work was able to start.
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• (via ODT) William James Mudie Larnach, banker, businessman, politician, government minister, and builder of the grandiose house, The Camp, now known as Larnach Castle, on Otago Peninsula in the early 1870s, built the mausoleum in 1881 as a memorial to his first wife Eliza Jane Guise.

• Official opening
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull will officially open the restored tomb today at 1pm.

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5 responses to “Larnach Tomb restoration

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 19 Sep 2011
    Restored Larnach’s tomb ribbon-cutting ribbing
    By Eileen Goodwin
    The Dunedin heritage stalwart credited with raising the funds to restore Larnach’s tomb could not resist teasing Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull at its completion ceremony on Saturday. Inviting Mr Cull to cut the ribbon on the newly restored Northern Cemetery mausoleum, Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand chairman Stewart Harvey asked Mr Cull if the council needed advice on delivering a project on time and on budget, without causing controversy or costing ratepayers.
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    • Elizabeth

      ### September 20, 2011 – 6:56pm
      William Larnach tomb opened
      The tomb of William Larnach and his family was systematically desecrated over many years, and was in a ruined condition before a restoration project began in 2005. Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust Chairman Stewart Harvey is one of the team driving the restoration work, which was celebrated at the weekend.

      • Elizabeth

        ### October 1, 2012 – 6:00pm
        Trustees go to great efforts to keep historic icon safe
        Prior to its refurbishment, William Larnach’s tomb had been badly vandalised with graffiti and smashed windows. But Trustees have gone to great efforts to ensure the $350,000 spent on the historic icon will be kept safe.

  2. Elizabeth

    The Dunedin City Council hopes to resolve a disagreement with the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand over access to Larnach’s Tomb.

    ###ODT Online Sat, 7 Feb 2015
    DCC wants access squabble buried
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council is attempting to unlock a dispute over access to Larnach’s Tomb that involves the trust that helped save it. The Otago Daily Times has been told council staff will next week meet members of the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand in an effort to iron out the disagreement.
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    I quite like the positivity of the abridged version of my comment to ODT Online, as much as the ODT’s re-writing and new title for it. The newspaper’s deletions and creativity, well, are like damning (Barsby) by OMISSION, it’s very pure. Full marks, ODT.

    IMHO Nothing (!!!) is owed to Southern Heritage Trust – if allowed an inch they will take a mile, where Larnach’s Tomb is concerned.

    Loud and clear. This is a private family tomb. A sacred place.
    A fact, conveniently forgotten by Barsby and the coterie of ‘squabblers’. Unreasonably, and for far too long (I have heard it all), Barsby has presumed, behind scenes, to ingratiate herself with DCC staff/managers for key access. WTH. Pull the head in. The joke is then that the locks were changed by some unknown party —Brilliant, I say!!! Some legal matters to attend to, if not a covenant.

  3. Elizabeth

    The meeting had been ”very positive”, but would be followed by another after both sides sought more information and advice. –Mick Reece, DCC

    ### ODT Online Tue, 17 Feb 2015
    Tomb access issues remain unresolved
    By Chris Morris
    Council staff were to meet members of the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand in an attempt to resolve the dispute, after council staff were forced to change locks on the tomb to ensure their own access. Contacted yesterday, council parks, recreation and aquatics group manager Mick Reece confirmed he met trust deputy chairman Dr Chris Rudd on Friday to discuss the dispute.
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