CRITICAL Dunedin City Council meeting #LarsenReport

UPDATED 11 August 2011

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Larsen report now available

This item was published on 11 Aug 2011

A recent governance review of the Dunedin City Council companies was conducted by Warren Larsen. A public copy of his report is now available and a related report on the future cashflows from Dunedin City Holdings Limited is also now available.

If you would like a paper copy of the report, please contact Customer Services via dcc @ or on 477 4000.

Contact Mayor Dave Cull on 477 4000.

Related documents:

Future Cash Flows from Dunedin City Holdings Limited (PDF, 388.3 KB)
The report presented to the Finance, Strategy and Development Committee on 25 July 2011 regarding the future cash flows from Dunedin City Holdings Limited.

Warren Larsen Report (PDF, 3.9 MB)
Governance review of all companies in which Dunedin City Council and/or Dunedin City Holdings Limited has an equity interest of 50% or more.

DCC Link


A meeting of the Dunedin City Council will be held on Wednesday, 10 August 2011, in the Conference Room, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, at 2.00 PM

The agenda lists those plentiful items to be discussed with the public excluded.

Agenda – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 132.2 KB)

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 451.4 KB)
Final 2010/11 Carry Forward Budgets

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 2.2 MB)
Dunedin (New Zealand) Masters Games Governance Changes

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 67.4 KB)
Development Contributions Policy Review – Hearings and Deliberations Process

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 660.5 KB)
Octagon Free Wireless – Internet Access

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 59.9 KB)
Maori Participation Working Party Membership

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 3.5 MB)
Strategic Cycle Network

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 86.6 KB)
Representation Review

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 86.8 KB)
Security for Borrowings

Report – Council – 10/08/2011 (PDF, 502.6 KB)
Electoral System For Future Local Authority Elections


This part of the Council meeting was held on Monday, 8 August 2011, at Otakou Marae, Tamatea Road, Otakou, following a powhiri commencing at 11.00 AM

Agenda – Council – 08/08/2011 (PDF, 71.6 KB)

Report – Council – 08/08/2011 (PDF, 2.0 MB)
Draft Pukekura Reserves Management Plan – Approval for Public Consultation

Report – Council – 08/08/2011 (PDF, 808.7 KB)
Māori Participation Processes

Report – Council – 08/08/2011 (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Kāi Tahu Engagement with the Dunedin City Council

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4 responses to “CRITICAL Dunedin City Council meeting #LarsenReport

  1. Elizabeth

    Did anyone attempt to sit through the Council meeting today – any news?
    Do we stand in no man’s land a while longer?
    Was there screaming or raised angry voices from behind locked doors at the DPAG?
    Did anyone leave in a hurry, in tears or with a red face?
    Spill people.

    • Elizabeth

      We have a reply to that, “NO”.

      {The What if? team will take the “NO” with a grain of salt in light of further revelations today, Thursday. -Eds}

      • Elizabeth

        “warnings the council could face a judicial review if it makes sudden changes to spending plans having already approved them following public consultation…the concern also turned a purely procedural item at yesterday’s meeting into a political battlefield”

        ### ODT Online Thu, 11 Aug 2011
        Council could pull pin on projects
        By Chris Morris
        Millions of dollars of Dunedin City Council capital spending planned for the next few months will again go under the microscope, which could lead to projects being delayed or cancelled.
        Read more


        ### ODT Online Thu, 11 Aug 2011
        Vandervis seeks cut to museum project
        By John Gibb
        Otago Settlers Museum Board member Lee Vandervis yesterday took issue with the about $8 million cost of the museum redevelopment’s final stage and asked if savings could be made. Cr Vandervis is a Dunedin city councillor and a council appointee on the board of the council-owned museum.
        Read more


        ### ODT Online Thu, 11 Aug 2011
        Protesters rally as oil company updates DCC
        By Rebecca Fox
        About 50 people protested outside the Dunedin Public Art Gallery where a meeting between the Dunedin City Council and oil company Anadarko yesterday. Mayor Dave Cull said it would be “fair to say” councillors who attended the informal briefing were impressed with the safety and environmental protection measures the company spoke about.
        Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Thu, 11 Aug 2011
          DCHL reviews release expected
          By Chris Morris
          The Dunedin City Council was giving little away yesterday after meeting behind closed doors to discuss Dunedin City Holdings Ltd (DCHL)’s annual $8 million dividend payment shortfall. However, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull last night told the Otago Daily Times copies of two reviews examining DCHL’s structure and performance were expected to be made public today.

          [Dave Cull]would not comment about any other decisions reached at yesterday’s meeting, saying other details remained confidential, but would consider what else could be made public today. He also declined to comment when asked what role Cr Paul Hudson – also the DCHL chairman – played at the meeting, as did Cr Hudson himself when contacted last night.

          Read more

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