Logan Park redevelopment

The plans for the area have been on the council’s books since 2005, when the Logan Park development plan included proposals for new facilities for tennis, athletics, squash and the New Zealand Academy of Sport, South Island.

An update last week, with council funding of $12.08 million, proposed new or upgraded facilities for the city’s sporting codes, including a new multipurpose artificial all-weather turf for a variety of sports, another artificial turf for football only, paid for in part by Fifa, a new hockey turf and tennis courts, and a possible new life for the former art gallery building as an administration centre for Sport Otago and other regional sporting bodies.

### ODT Online Thu, 16 Jun 2011
Vandervis fails in bid to downgrade sporting hub
By David Loughrey
Plans for a $14.6 million transformation of Logan Park survived an attempt by two councillors to drop much of the funding from the Dunedin City Council’s budget yesterday. The plans, which supporters say will turn the park into a major metropolitan sporting hub, appear set to face another attack later this month, when they go before a full council meeting.
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Report – CDC – 15/06/2011 (PDF, 572.5 KB)
Logan Park Development Plan – Review Update

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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7 responses to “Logan Park redevelopment

  1. Elizabeth

    Here’s the local rag talking up the sports hub idea… how Dunedin recycles money (yawn, bit of a laundry) and ignores achieving greater regional productivity for export, heads in the proverbial artifical turf system.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 25 Jun 2011
    Sporting bonanza for city as calendar fills up
    By Adrian Seconi
    Dunedin’s reputation as a sporting hub was enhanced yesterday with news South Africa and Zimbabwe will play cricket internationals in the city and the Wellington Phoenix will host a pre-season A-League game.
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  2. Elizabeth

    Tonight Barry Stewart on DunedinTV said tomorrow’s ODT carries a story about a proposed new $10million gym complex for Logan Park.

    DCC has never given up on the redevelopment of Logan Park and keeps chipping away at its Under The Radar multimillion-dollar spending plans that were supposed to be ‘ON HOLD’.

    Let’s see who’s pushing this little building item. And which architects and consultants have been involved in its planning and who has paid who with what money. Working label: The Caledonian Conspiracy.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    “And which architects and consultants have been involved in its planning and who has paid who with what money.” Yes indeed, Elizabeth. None of these schemes comes to light as an idea first, to be examined by the public. In every case there has already been planners and engineers and architects and heaven knows who-all, racking up the cost long before it gets to “Hey chaps, here’s a spiffing idea! Let’s have a [Harrop St glasshouse; gym complex….]”

  4. Elizabeth

    Is it just me or has the ODT-promoted ‘proposed gymnasium for Logan Park’ story been pulled ? [have only checked Online]

  5. Elizabeth

    The $10M ‘gym’ story has resurfaced and despite what ODT’s Barry Stewart said last Thursday at 39 Dunedin News, the proposed site is behind Logan Park High School.

    ### dunedintelevision.co.nz Tue, 16 Feb 2016
    Sports hub set for Logan Park
    A brand new sports facility is a step closer to being built with the release of a feasibility study. The multi-purpose sporting venue is proposed for the back of Logan Park High School. But there’s more to be done before planners can get the green light.
    Ch39 Video

    Participant sports lobbies with HANDS OUT “to DCC” are:
    Dunedin Gymnastic Academy
    Otago Mountain Biking
    Otago Hockey

    Parafed Otago
    Halberg Foundation
    Dive Otago

    Logan Park High School

    First there was Mosgiel Pool, now there’s……………. jolly hockey sticks looking for ratepayer funds. Imagine just which city councillors will sign ratepayer lives away.

    This project is not in the DCC Long Term Plan.
    Nor is there a geotech report to say the site is suitable.

  6. Elizabeth

    The DCC’s ongoing LOGAN PARK REDEVELOPMENT BY STEALTH [once upon a time it was canned…. due to money constraints —but now, “Delta/Aurora?!” did I hear you say] has a spanner in its works. Haaaaa

    Sat, 3 Dec 2016
    ODT: Asbestos scare halts Logan Park work
    Work on the Dunedin City Council’s $300,000 upgrade of Logan Park ground to a halt yesterday after the discovery of what is believed to be asbestos there. […] The material was discovered after the council’s contractor, Downer, began work yesterday to upgrade two sports fields at Logan Park. Cont/

  7. Elizabeth

    Sat, 17 Dec 2016
    ODT: Taking precautions [photo]
    A contractor working on Dunedin City Council’s $300,000 upgrade of Logan Park ground wears protective gear as a precaution after asbestos was discovered in the soil two weeks ago. […] The council was looking into how the asbestos material came to be in the soil. Cont/

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