Stadium extras

In a perfect world, after the realignment of SH88…

### ODT Online Tue, 30 Aug 2011
Work starts on stadium water traps
Construction of temporary weirs across the lower Water of the Leith next to the Forsyth Barr Stadium has begun. Three weirs are being trialled to improve the look of the concrete flood channel, described by some Otago regional councillors as “appalling”, by preventing the channel completely emptying out.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Stadium extras

  1. Russell Garbutt

    Yet another little pile of money coming directly out of rates – this time our Otago Regional Council rates.

    I think MikeStk is keeping a running total of what the stadium is actually costing ratepayers and this is yet another item to add to that already long list.

    Of course the stadium proponents like Farry, Brown, Hudson, Acklin, Collins, Noone, Bezett and Weatherall want everybody to think that the cost of actually building the thing is the only cost, but we all know only too well that the costs must include ALL the costs that have to be met. So, in other words, we know that these latest little weirs across the Leith wouldn’t have happened if the stadium wasn’t going to happen. Nor would we have all bought Carisbrook, or diverted SH88, or a multitude of other expenditure including the cost of debt.

    I’m sure that MikeStk will be only too willing to remind us all of the ACTUAL costs of the elephant.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Mon, 5 Sep 2011
      ‘Crude’ appearance of weirs will improve
      By Rebecca Fox
      The “jumbled and crude” look of the new temporary weirs being installed on the lower Water of Leith will be improved by the time they are complete. Otago Regional councillor Michael Deaker said at a recent meeting that while the weirs were obviously going to be effective, he had certainly been aware of their “crudeness”.
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  2. Mike

    I must admit that $30k is around the point where I haven’t bothered counting
    It’s also arguably more a RWC cost (I haven’t been counting fan zones or bunting either)

    • Elizabeth

      I fail to see why Otago Regional Council is carrying out cosmetic work on Water of Leith at ratepayers’ expense. What is the mandate? What is the purpose of ORC? The principle is wrong. The spend is wrong. This isn’t Leith flood protection work [overdue].


      We all know a bunch of lightweights sit on the ORC – they justified the highly irregular contribution to the cost of stadium roof. They’ll probably use rates funds too, to pay for Christmas cards to all ratepayers as a sign of goodwill. Pretty.

  3. Mike

    It’s wood – the first flood will tear it away – it’s obviously just cosmetic for the RWC.

    The one thing I was trying to find out today was: do they need an RMA consent to change the tidal areas of the harbour? what about Kai Tahu? anyone know

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