Wakey wakey #RWC2011

### ODT Online Tue, 2 Aug 2011
Rugby World Cup support slumps
Less than 40 percent of New Zealanders are looking forward to the Rugby World Cup (RWC), a poll suggests. An online poll conducted by UMR Research has found 35 percent of 850 New Zealanders surveyed were not looking forward to the RWC, compared with 37 percent who said they were looking forward to it, and 29 percent who were neutral. Forty one percent believed the RWC would be disruptive for many New Zealanders. NZPA
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6 responses to “Wakey wakey #RWC2011

  1. Looking forward to the rugby this weekend. A proper game, two in fact, under 12’s and Otago Southland at the Brook. First game there for a lot of years and the last senior game I’ll see…..

    On the article. So shock me.

  2. Phil

    If I read the article correctly in the media today, it reported that there had been a net increase of 31,000 visitors to NZ to date during the RWC year. That is to say that there were 31,000 more people visiting NZ during the RWC year than for the previous year when there was no RWC. That was after taking into account NZers who went overseas during that time. The “original” estimated cost to NZ for hosting the RWC was put at $310 million. We know that has since blown out and obviously doesn’t include the Dunedin stadium. There will always be the argument that the stadium wasn’t built specifically for the RWC. But, had the timeframe not been so compressed so as to meet the deadline of the RWC, the construction costs would have been lower. Anyway, based on that $310 million figure alone, it would seem that NZ paid $10,000 for each extra visitor to NZ for the RWC. Money spent inside NZ by NZers doesn’t count as new money. So, my question is, did each one of those visitors spend $10,000 whilst in the country ? Or are we, as a country, now financial worse off as a direct result of the RWC ? No need to answer that one really.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Mon, 19 Mar 2012
      World cup GDP boost expected
      By Dene Mackenzie
      The effects of hosting the Rugby World Cup last year are expected to feature in a substantial way in data being released this week by Statistics New Zealand. On Wednesday, the current account deficit is forecast to narrow slightly to 4% of GDP for the three months ended December as a result of an improvement in the goods balance and a smaller services deficit. GDP (gross domestic product) data out on Thursday is expected to show quarterly growth of 0.6%, partly reflecting the continued effects of the world cup.
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    • Elizabeth

      40 years later (don’t even think it’ll be over in 23) we’ll still be paying for a building that once housed a single tournament and nothing much else. Woe is us.

      ### nzherald.co.nz 3:37 PM Wednesday May 30, 2012
      Rugby: Lower than expected loss for World Cup
      The organisers of Rugby World Cup 2011 have posted a tournament-end loss 20 per cent better than forecast, capping off a successful event that exceeded all expectations. Rugby New Zealand 2011 today announced a loss of $31.3 million from staging the seventh Rugby World Cup, which is $8 million lower than forecast. Under the original shareholding arrangement, two-thirds of any loss was to be covered by the Government, one-third by the NZRU but NZRU’s share of the loss was subsequently capped at $10 million.

      “This is a very satisfying way to wrap up the tournament,” RNZ 2011 chairman Brian Roche said. “Very few global sporting events ever come in on budget. RWC 2011 was an extremely challenging event to deliver, of a scale and complexity never staged in this country so to deliver a significantly better than expected result is an extraordinary achievement. We were resolute in our drive to contain costs and achieve our ticket sales target despite the challenging environment we found ourselves in so this result is a real tribute to the team at RNZ 2011.”

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  3. Hype O'Thermia

    “World cup GDP boost expected” and “Lower than expected loss for World Cup” – the headlines sound good. But if I understand it correctly, the GDP bears no relation to money earned by NZ, it can just as well be boosted by natural disasters and mass-murderers. If NZ had wasted even more money on plastic waka and statues of willies and stadia and entertainment areas the GDP would look mind-blowingly great. As for deliberately planning to hold a massively loss-making event in a country where the per-person deprivation – spending on necessities and socially beneficial almost-necessaries such as decent care for old and vulnerable people – comes in at such a high cost, that’s not clever. That’s not good judgement. That’s being persuaded that there really is enough “raising of NZ’s profile” as an investment, from something the decision-makers would love to have for their own glory and pleasure, to make this expenditure better value than any other fine arts, sport, technology, music, theatre etc displays/exhibitions here and touring overseas. There is no excuse for deciding “we want this, now someone find out what figures you can produce to show it’s a good investment.” Investors, especially those handling other people’s money (taxes, in this case) have the duty to examine dispassionately ALL reasonable ways of achieving the aim, BEFORE deciding which one(s) to invest in.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    The Herald article makes reference to the $10m direct Government tournament support, the $10m towards the Eden Park upgrade, but strangely, no mention of the $15m into our stadium. So, disregarding what else was spent in other areas, this lifts the loss to over $46m. It all proves the adage that if you want to paint a good picture, be very careful how much paint you use. Mr McCully is a very astute liar, the hallmark of a good politician.

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