Building facade failure: “It’s only the facade at the front that can’t be used”

What is building performance monitoring, cyclical maintenance, restoration and structural repair? Or, read: Good stewardship of the built environment is eroded by owners inclined to apathy and hands-off neglect, while they continue to extract rents from tenants.

Not helped by the Dunedin City Council’s half-baked street improvements scheme for King Edward St, South Dunedin, led by ‘feel good’ inexperienced staff. This scheme puts money to the likes of unsympathetic paintwork (destroying patina of age), ugly street furniture, and traffic management plans – rather than to the means of generating funds for building conservation, first and foremost to preserve heritage values and the community’s enduring ‘sense of place’ as the basis for future development and economic return.

Images (2010): Elizabeth Kerr

Brocklebanks Dry Cleaners owner Roger Brocklebank, whose family trust owns the building, said a family trustee had met DCC chief building control officer, Neil McLeod, about the damage yesterday.

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Aug 2011
South Dunedin building facade unsafe
By Nigel Benson
A south Dunedin building was closed by the Dunedin City Council yesterday and is likely to be condemned after its facade was discovered to be cracking and leaning. The building, on the corner of King Edward St and Carey Ave, houses four businesses; Fine Art Mounting, Dinkum Donuts, Feedback burger bar and Brocklebanks Dry Cleaners.
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3 responses to “Building facade failure: “It’s only the facade at the front that can’t be used”

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    “Unsympathetic paintwork” is putting it mildly. I was out there this afternoon. Among the thoughts that sprang to mind were “All mink coat, no drawers”; there had been an outbreak of middle class fraffly good taste; and that it looked as if it had been done by the kind of person who, inheriting a Rennie Mackintosh cabinet, would sand it right back and polyurethane it – so much nicer without all those signs of wear, and SO easy to look after. South Dunedin is old, it earned its wrinkles. Botox and a cosmetic makeover aren’t what it needed.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank-you Hype O’Thermia, for your honesty. I was out there on Thursday and couldn’t stop throwing up a little. I was being toured the ‘updo’ by a devastated and distraught South Dunedinite. So frigging sad. Irreversible damage, care of your friendly city council.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Wed, 17 Aug 2011
        Leaning facade ‘worthy of protection’; demolition requires consent
        By David Loughrey
        A resource consent will be required before the protected facade of a South Dunedin building can be demolished. Dunedin City Council resource consents manager Alan Worthington confirmed yesterday the building, on the corner of King Edward St and Carey Ave, did have protection under the council’s district plan. The facade of the building is included in the district plan schedule, which lists buildings assessed as being “worthy of protection because of their contribution to the character of a particular townscape or heritage precinct”.
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        Dunedin City District Plan
        The commercial building at 189-195 Great King St, South Dunedin is listed in Schedule 25.1 – Townscape and Heritage Buildings and Structures. Site Number: B363 (Map 50); Protection Required & Comments: “facade to King Edward Street”.

        Click to access DP-Schedule-25.1-Townscape-and-Heritage-21-Feb-2011.pdf

        Rates Information
        Property address: 191 King Edward Street Dunedin
        Ratepayer name(s): Cyril Herbert Brocklebank, Barry Roger Clarke, Stuart John Anderson, Norma Joyce Brocklebank

        The property is not registered by New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

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