Insanity has a name: DCC elected arm

While you’re at it why not create a bad name for photography, thanks ODT.

### ODT Online Tue, 17 May 2011
City councillors focus on the big picture
By David Loughrey
The cover of a questionnaire about to go to every Dunedin household will feature a stock photograph, after city councillors baulked at the $2000 cost of taking a new one. The sideline debate came during a discussion on the council’s Your City Our Future (YCOF) consultation, intended as “future visioning” to help decide the city’s direction.
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7 responses to “Insanity has a name: DCC elected arm

  1. wirehunt

    Question one: How much did the debate cost about this photo?

  2. Russell Garbutt

    This is yet another clear demonstration of the disconnect between the DCC and reality. Parkinson’s Law for those with long enough memories.

    $2000 to take a picture and obtain the rights???? Get off the copyrighted grass. For that amount I will buy a decent digital camera, take a couple of days’ images from around town and donate them to the DCC.

    As to “future visioning” this is in line with “going forward” and “level playing field” and similar corporate gobbledegook. All those found using these and similar terms will go straight to my little factory on the West Coast. Forthwith and Going Forward.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    A bit rough on the West Coast. Haven’t they had enough lately?

  4. Peter

    For me, the question is not so much the fact that a fair amount of time was spent ‘debating’ this unnecessary item on the agenda, but who placed it here, for council sign off, in the first place. A councillor, or a council bureaucrat, trying to get this $2000 expenditure of public money through the system to get a good deal for a mate? Surely not. At least the councillors picked up on this small detail of council expenditure and did the right thing and threw it out. Shows they weren’t asleep.

    • Elizabeth

      Do we all know how large the DCC’s library of stock photos (via various departments) is… ???
      Some of us do.

  5. Anonymous

    Is the right answer somewhere between “very large” and “enormous”?

  6. Russell Garbutt

    Of course they have a large stock photo library and they also have access to a number of other stock photo libraries which contain Dunedin images. Tourism, Air New Zealand etc etc

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