City to harbour connectivity

At the meeting, Cr Paul Hudson said the crossing was in the “nice to do” area, rather than being essential. He said he would have to be convinced the idea was necessary before he could support funding.

Should we mention here that Cr Hudson supports the stadium, and has been less than useful in considerations of Logan Park’s redevelopment as it tends to a future of use by professional sports bodies parading as ‘community organisations’.


### ODT Online Wed, 27 Jul 2011
Link bridge plan shelved
By David Loughrey
Nine options for a bridge to connect the Otago harbourside to central Dunedin – including a new proposal that would take pedestrians from the Queens Gardens to the harbourside – received almost no support from city councillors yesterday.
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Report – PEC – 26/07/2011 (PDF, 389.8 KB, new window)
City to Harbour Connectivity

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6 responses to “City to harbour connectivity

  1. Russell Garbutt

    Cr Paul Hudson seems to be in a very interesting position in that he has consistently voted for the stadium and for a large part of the debt incurred to be met by dividends from DCHL. At the same time, he is being paid a very handsome sum indeed to head DCHL and is supposed to be looking after their interests. He consistently says that there is no conflict of interest, but frankly I can’t see how it can’t be anything other than this. He knows that DCHL cannot supply the required dividends which require borrowing and yet he votes this way. How come? What he is following is economic suicide. Is it time for Paul Hudson to resign?

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Resign?? Don’t be daft. The fees are far too attractive for that. Jail is the proper destiny for him, and he shouldn’t be alone either.

  3. Yes Calvin, send them all to jail, but make sure we get damages awarded for the operating losses (current estimate: $41,000 per day of operation) and also for the capital cost.

  4. Amanda kennedy

    Wonder if the media will pick up on that idea? Do you think the ODT will do some investigative journalism into whether Hudson is compromised by being on this committee?

  5. Peter

    Paul Hudson is being rather selective of the ‘nice to have’ things. He does this kind of thing. Says the right thing, for public consumption, to show ‘fiscal responsibility’ and does the opposite behind closed doors. Seems he didn’t pay heed to the essentials with voting for the stadium – and of course as Chairman of DCHL is partly responsible for the financial ruin of this entity along with the other directors.

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