“Dunedin” – we introduce Transparency International UK

### newsinfo.inquirer.net 9:31am Wed, 15 June 2011
UK failing to address corruption—study
By Cassandra Vinograd – Associated Press
LONDON— Corruption is a much larger problem in Britain than acknowledged and key institutions are refusing to confront the problem, a global watchdog warned Wednesday. Transparency International UK called the findings of its two-year study into corruption in the UK a “corruption health-check” for the country — with a diagnosis of “growing threat, inadequate response”. The group said its research found that corruption is flourishing in some parts of the UK and there is “disturbing evidence” of denial in policy responses to the issue. “There is complacency and a lack of knowledge of the extent of corruption in key sectors and institutions,” according to the study.
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The findings show that the tentacles of organised crime increasingly extend to sectors such as prisons and sport where criminal activity and corruption are inextricably linked, affecting businesses, communities, the economy, and society’s most vulnerable groups.

### transparency.org.uk Wed, 15 June 2011
UK fails corruption health check
A report published today by Transparency International UK reveals that corruption is a much greater problem in the UK than recognised and that there is an inadequate response to its growing threat. More than half of the public believe that UK corruption is getting worse. The 3-volume report – the most extensive study into UK corruption ever undertaken – examines 23 sectors and concludes that key institutions are refusing to confront the problem.
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Corruption in the UK: Overview & Policy Recommendations (PDF, 790 KB)
TI-UK Executive Director, Chandrashekhar Krishnan, gives an overview of the findings from the three Corruption in the UK studies, and sets out TI-UK’s policy recommendations.

Corruption In The UK: Part One – National Opinion Survey (PDF, 647 KB)
Results and analysis of an opinion survey of 2,000 UK citizens’ experiences and perceptions of corruption.

Corruption in the UK: Part Two – Assessment of Key Sectors (PDF, 630 KB)
Part two covers the following sectors: Police, National Health Service (NHS), legal profession, prison service, social housing, procurement, sport, City of London, construction, local government and UK Border Agency.

Corruption in the UK: Part Three – NIS Study (PDF, 1 MB)
The NIS study covers the following sectors: Business, civil society, electoral management body, executive, judiciary, law enforcement, media, ombudsman, political parties, public sector and the supreme audit institution.


Transparency International UK is a Chapter of the world’s leading non-governmental anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International (TI). With more than 90 Chapters worldwide, and an international secretariat in Berlin, TI has unparalleled global understanding and influence.

Transparency International UK
– raises awareness about corruption
– advocates legal and regulatory reform at national and international levels
– designs practical tools for institutions, individuals and companies wishing to combat corruption
– acts as a leading centre of anti-corruption expertise in the UK.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.

http://www.transparency.org.uk/ @TransparencyUK
http://www.transparency.org/ @anticorruption

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18 responses to ““Dunedin” – we introduce Transparency International UK

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 16 Jun 2011
    Racing clubs must reveal pokie interests
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Racing clubs must declare their interests in pokies or risk losing their betting licences, it has been revealed. The New Zealand Racing Board confirmed all clubs had to declare their interests in pokies and “provide assurances” that those interests – including grants from trusts – were compliant with the law.

    An Internal Affairs spokesman said the department was involved with “a number of” investigations into racing and trotting clubs, but was unable to provide details of investigations. “The department welcomed the NZRB’s move for greater transparency and the board kept us informed of what they were doing.”

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    Hmm, next up other sporting organisations…

    • Elizabeth

      What’s good for racing is not so different to what’s good for professional rugby.

      ### ODT Online Fri, 8 Jul 2011
      Southern racing links to pokie bar
      By Hamish McNeilly
      A “money-go-round” linking several southern racing clubs with a South Auckland pokie bar has been confirmed by the clubs. New Zealand Racing Board audits released to the Otago Daily Times under the Official Information Act reveal that, of the dozen clubs with a declared direct or indirect interest in pokies, eight come from Otago and Southland. The board requested the audits as a condition for granting betting licences for the clubs of all three codes – harness, thoroughbred and greyhounds – in an effort to improve the public perception of racing. Last year, the Department of Internal Affairs confirmed to the ODT it was investigating “conflicts of interest” between some southern clubs following a spike in pokie grants.
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      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Fri, 22 Jul 2011
        Racing body investigated
        By Hamish McNeilly
        The newly-formed Racing Integrity Unit (RIU), which received a $318,000 pokie grant, is the subject of a Department of Internal Affairs investigation. The unit was set up by the three racing codes – thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing.
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  2. Peter

    The scary thing about corruption is it is so insidious. It is not just what people can see happening in their organisations, but their reaction to corruption. Particularly when they turn a blind eye, or shut up, out of fear of losing their job, if they whistle blow, or fear some other retribution by someone, or others, more powerful. It is scary too when people rationalise the corruption. (everyone is doing it)
    Sometimes people go into denial despite what they see happening when they put two and two together. With the stadium issue I have been amazed by comments by some journalists, and others, about ‘conspiracy theories’. It is said in a mocking way. Yet they have been able to see for themselves that things have not been done ethically with the stadium process. I have spoken to people, who like the stadium, but still feel uncomfortable about how it has proceeded. That says something.
    Peoples’ fears can over take them – to the point of fearing violence committed against them – if they speak out. I think this may be relevant in certain countries overseas, but not here. I hope! Yet I have noticed how some powerful individuals in our community seem to be able to instill fear which is ridiculous.
    Like with bullying, the best antidote is to speak out and name the wrongs and who is doing it.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Racing Integrity Unit – brilliant. I’m going to change my name by deed poll to Richest Most-Gorgeous Genius, and lo! it too will be true.

  4. As an overseas official said to me recently, the level of corruption is about who writes your OECD report.

    This country’s relative lack of corruption and undue influence is one of its greatest assets and must be fought for at every opportunity.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 14 Mar 2014
    Editorial: Insidious arrogance of power
    ”Crusher” Judith Collins has very nearly gone the way of those boyracer cars she infamously decreed should be crunched. She was fortunate in that for her misjudgments and omissions to the people of New Zealand – and to her leader – she should have lost her job.
    Read more


    Comment copied from another thread.

    Submitted on 2014/03/14 at 12:00 pm
    Quote from today’s ODT Editorial “This country’s relative lack of corruption and undue influence is one of its greatest assets and must be fought for at every opportunity.” Rip Van Winkle must have written that shit. If only we had a newspaper that would expose at every opportunity, then the council might not have so much debt ?

  5. amanda

    Jacob has hit the nail on the head. It’s a nice little story that we tell ourselves about our so called lack of corruption. People need to wake up to the massive debt that Cull and co are still creating.

  6. Peter

    I sometimes wonder how Transparency International measure corruption for their index.
    Do they mainly look at obvious things like bribes to public officials? Hard surely for them to dig deep from afar or on fleeting visits.

  7. Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is the recognised New Zealand representative of Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption. http://www.transparency.org.nz/

  8. ### ODT Online Sat, 15 Mar 2014
    Opinion: Can National retain confidence in Collins as a leader?
    By John Armstrong
    Excuse me, but isn’t Judith Collins the Minister of Justice?
    Doesn’t holding that portfolio make it even more incumbent on her to follow the rules in the Cabinet Manual to the letter, and especially with regard to something as fundamental as avoiding any suggestion of conflict of interest, real or perceived? Isn’t it even more desirable that the Justice Minister set an example and be pure as the driven snow in ensuring there is no confusion of her official role with private business – rather than trying to argue that her dealings with the milk-exporting company Oravida did not create even the perception of a conflict of interest when her husband’s directorship in the company leads inexorably and inevitably to such a conclusion?
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    ### NZ Herald Online 5:30 AM Saturday Mar 15, 2014
    Collins set up milk talk with PM
    By David Fisher
    Justice Minister Judith Collins arranged a meeting between a supplier to her husband’s milk supply company and the Prime Minister. John Key visited Green Valley Dairies owner Bruce Pulman in August last year during a tour of Ms Collins’ Papakura electorate.

    Mr Pulman’s milk is bottled for Oravida and flown to China, where it sells for $23 a two-litre bottle.

    Labour says the meeting between Mr Key and Mr Pulman illustrates the closeness with which Mrs Collins is associated with Oravida, in which her husband is a salaried director. Ms Collins was placed on warning this week by the Prime Minister over her lack of openness about visits to the company during a trip to China. The scandal has led to conflict-of-interest accusations against her. She is a close personal friend of Oravida owner Deyi Shi, and the company has donated $56,600 to the National Party and entertained party MPs and Cabinet ministers.
    Mr Pulman is a Papakura community leader and businessman whose HEB Construction is based in Ms Collins’ electorate. In August, Mr Key visited Mrs Collins’ electorate and was taken to two businesses – a local pharmacy and HEB Construction. Mr Pulman spoke about the company supplying Oravida and produced a bottle to show Mr Key. A spokeswoman for Mr Key said he had visited knowing the company supplied Oravida, and was “comfortable” having done so. “He was interested in the raw milk production process, and was aware the company supplied milk to Oravida.”
    NZH Link

    • Hype O'Thermia

      It would have been OK if she had visited most of the Chinese businesses with strong links to NZ that were within reasonable coo-ee. But it was spookily random – what else? – that she managed to visit only the one her hubby’s in. Limited time, that’ll be the reason, yeah, couldn’t be anything else.
      And isn’t it the duty of wives to do the social thing with hubby’s boss and business associates? So of course she makes like cosy with Oravida owner Deyi Shi. Bff (best friends forever) on facebook, the whole 9 yards, what’s that in metrics? What’s that in credibility?

  9. NZ Herald reporter David Fisher gives brief credentials for Bruce Pulman. They are: Papakura community leader and businessman, owner of HEB Construction, and owner of Green Valley Dairies. Oh, and he is very politically connected to the National Party hierarchy (Minister of Justice, and the Prime Minister).

    What else do we know about Bruce Pulman?
    I’m told this morning that Pulman has reached “hero status” in his community by his clandestine involvement in pokies. He owns buildings that house pokie bars, and is a trustee of the pokie trust that directs all the money from those bars into community building projects that are built by Pulman’s construction company.

    Time for some tweets.

  10. Peter

    National is increasingly getting a rep as a sleaze party. Soon it will stick and the polls will go south. About time.

  11. Did you read Chris Trotter’s column yesterday at the tree ODT?
    ‘Plan as simple as it is brutal’. Trotter succinctly states why National has the ability to win another three-year term — due to Key setting the “snap election” date of 20 September. Worth a read.
    [link unavailable]

  12. More on Bruce Pulman’s “enterprise” when he isn’t having pink gins with Crusher Collins.


    Welcome to Bruce Pulman Park
    A Unique International Sports, Recreation and Function facility
    A new concept in sports, recreational and leisure amenities geared towards community excellence at all levels.
    World Class sports grounds & indoor facilities in 64 hectares of spacious park surroundings
    Netball, gymnastics, trampoline, rugby, touch, cricket, athletics, league
    Community Fitness, Coaching, Educational and Sports Programmes
    New modern meeting and function centre for community or corporate groups.
    Et cetera…
    http://www.brucepulmanpark.com/ (conveniently stating “The Bruce Pulman Park is operated by a Charitable Community Trust.”)

    █ Sponsored by HEB Construction Ltd (Pulman’s own construction company “Serving one another”…), Green Valley Diaries Ltd (Pulman’s dairy company), Marphona Farms (Pulman’s dairy farm), alongside important others such as the Auckland Council, Papakura Local Board, AUT University… Link
    █ The Bruce Pulman Park Trust is a registered Charitable Trust.
    Trustees are: Jennifer Herring (Chairman), George Wilson (Deputy Chairman), Noeline Hodgins, Bruce Pulman, Philip Pulman, Geoff Vazey Link
    █ Planning is underway for construction of a Multi Sports Complex, to eventually include indoor courts, swimming pool, fitness gym, community fitness gym, medical facility and further conference facilities. Other planned facilities include Café, Crèche, Cricket Pavilion, Scented Garden, Outdoor Stage and Rotunda and Children’s Playgrounds. Link

    Note: The website doesn’t say Bruce Pulman Park (home to Counties Manukau rugby side) is also funded by massive clandestine pokie rorts. Should it.

    Makes the edifice Fubar/DCC/ORFU/Carisbrook/Delta/DVML/Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport/University of Otago/Mosgiel training pool… look like a typical lowly every-day garden plant rorting cousin. Except for the $623+ million DCC DEBT Crisis.

  13. ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 05/03/2014
    Centre needs $4m boost
    By Dubby Henry – Papakura Courier
    A huge indoor netball centre needs a $4 million helping hand if it’s to be completed on time. The Bruce Pulman Park Trust is asking for a loan from Auckland Council to help finish the centre in time to host the national netball championships in 2015. The trust leases the 64ha park from Auckland Council for $1 a year and funds the building of facilities for sports including gymnastics, netball, rugby and cricket. Its latest project, the Indoor Courts Centre, will have six courts that can be used for netball and volleyball.

    Well-known Papakura businessman Bruce Pulman was at the Papakura Local Board’s last meeting along with co-trustee Marie Stechman to plead the case for the loan. Ms Stechman told the board the trust did not lack the funds but needed to speed up the project. “It’s not that we don’t have the money or can’t raise the money. It’s a time factor.”

    But design changes since 2010 have boosted the cost of the building from $11m to $17m and the trust says it needs a hand from the council to fund the increase. The trust has a $500,000 lotteries grant lined up to pay for a new sprung sports floor for the centre but will lose access to the money if it’s not spent by July 31.
    Read more

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