Dunedin City Council contracts

### ODT Online Mon, 30 May 2011
DCC contractors in firing line
By Chris Morris
The performance of Dunedin City Council contractors holding $10 million maintenance contracts is to be scrutinised, amid claims the workers are literally spraying money away. Council staff, together with Crs Andrew Noone and Lee Vandervis, will meet Fulton Hogan representatives next month to discuss complaints about shoddy and inefficient work practices.
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4 responses to “Dunedin City Council contracts

  1. Phil

    Strange goings on over at The Sun recently. Stranger than usual, that is.
    Lovely article about the recent fitting of insulating cladding around the rare books collection section of the Dunedin Public Library. I was the QS for the construction company who carried out that work.

    In 2008.

    All glazed areas on that floor (including the Reed Gallery and the “fire cell” storage room) were covered with colorsteel clad polystyrene insulating panels, similar to those used in cool stores. The large skylights were covered over and insulated. The only area left exposed to the elements was the public reading room at the far end of the floor, and the staff office. At the request of the Library management.

    The placing of the insulating panels in front of the existing glazing and wall panels eliminated all the cold internal surfaces, eliminating the humidity and temperature fluctuation problems that the staff were noting. A stable environment is a happy environment. The project gained resource consent, building consent, and cost around $60k from memory.

    Better late than never with the reporting, I guess.

  2. Phil

    Ooops, so you did. My apologies for jumping in the wrong queue.

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