Public Workshop: Dunedin Central City

Download: june 14th workshop poster (PDF, 514 KB)


Kobus Mentz – Profile
Director of Urbanismplus, Kobus is one of the leading sustainability-based urban designers in Australasia. He has significantly contributed to change in urban development practices in the region, leading the field through his delivery of demonstration projects, publications, professional training, regeneration strategies and some of the first spatially-based sub-regional plans. Trained as an architect with post graduate qualifications from the Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford, he draws from considerable international experience that reaches across the UK, Australia, Ireland, China and Africa. Kobus is adjunct professor of the University of Auckland’s Master of Urban Design. He has also delivered extensive urban design training for professionals and council staff. Urbanismplus has received numerous national awards for its growth planning, professional training, regeneration projects, transport specific urban design and design guidelines.

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5 responses to “Public Workshop: Dunedin Central City

  1. Elizabeth

    Register to read D Scene online at

    ### D Scene 8-6-11
    What do you really want? (page 1)
    Dunedin City Council has launched a city-wide survey to find out what people want a future Dunedin to be like. See page 3. #bookmark


    Call for input on city’s future (page 3)
    By Wilma McCorkindale
    Dunedinites will team up with a world-class urban designer in what’s being touted as the biggest city council consultation in a decade. For the past two years the public have looked on while Dunedin City Council [representatives] workshopped annual budgets and plans before going into deciding meetings. Now it’s the public’s turn, with the city being asked to join a workshop to decide a vision for the city’s entire future. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull yesterday rolled out the “Your City, Our Future” programme. Centrepiece of the consultation process is a massive survey, one of the biggest ever undertaken by the DCC, on what people want the city to look like in the future.
    {continues} #bookmark


    See Your say – letters to the editor (page 8)
    A thoughtful resident from Vauxhall, in his letter, says:

    “Rarely does a project such as our wonderful new stadium track in a fashion that there is no overruns [sic] on cost. The positives from that are that the finished product is in fact better than first planned.”

    After this intelligence the letter turns into a prayer for Malcolm.

  2. Elizabeth

    Register to read D Scene online at

    ### D Scene 15-6-11
    Sure to rise (page 1)
    Dunedin’s historic warehouse area is a “sleeping giant” which could revitalise the city, a visiting international urban designer says. See page 3. #bookmark

    Sleeping giant found in city (page 3)
    By Wilma McCorkindale
    Dunedin’s historic south-end warehousing zone is a sleeping giant that should be awakened, visiting urban designer Kobus Mentz says. The internationally-renowned expert is in the city investigating Dunedin’s future look as part of the Dunedin City Council’s (DCC) Your City, Our Future project. He appeared to be backing up calls for the DCC to re-investigate uses for its large-scale retail zone south of the Queens Gardens. Mentz said Dunedin’s heritage architecture was amazing but not enough to engender growth just on its own. It needed some action around it.
    {continues} #bookmark


    ### ODT Online Wed, 15 Jun 2011
    Urban designers to develop vision for city
    By Ellie Constantine
    Dunedin “has good bones” but needs a “series of micro-interventions” to improve certain areas, an urban designer charged with developing a vision for Dunedin’s central city says. Urbanism Plus director Kobus Mentz is leading a team of designers from New Zealand and Australia to help create the concept for the Dunedin City Council.
    Read more

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