Central City Plan #Christchurch

Christchurch City Council
DRAFT Central City Plan opens for public consultation on 16 August 2011

CCC Media Release (via Scoop)

[Original PDF on the Christchurch City Council website
Scoop copy of full report:
13.Attachment1Volume2.pdf – Regulatory Framework]

Low res version of Central City Plan – http://bit.ly/phbpDH (7.78 MB)


(Radio NZ) Christchurch gets first glimpse of central city plan‎ (with audio link)

(Stuff) Plan to build a “city in a garden”

@LIVENewsDesk Mayor Bob Parker says the Christchurch rebuild will cost $2billion. He says 50% of money is already in the system

@PressNewsroom The $2 billion draft plan suggests limiting new buildings to 7 storeys, free parking & a covered market: http://bit.ly/raMuxJ #eqnz #chch

@odtnews Smaller CBD slated in Christchurch rebuild http://dlvr.it/fjcqn

@TVNZNews Bold plan for new Christchurch passed http://bit.ly/r2qeIT #tvnznews

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5 responses to “Central City Plan #Christchurch

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 12 Aug 2011
    Low-rise Christchurch city envisioned
    By Jarrod Booker
    Tall buildings will be done away with and risky riverside areas kept free of development in an ambitious new $2 billion vision for the new Christchurch city centre. The draft Central City Plan adopted yesterday proposes a host of new developments and financial incentives to encourage businesses and residents to shift back into the central city area that suffered so heavily in the recent earthquakes. But critics are questioning whether the city can afford such grand projects when so many Christchurch people are still in need.
    Read more

    The plan (via ODT)

    • New smaller, low-rise CBD, with buildings no taller than six or seven storeys and reduced speed limits.
    • Light rail linking the city centre with the University of Canterbury, costing about $406 million.
    • An $8 million memorial to the 181 people who died in the February 22 quake.
    • A new central city library.
    • A major new metro sports hub and aquatic facility.
    • A redeveloped Christchurch Hospital.
    • Development set back 25m-30m from the Avon River, with green riverside corridors.
    • More green space in Cathedral Square and more neighbourhood parks.
    • One-way streets converted to two-way streets.

  2. Peter

    All sounds quite promising if these plans come to pass. Greening up the Stalinist Cathedral Square is a good idea. The Square has deteriorated over the 30 plus years I’ve lived in NZ when I’ve visited or lived there. Not helped by ugly, modern buildings surrounding it. How many of these buildings are going to be demolished. I think the ugly ’60s green glass building is one of them? How about the Telecom building behind the old post office? Hideous. The BNZ and ANZ banks on the southern rim are no better.
    All for a memorial to those who died, but $8m sounds OTT. Something more discrete would be better.

    • Elizabeth

      ### tvnz.co.nz 11:40AM Friday August 12, 2011
      Concerns over Chch building height cap
      Source: ONE News
      Concerns have been raised about some aspects of the plan to rebuild shattered inner city Christchurch. Building height restrictions in Christchurch’s proposed new CBD are being flagged as one possible issue coming out of the draft plan for the city’s rebuild.

      Peter Townsend from the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce also had concerns about the height restrictions. “We have to make sure it works commercially, and of course some of the property developers will say that you need 8 or 9 storeys to make something commercially viable.”

      Read more + Video (3:10)


      ### 3news.co.nz Fri, 12 Aug 2011 6:23p.m.
      Opinion split on Chch rebuild
      By Jessica Rowe
      Christchurch’s $2 billion draft plan for the central city rebuild has divided the community, with some residents saying the plan is extravagant and more than the city can afford. A light rail, riverbank park and aquatic centre are just some of the ideas proposed. Christchurch has used trams for city transport since the 1880s, and the $410 million light rail would connect the city to the university and later be expanded to outer suburbs.
      Read more + Video

      • Elizabeth

        ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 14/08/2011
        Make buildings bounce – engineers
        By Lois Cairns – Sunday Star Times
        Engineers say cost-effective technology exists to combat earthquake damage and it should be used in all future building projects. As a Royal Commission of Inquiry continues its probe into why so many Christchurch buildings collapsed during February’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake, the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering is calling on the building industry to make more use of technology. It says base isolation and Precast Seismic Structural Systems – Presss – should be considered for all new buildings up to nine storeys.
        Read more

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