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Business as usual for DCC councillors

The following item appeared as “Comment” in the printed and digital editions of the ODT (page 4) – at ODT Online it featured as “News: Dunedin | DCC” and “Home » News » Dunedin”. The ODT Online editor treated the column as NEWS rather than Opinion.

### ODT Online Sat, 2 Jul 2011
DCC: Dysfunction or show of ‘co-operative spirit’?
By David Loughrey
A new visitor to the public gallery at the Dunedin City Council’s meeting this week might have wondered what they had walked into.

The meeting was notable for what one councillor described as “robust debate” by “strong-willed individuals”, or what could also be described as some bitter sniping between opponents.

Both of those views – and some quite different analyses – came through when councillors were asked what they thought of last Monday’s council meeting, and behaviour at the council table about nine months into the triennium.

Mr Cull described councillors at the meeting as “displaying an admirable co-operative spirit”.

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